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I like the cut-out style Cole, but the one I have has a round background behind the same eagle - I think my father has that style one in his collection. Th Devaux was one of my first - it is on the Roosevelt shell.

Hard to tell what is considered rare , and what is just something you had not seen before - the Pierce shell I started this thread with have several that I've only ever seen the one of, but that could be said for many others.

The Metz Master 6 on my Lincoln Shell is another rarity that I've seen only twice - one is porcelain and this one is enameled. The porcelain one is also in my collection, but not mounted.

Lets see some more pictures - I like seeing the competition...




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Here is a picture of the Pan-American emblem I have. I think it is from 1919 or 1920.

Hi Mark, thanks for the heads up on this, it seems defintely circa 1918-20 or so. Are there any markings on the back you can read me?

Just FYI the Pan American was built from 1917 to 1922 with the bulk of production in 1918-1920. It was a medium priced assembled car and apparently used a Herschell Spillman six during the bulk of it's lifespan. The cars' unique feature, seen in the ad, is an enameled white radiator and possibly matching white headlamp rings. The slogan actually was "The Car With the White Radiator" at least through 1919-20 and it does seem to be a distinctive touch in an era of rather similar looking cars. I will look at ads and letterhead to try to narrow down the date and any details on the back would be great if you have any, thanks very much, Todd Crews


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HI, I've posted this over on the Oldmosbile Forum but then noticed this discussion and hoped you guys wouldn't mind me running it here too.

Because I have a vintage Oldsmobile a fellow restorer gave me this older car badge some years ago. See attached image.

The badge is red enamel on brass, the shield part is 2-1/2 x 3-1/4 ins. , the words "The Oldsmobile Club are on a white enamel stripe. On the back is stamped the number '16'

I would like to know where, when and what was "The Oldsmobile Club" that it was for.

Anybody know more about it?



from Australia


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A bit of information that we found last night, I thought other Forum readers might find it interesting. From an article by Harry Pulfer in Car Classics April 1972, Oldsmobile Emblems and How to Identify Them –<O:p</O:p

The Oldsmobile crest, as seen on 1929 and later models, on a field of red and gold, the elements in the crest depict, in the language of heraldry, some characteristics of the company:<O:p</O:p

  • a winged spur, symbol of fleetness, representing the harnessing of horsepower and development of transportation
  • 3 acorns, representing the historical position of Oldsmobile ... from which the automotive industry branched out and grew
  • Oak leaves, symbols of strength and sturdiness, symbolic of the industry, the strength of Oldsmobile and the parent corporation GM
  • the lamp of knowledge, representing the brain and research power of the company
  • the flame of the lamp represents the continuous research work of Oldsmobile engineers
  • the micrometer and the triangle flank the lamp, representing exactness, precision and craftsmanship.<O:p</O:p


Made me look more closely at Oldsmobile badges – and it’s all there exactly as Harry Pulfer said.<O:p</O:p


Regards <O:p</O:p


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The back of the Pan-Am is not all that informative - the old mounting was removed and a stud soldered in it's place - I did this in the early 1980's when it was mounted. The old mounting disc was not the typical dished-washer, but had a series of fingers with a spring washer inside. At the time I had a can full of diferent mounting cups that can't be found now - moved too many times since...


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Mark, thank you very much for your trouble on that.

I was (am) interested in markings to see if it could be determined who made the emblem for Pan American. Looks like nothing noticable. Do you have any data on what companies often made badges for cars of the 1920s and earlier? Todd C

PS--if anyone reading this has a Comet badge (Decatur IL, 1917-22) I would love to see that too.

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There is a repro of the Comet on the Chevrolet shell on the previous page of threads. I'm 100% sure is is one of Pulfer's creations.

As for makers, these are the ones I can hit off the top of my head - Fox, Greenduck, Whitehead & Hoag, D. L. Auld, Bastian Brothers, Robbins & Co., S. D. Childs, L. F. Grammes, and Gorham (on Waltham emblem only)

I don't know much about the histories of these companies, but would love to...

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Don, do you know anything about the DL Auld company?

Not much. In my experience they seem to be the largest maker of radiator emblems with Fox in second place. I did look them up one time but did not find much history. The ruins of their factory in Columbus is apparently a major ground pollution site due to all the pretty but poisonous stuff they used. I would also be interested in some history since making this type of item seems to be almost a lost art.

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To: imported_TheMoneyPit, and others. I have seen your display of lapel pins. I am collecting lapel badges of car, truck and motorcycles, and I am looking for other collectors, or anybody having old and original automobile lapel badges, all countries. Have a few radiator emblems too.

Picture one: my TOP 40 french badges on a DFP radiator

Picture two: same picture, only the badges


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I'm surprised no one has responded to this thread for nine years since an awful lot of folks collect these. So, this is about the D.L. Auld company of Columbus, Ohio, it is a little bit off the topic but should be interesting to emblem collectors. I recently picked this up knowing it was probably not automotive but it sure looked like a radiator emblem front and back. Its 3 1/2" high, translucent red enamel on nickel plating and has a very familiar mounting cup on the back with a D.L. Auld makers mark. Very simple research identified it as an emblem for an attractively styled home heating boiler from 1926 designed to be put in a visible part of the home. D.L. Auld was one of the largest makers of enamel emblems for many car makers but also for other commercial users. Does anyone know more about the company and their history?




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Wasn’t sure but I was looking for a thread on different lights and then thought this thread would do.


i shared this lighted mascot with Terry when I bought it, but thought I would show what it became...




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Great stuff, great collections and a real education for all of us as to what actually was produced and exists.  I miss the fellows who we could look to for advice ; Harry Pulfer and especially Bill Williams for car mascots. For years I would buy a great mascot from Bill Williams at Hershey to add to my collection and he would usually have one tucked away for me to see first - usually saying "I know you well enough that this is what you like". He was never wrong!

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On 4/9/2021 at 8:50 AM, Terry Bond said:

That's a rare emblem according to my favorite site for info on them:



If  any of you here have not looked at the web site Terry just mentioned you really should, it is well presented and totally accurate so far as information an history goes.

It is done by a good friend of Terry's and I who has an amazing collection of emblems and badges from around the world from all ages.

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