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  1. 4 Used OEM Alloy Rims for 1982-1985 Buick LeSabre. 15 inch by 7 inch. These came off a 1982 Buick LeSabre Limited. Car was purchased in 1991 from original owner. All research I did shows these were for the 1985 model, so not sure if owner #1 upgraded or ? May fit other models like Electra. Not 100% National show car condition, but Very Good +. They were taken off the car before winter and steel rims used. Each rim has the center cap in place. Rims ran smooth and tires held air well. Tires were removed just a few months ago. Car was sold many years ago but these rims were kept. Asking $300 for the set of 4. Also have a BRAND NEW OEM GM in the box center cap. Bill for $41 from 1993 still in box. Asking $50 for the cap. I'm located in Huntsville, AL.
  2. I just took off my car's 20 + year-old tires and have a couple questions about which tires/rims came on my '48 Chrysler Windsor. The owner's manual says 7.60 x 15. I know the 15" rims came in two widths, a narrow and a wide. My car has wide rims, but the spare is a narrow rim. That surprised me. It was, as I recall, an old H78 x 15 bias tire. Question 1) Was this narrow spare original (i.e. an early space saver tire, or maybe done later to get a wider tire into the spare tire well)? Question 2) I have read old forum posts that refer to going up to an P225 75 R15 to replace the 7.60 x 15 original. Is this for the narrow or the wide rim? My wide rims had P235 75 R15. I never drove them but a few miles locally, so I can't say I put the through much of a test. Should I drop back to the 225's? Question 3) In my trunk was a hubcap that does not fit my wheels. My hubcaps are 11' across and this hubcap has the same Chrysler script but it is only 10" across. What does that belong to? Question 4) A local tire shop will powder coat my rims for $28 each which seems like a good deal. Would that interfere with the hubcaps or trim rings? I'm inclined to stay with paint as it is original. Any thoughts?
  3. Hello, Any one out ther have some first generation Kelsey rim clips? I have a 1919 Dodge and do not have any of the rim clips for my rear wheels. I have a collection of other clips but have been told none of them are correct. If you have some on you car, could I get a picture of what they look like? It would be nice to know what I am looking for. Thanks, Jeff
  4. I am offering for sale the following parts for a first generation Dodge Brothers Touring Car which were sold to me as being 1917. All the parts are in need of restoration. 4 front and 2 rear Fenders - $600.00 OBO Gas Tank - $150.00 OBO Wood Spoke Wheels, front and rears with Brake Drums. - $500.00 OBO Front Axle, Spindles, Bearings, & Steering Linkage - $300.00 OBO Parts are located in Woburn, MA 01801 I would like to see these parts go to someone who can use them, the sooner the better. Please don't hesitate to make an offer on all or one of any of these parts. The car itself is not being offered for sale at this time but I would entertain offers on it. More detailed photos upon request.
  5. I wanted to try a more classic hot rod look for my '63 Rivera. I happened across this picture online: 1963 Riviera - Marina, CA, KCRA 3 u local Community Photo - u local, Your Sacramento Photos & Videos I was wondering if anyone could identify those wheels for me? Also, any advice on what size tires to run? From all my reading, I just need wheels that fit on a 5 x 5 bolt pattern with a 3 3/8" center? The problem is I don't really understand backspacing or if there will be any other problems involved with bolting them on. Is there anyplace I can just tell them what I have and they could help match these up? Very sorry for all the questions. I've read a ton of threads on selecting wheels and the more I read the less I know. lol...I'm just looking for a classic hot rod chrome look. I live in the middle of nowhere and don't have a local shop that can really help me with this.
  6. Im looking to purchase 1953 Buick Skylark Kelsey wire wheels. Any help would be very appreciated!
  7. 1930's rims and tires for sale caps included .Look to be original and in very good shape, make offer or trade for drag racing rims for Mopar LG. bolt pattern
  8. Hi, I have for sale 4 great stock rims off a 1964 Buick Riviera 15x5 . See attached photos. I also have an excellent spare with original bias ply tire mounted. SOLD
  9. I am looking for a single 20" solid wheel or a pair of 21" solid wheels. Thanks, Don PopcornPictures@yahoo.com
  10. Guest

    vintage rim id help

    Hi, First post, I just wanted some help identifying some what I think are old aftermarket US made rims. Thank you! These are the engravings on the back: 13x5.5, made in USA, copyright 75 FD1 INC, pat#3329468. & some old sema stickers saying they pass some tests.
  11. I have four wire wheel covers from my family's old 1968 Electra 225 (LOVED that car!). They're currently gathering dust and looking for a new home. I'd like to sell them locally (SW Chicago area) so that I don't have to pack and ship these wheels. I'm looking for $50 for the four.
  12. Hello everyone. I work for Quality motors in Livingston, Tennessee. We have for sale a complete set of 4 OEM 1939 Buick wheels. Here is a link to the ad for them we have posted on a local classified ad site: http://www.golsn.com/listings/automotive/parts-accessories/3727920.html Click the link above for more details, pictures, and contact info. Thanks! Jack
  13. Hey My 53 Riviera has a set of aftermarket Skylark wire spoke rims on it. I just got my new Diamond back tires and was in the process of cleaning up the wheels and resealing the spokes. Here is my problem, I have one wheel with two broken spokes and one with six broken spokes, argh!! Seems to me from my limited research that spoke rims are a constant maintenance concern, needing tightening and trueing every so often. I would like to get some information on repair and re trueing them. So does any one have any suggestions on who'd they use for this? If this turns out to be over the top expensive I may just take it back to the original look of the steel wheels and wire Buick caps. This brings up another question, what kind of steel wheels would I use? Will the Buick caps mount to any 15", 5 on 5? I am assuming I would just need to match it to the same offset and bolt pattern? Seeking knowledge and enlightenment Rick
  14. I have a set of 4 16 inch wire spoke wheels to sell. I believe they are off of a Ford Model A. I'm sending pictures. Each photo has 2 wheels in it. I'm asking $275, or best offer. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.
  15. Hey guys, Recently inherited a bunch of old hubcaps. Got a complete set of these with the airplanes-in-shield logo, just not quite sure what they are. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Could anyone tell me how to identify the correct full stainless trim rings for a '48 Windsor sedan? Now and then I see them, but is there a way to identify a Mopar trim ring as opposed to other makes? Often the sellers are not sure what they have. I bought one on eBay that was supposedly a Mopar in the hopes that I could judge by its fit, but it wasn't even a close fit. Part of my problem is that I'm not even sure if my rims are correct. I have 15" rims with the 11" hubcap. What would be the trim ring's outer and inner diameters for that wheel? Also, what kind of attachment would they have? Does anyone have a picture of the back of such a trim ring? Would there be any identifying marks on a Mopar trim ring?
  17. Free - you haul. I have SE sedan fenders, left front and both rear, and four doors. Some rust out at the bottoms but all are restorable. Also have sedan seat backs in pretty good shape; the bottoms of the upholstery is rotted out but I think the springs are all ok. Haul them away before I take them to the scrapper. Have four SG wheels, $80.
  18. I have a set of 4 chrome rims off of a 1992 Cadillac Allante. Caveat: On 1 wheel the plating is flaking. Wheels are located in Milw. WI. I am willing/prepared to deal!
  19. Hello, I am looking for five steel-spoke "artillery" wheels with hubcaps for our 1932 Studebaker Six Model 55 Convertible Sedan. Does anyone know if these still can be obtained or manufactured? Best regards,
  20. 1954 Oldsmobile center caps, dawg dish style. Set of 4 in above average condition. Set for $200, or I would consider a trade on a set of doors for my 54 Chevy truck that I am extending the cab on, so the quality of the doors is not imperative.
  21. I'm looking for stainless steel 15" trim rings for a 1948 Chrysler Windsor with 11" hubcaps. Can anyone recommend a source? Also, is there a source you do not recommend (due to quality of product or service)? I don't mind going with new parts.
  22. Hello all, I have lots of 1930 Chrysler parts for sale. Here is a list of what I can remember. If you need something and it isn't listed please ask, I may have it. Head lights (not in the best shape) 2 head light bars 2 front fenders 4 rear fenders Straight 6 flathead CJ motor - the motor turns over and has all the equipment with it(generator, starter with pedal, carb, fuel pump, exhaust manifold, intake manifold) Transmission- 3 speed manual with parking brake, clutch and brake pedals Original wooden spoke wheels in fair shape seat springs Original frame in exceptional shape leaf springs lots of small parts All of this is for sale or trade. If you are interested please give a call to discuss or email. 417 594-03 six six or philiphaley@hotmail.com
  23. (4)1968 -69 Pontiac 15" 5 X 5 Bolt Pattern JJ Rally Wheels Will send pictures to an email address $350.00 for set. Thanks George 406-370-8438 (Cell) 406-543-2591
  24. Hi, I' new on this forum. I'm from FRANCE, and I've the chance to have a buick riviera 66 GS in pretty good condition. I need some information on the wheels and tire size. 1) My car has rallye wheels, but I don't know exactly the size of the tire I need to put on... I don't know the exact size of the wheels either. Any idea of the specification of tires needed ? 2) Rallye Wheels are not in very good condition, do you know if I can found new one in the US? (here in france, there no way to find it !!). Thanks in advance for any help. Charles.
  25. I have (4) rims, all are in excellent condition, located in CT, will ship at buyers expense, please contact me via email: Cordell_8420@hotmail.com Asking $300.00, will entertain offers... Cordell
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