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1989 16V 5-speed w/51K miles going up for sale soon

Guest Joe F. O'Neill

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Guest Joe F. O'Neill

I will be listing my 1989 16V 5-speed on eBay this coming weekend. It has 51K miles. It is Cabernet/Ginger/Black in overall great shape and runs strong. Includes service records from original owner from time of purchase as well as the work/service I've done since I've had it. Hvae an umbrella, tool kit, manuals and a cup holder. Detailed decription and a bunch of photos should be posted by the end of the weekend. I'll be using eBay to take advantage of its on-line features (photo gallery, Q&A, PayPal, etc) as I travel 80% of the time.

I also have a Red/Ginger 16V 5-speed parts car that will be available shortly afterwards. The quick selling stuff (lights, softtop, hood, grill) have already been used to make my other 3 TCs look/work/run better, but some stuff is still OK for sale. Description and photos will be available about a week later.

I live in Rhode Island.

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