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Broken spedo/odometer Buick 1940


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Yesterday I arrived home with my family after a 7000 km ( 4379 mile) trip to Toscana in Italy in our lovely Buick 1940 56s. Unfortunately, Just before we started the trip the odometer stopped to work so I bought a GPS navigator to keep up with the kilometers travelled. On the last day home the spedometer also broke down making a lot of noise and hand rotating att high speed. It is a mess inside and some parts are broken.

I am writing this in hope one of the friends in the forum happens to have a working spedo/odo meter in a corner and is villing to sell it or if somebody knows where I might find one. I guess the -39 to -42 meters were the same inside with slightly different faces.

The Buick 56s is a fantastic car with good suspension and fast. I have a 3.9 differential, 263 ci engine and we could run on the Autoban in 120 km/h (75 miles/h) for hours, the engine silently spinning like a kitten. The problem is that the car is thirsty. I wish I had a 3.3 rear gears. The engine took 5 l oil on the trip which I think is normal for the car. The engine is very quite but the air noise is high when driving fast. The speed is korrect measured with the GPS system

Running through Germany we saw three accidents. My oldest daughter drove in another car and they were very close to collide with a car with a driver that had fallen asleep, 130 km/h (81 Mie/h)

Regards to all


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It is a '41 speedometer, so if your belief that guts are same is correct, this might be a solution. I check ebay regularly and can't remember seeing a speedometer up for bid. Phone number is listed, maybe he ships international.

Did the trip to Seattle with my '41 mod. 46, 248 w/a 3.9. Kept her around 55 to 57 mph. Did 60 to 65 only when having to keep up with traffic in outer ring area of Seattle.

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