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4380 miles roundtour in Buick 40-56 s


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Some days ago my family and I returned from a tour from Stockholm to Italy and back in our 1940 Buick. In Italy we rented a house for two weeks and every day we made sighseeing tours to different towns and villages in Tucany and Umbria. Unfortunately my odometer didn't work byt from the map I calculated that we must have traveld more than 3800 miles.

The 1940 Buick 56s is a fantastic car with good suspension, confotable and fast. I have a 3.9 differential, 263 ci engine and we could run on the Autoban in 120 km/h (75 miles/h) for hours, the engine silently spinning like a kitten. The problem is that the car is thirsty. I wish I had a 3.3 rear gears. The engine took 5 l oil on the trip which I think is normal for the car. The engine is very quite but the air noise is high when driving fast. The speed is korrect measured with the GPS system. I tried her up to 140 km/h (87 m/h) once, and it still run without vibations.

Running through Germany we saw three accidents. My oldest daughter drove in another car and they were very close to collide with a car with a driver that had fallen asleep, 130 km/h (81 Mie/h)

I am concidering writen a report with photos in a .rtf file, if there will be any interest "over there" for it.

Regards to all


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Guest imported_MrEarl

I for one would love to read and see pictures of your trip. I always enjoy your posts telling about your travels. And I haven't forgotten your offer for a tour of Sweden some day. Look forward to the report.

and glad everyone returned home safe and sound

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