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looking for information for the Lincoln Zephyr 1938 Coupe


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I'm just fallen in love to the 1938 Lincoln Zephyr 3window Coupe'! It has the most beautiful design of all the great business coupes of the late 30th!

I still own a 40'Chevy and 39'DeSoto business Coupe'. To find parts for the Chevy is no problem, for the DeSoto it is more and more difficult, sources drying out more and more.

What's about the old Lincoln, are there part sources for reproductions or NOS for Lincoln parts as well! I had a search on Ebay, but there was not very much listed. From what car can parts also be used?

What is a reasonable price for a complete car in medium condition, no bigger rust holes, just normal service like brakes, rubber, wiring ect.?

Lots of questions....thanks, Olaf smile.gif

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If you're really serious about Lincoln Zephyrs, it might not be a bad idea to join the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club (LZOC). There's an on-line application form at www.lzoc.org While you are at that site, take a look at the "sources" section for a list of Lincoln parts and services vendors. There are also some interesting references in the "links" section. Also, check out the "photos" section for pictures of almost every HV-12 powered car. It's a really neat site with lots of pertinent Lincoln information.

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many thanks for the link, I also noticed it at the top of the posting here now! crazy.gif

Most of my question are answered, just the question of a reasonable price is unanwered.

I have an eye for a coupe' I can buy if God willing. But the car is located 1000 miles from my hometown, so I try to get information as much as I can get before I climb an plane.

Is there any weak point I have to look for?

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Hello Olaf -

As you might imagine, setting a price without knowing the condition is difficult. I will say that about a month ago there was a '37 coupe listed on this site for $12K that was disassembled but solid and complete. I thought that was a very reasonable price. '38s are rarer than the '37s and would demand more. Also, I would suspect they would be even rarer in Europe making the price go up further.

The Zephyr was a unibody, so rust in the floorpan can be problematic. These cars tend to rust along the front of the door sill, along the bottom of the doors, and along the bottom of the rear quarters. While the hood and fenders were shared with other body styles, the doors (including garnish moldings) and trunklid are unique to the coupe. Therefore, if the car is missing the doors or trunklid, it would cut the value dramatically.

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many thanks for the information, it helps very much! The price is as I had assumed. The car I have an eye for seems to be complete so far as I could see on one picture I saw now. It is a part of a huge collection from a heritage, so I have to be tactful, but I pray that this car will be mine anytime! It's a little bit like fishing!

I had a look at your homepage, great work at a great car!

Thanks for the first, will keep you posted!

Olaf smile.gif

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Sure these cars are rare in Europe, however I'm unsure if that pushes the price up or not. I've a 39 RHD coupe here in the United kingdom, not that I'm ever going to sell the car but on the open market I don't think it would command the sort of prices often reached in the US for the coupes.

Obviously it's insured for such an amount because should anything happen I'd have to look within the US for a replacement.

The demand is mainly within the US for these fine cars, but you don't find too many Americans buying cars in Europe to take them back home, or hear of them shipping in cars from South Africa or Australia, hence the cars outside of the US don't have such high price tags.

I'd be interested to hear other views on this subject.

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