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Another total brake failure!

Guest wally888

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Guest wally888

I have taken a liberty and copied/pasted a post, dtd, 1/30/02, from Steve Larson, re. his total brake failure. It was attached to another post but not a post about total failure.<BR> His misfortune is what we are trying to avoid. There have been several reported total brake failures, some resulting in serious wrecks. Several have also reported not having any warnings, lights, etc.<BR> Please test , analyze, flush and service your brakes. This will not guarantee a trouble free brake system but will certainly enhance you chances of fewer problems and more peace of mind.<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>My 1990 Reatta convertables was one of the first delivered in California and I loved it more than you can imagine, but it was completely destroyed yesterday due to the crappy brakes. I screamed at my Buick dealer here long before Buick ever released the bullitine in the early 90s. I took the service manager out and asked him what the hell he meany by no problem found. I hate that line of crap when one is just stupid. because I have friends on the inside of GM, I got advance knowledge of the bullitine and took it to the dealer. What a smart ass. oh yea its a real safety problem. Duh.<BR>They made the repairs and all was fine until August 2001 when the accumulator failed in a slight emergency stop. It would not have been an emergency if the brakes had stopped the car. $3,500 worth of hood, etc. damage, but $40,000 worth of neck surgery and months in a neck brace plus being confined to my home for over 2 months and 6 to 8 weeks of therapy. BTW 0, nada, no warning lights were on before, during, after, or now.<BR>Yesterday, while out on the interstate my boy was forced into an emergency braking situation because a kid in an Impala came by on his left at over 100 and cut him off. He braked and the anti-lock break system failed to engage at all. He went into a spin out of control mode, but managed to avoid hitting several cars. He flipped three times as the car was rolling down the enbankment and coming to reat right side up. No brake failure lights before, during, or after. The roads were dry and no there was no oil, etc. and BTW it was a warm day and he had the top down. The patrolmen that arrived at the scene, asked where the bodies were when he arrived. My boy told him that he was the body. The patrolman could not believe he survived. He grabbed the shifter with both hands, pulled himself down, closed his eyes and kissed his ass goodby. It was just not a good day for him to die. The seat belt worked, the wind sheal stayed intact, the engine remained running like a top, and the CD was still playing. Jason has a strawberry on his left knee and one on his entire left forearm with multiple superficial cuts believe it or not. The only part of the skin that does not have major damage is the hood. Thats the only new piece on the car that resulted from my wreck in August. All other exterior surfaces are destroyed.<P>Yesterday, I was a happy man because my boy is alive and didnot get hurt. Today, I am mad as a hornet at GM, Buick, and the world because I lost my baby and I am sure USAA is gonna give me nothing for the car. I don't think I can afford the repairs. I think I could go buy another one cheaper than the repairs. Too bad insurance companies don't recognize future Hall of Famers like baseball, etc. does.<P>Questions: Boy, I would love to sue GM and Buick for their crappy break system that gives no warnings of failure. Does anyone know of a successful suit. I know its like sueing the government, you may be dead before it is ever settled.<P>Anyone have any idea how to deal with my insurance company USAA to get more money out of them?<P>They have indicated that one option I have is to keep the car and take less $. I think I should pass on this option unless someone knows an angle that I don't.<P>Thanks for listening. I'm sorry to be so wordy, but I feel less angry about it.<P>I am not a member of your Club, but wanted to be. Now I guess I never will be a member because my baby is dead. If any one has any information that may be useful too me please e-mail me here in Dallas, TX at sflarson@larcom.com or call me at 214.801.5947

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