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Fenderwelt 1939 Buick Century

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I'd love to help you, but I am resto-rodding the car and the original engine,trans and rear...are no longer. Sorry to the members that feel this is wrong, but I've built a terrific ride, that when done will appear totally stock on exterior and interior, but will reliably take me all across the US in my retirement years.


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Myfirstbuick is correct. The fender welt is always black,regardless of the color of the car and goes all the way around the rear fenders. On the front fenders it goes only up as high as the bottom edge of the hood side panels where the five bolts connect the rear of the fenders to the cowl. IF you have sidemounts, the fender welt along the bottom edge of the sidemount cover is painted the color of the car. I used flex paint.

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