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Which way does the oil slinger go??

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Hi guys, stupid question time. I've been knocking myself out for the past couple of months trying to make a timing-cover oil leak go away. One thing after another, too long to go into full detail, but bottom line is I've sleeved the balancer hub and replaced the rope seal with a rubber one that just happened to be in the gasket set from Bob's. After multiple tries, it's still leaking. Maybe I still have it off-center, but I'm also wondering if I put the dang slinger in backwards? This is all subsequent to rebuilding the engine, which took me a year, and by that time I forgot how it came out. Oughta know by now, but I don't. Should the outer rim of the slinger point toward the front of the car, or toward the rear, i.e. should the cupped profile be forward or backward? Seemed to me it would "sling" better pointing toward the gears/chain, but maybe that's not the idea. Anybody know? Thanks!


p.s.: this is on the '38 Special

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