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TC parts or whole car


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Hi Dru,

I need a driver's door power window switch, part #4373228 for my TC. It has four buttons and controls all 4 windows. Let me know what you'd like me to do if you have the part.

Could also use the front directional signal amber lens and headlights if you have them.

Also could use the soft top pull-down motor just in case i can't fix mine.


Scott Harris



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Hi, we have the following, (1) drivers side door 4-button power switch (2) one set drivers & passengers headlights with cornering lights (3) drivers side only front directional signal amber light.

Also numerous other parts.

Dru Young


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Dru, I do not have the slightest idea on what to ask for it.

I had two other's email that they may be able to come up with one as well and both said they would get back with me.

I haven't heard back from either yet and neither has quoted me a price.

What ever seems fair to you. It's imporant for me to find the best one possible with the least amount of abuse as in scratches,abrasions,nicks and cleanliness.

At the moment I am awaiting to find out what kind of condition these other two are in.

There was a cpl who had a lens for me but it was cracked, I really need one which is almost flawless if at all possible.

I will continue to watch this post this wk and keep you informed.

Thank you for your quick reply Dru !


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Hi Dru, I'm a new member, I have a 1991 TC, I need the rubbergusat that sit partly on the window and down the inside edge of the door to keep the rain out . This would be on the passenger side,also the passenger side turnsignal lens. Would the 89 fit the 91 ? Jo Ann

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