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1948 Lincoln Continental


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Welcome to the LZOC forum. You've come to the right place.

First, may I suggest that you join the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club. There's an on-line application form at www.lzoc.org You might be tempted to join the Lincoln Continental Owners Club as well, but the LCOC has widened it's interest to include **ALL** Lincolns and they have very little interest in the HV-12 powered cars any more, whereas the LZOC is SOLELY dedicated to Lincoln Zephyrs from 1936 through 1948 and Lincoln Continentals from 1940 through 1948.

The LZOC hosts three national meets each year. Eastern, Western, and Central. If you are near Minnesota, the LZOC Central National meet will be held in Winona, MN next week (July 18-20). There are uaually some parts vendors at these meets. Additionally, the LZOC holds two annual parts swap meets. One in Santa Maria, California in November and one in Pennsylvania in February.

While you are at the LZOC website, you'll notice several options for classifieds, parts, services, and other valuable information. There are several parts vendors that specialize in both new reproduction parts and used parts.

From time to time, Lincoln parts show up on ebay (usually overpriced) but worth watching. Lincoln cars on ebay seldom seem to meet their reserve, but sometimes a good deal pops up.

You might want to post a photo of your Continental on this site. We're always intersted in seeing pictures of these cars!

Welcome aboard, and good luck!

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