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Winona MN LZOC meet-July 20, 2007

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I was hoping to be able to combine a trip to visit our sons family In Minneapolis and celebrate our first granddaughter’s second birthday with a side trip to the Winona LZOC meet yesterday but circumstances didn’t permit that trip at this time – too bad.

However, if anybody out there DID attend that meet and DID take a lot of interesting photos, please send me a CD containing the photos and I will gladly produce Webshots photo album(s) like the ones I did for Michael Lynch and Jeff Booth of the Gilmore meet last year (with appropriate photo credit of course). Please do NOT send me any photos by email. My internet connection is a mere, slow dial-up line and each megabyte takes at least TEN minutes!

As we all know, meet coverage in TWOTZ is usually minimal at best with no color photos due to budget and space limitations. Besides, Jeff Booth doesn't like to look at pictures of other peoples cars in TWOTZ.

The web address of any photo album(s) I construct will be sent to Dave Cole and will certainly appear in a future TWOTZ for us "internet folks" to view. Email me at: kcd@texas.net and I will send you my mailing address.

Michael Lynch's album containing 106 photos at: http://rides.webshots.com/album/554143472NkqHXU has received a total of 3,376 hits, 49 in just the past week.

Jeff Booth's album containing 42 photos at: http://rides.webshots.com/album/554535045VcCLcv has received a total of 1,488 hits, 19 in just the past week.

Pretty popular albums!

My "car show" photo albums at: http://community.webshots.com/user/phil_knapp1

rank #9 in the Webshots photo community.

Happy viewing!

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Sorry phil, you're right i went to michigan ford merc rstorers club

to save from having to look at other

peoples zephyrs....good thing my twotz came, just a few fuzzy b/w's

to suffer though..nice to see jakes car, I wonder what ever happened

to his '06?? have not seen it for a month!!

Maybe we rerun the black beauty series, that was filler for years..or mybe

rehash some of Carl Schriebers "dittys" ...good fill for low budget mag.

jeff booth


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Well, it would appear that nobody who reads this forum attended the Winona Minnesota meet last July. Anyone who DID attend the meet either forgot his camera or doesn't feel like sharing any of his photos with the rest of us.

The current issue of TWOTZ has NO coverage of that meet. Perhaps it never happened at all???

I KNOW that there are interesting Lincolns in Minnesota. Attached are a couple of photos taken by a friend of mine who attended the "Back to the 50's" show in St. Paul last June.

The black 1948 Continental Cabriolet is a beautifully restored car with a tri-powered V-12. I wonder how it runs!

The 1941 Zephyr street rod is an interesting car. It has a Continental rear section, very nicely done. Too bad Gary didn't realize how unusual that car is because he only took a photo of the front!

Anybody who is interested in viewing some "Back to the 50's" photos is welcome to visit Gary's albums at:

1. http://rides.webshots.com/album/559815864GzAHzL

2. http://rides.webshots.com/album/559818667LFxIhx

3. http://rides.webshots.com/album/559820763eRgaRc

4. http://rides.webshots.com/album/559825366tAWUxO

Happy viewing - there are over 800 photos out there!



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