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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about this horn? , how to tell if it is legit?, If it is an antique or just a copy. I would like to sell it and woul like to know what they are worth Thanks in advance Robert
  2. $2500.00 OBO Original Vintage bike Located in Arizona, Call Jason 480-567-2418
  3. Hi there, I found a vintage car rotting in a backyard out in the open and while trying to find who the owner is, first I need to know what that car actually is. So if you could recognize this model, please give me any hints! Thank you very much in advance!
  4. Hello, Thank you for reading this. I inherited my Father's '74 Buick LeSabre Luxus 2 Door convertible 8 years ago. I am desperately trying to get an idea of it's value (to me it's priceless due the sentiment, I helped him restore her). Beautiful car! great condition, 94,000 original miles. Can any direct me to a place I might get an estimated value. Thank you in advance for any help, Tammie tammielynnem@gmail.com
  5. Barn fresh complete rolling chassis 1940 Dodge Pickup the cab is disassembled needs major restore. Most parts are there. For parts or repair. $3500.00 can email more pictures if you are interested. Call 570-758-4334 I am in Central Pa.
  6. 1984 Pontiac Fiero SE, 4 cylinder, auto, sunroof, factory air, all original 66137 MILES! This is an orginal paint other than the front bumper cover and right fender (both painted when it was 6 months old) survivor. Must see, all types of paperwork included, window sticker, service manual, invoice to purchase as a GM employee, etc.... My father bought it new. Ordered in October of 1983, delivered in January 1984. 30 years in the same family! It is a true preservation auto. It still has original belts and hoses. Interior is all original and beautiful. Headlights go up and down like they should! This car is all about preservation, not restoration. Take it to car shows, put it on display, whatever you want! The AC was converted to R134 in the late 90s, it has some type of restriction, so I do not use the air. It has had all of the campaigns done for the oil leaks, but it still leaks some oil. Just letting everyone know that it is a 30 year old GM car, so it is not without it's sins. I hate to sell it, but I do not have time to drive it. It needs to be with a collector that will treat it like the time capsule it is. You can reach me at 336-707-0639 The car is located in Burlington North Carolina. I am asking 5995.00 for it. This includes all documentation.
  7. Hi All, Is there anyone out there that is an expert on Vlchek Tool Kits? I have a Vlchek tool kit I am trying to identify. Is it automotive? If so, what year? Car? Thanks for your help! JW
  8. Collins Straight 6 Engine. Front windshield cranks up for air flow. 4 door, 5 passenger, 70hp, 288.6 cubic inch engine, 120” wheel base, rear spare wheel, wooden spokes, 3250 lbs. VIN #8900603 New whitewall tires, new radiator, newly re-plated bumpers and lens trims. Peerless Eagle Hood Ornament, Peerless Jack, Peerless Owner’s Manual, Bud Vase and Peerless Logo embroidered blanket. Peerless Lockheed Hydraulic Four-Wheel Brakes Older restoration as original, including mohair upholstery and window curtains. A great touring car with the famous Peerless "silence and comfort" ride. This 1927 Six-90 Sedan is a RARE car… One of only Three on the “Known Peerless Automobiles in Existence” list by the Peerless Motorcar Club! Just won 2 "Best-in-Class" and 1 "Best-in-Show" Awards in the past month! Looks and Runs Great! Ready to Tour and Show! FOR SALE… PRICE REDUCED $34,000 Pistorius Collectible Autos Antique & Classic Car Sales and Restoration Services Brando Pistorius (813)917-9205(813)917-9205(813)917-9205 Tampa, Florida USA www.OldWheel.com Peerless outsold Packard in 1920 They were one of the most expensive luxury cars of the era. The top three in price and status where called the three P’s: Packard, Pierce Arrow and Peerless. Peerless Motor Cars (Cleveland, Ohio 1900-1931) was the first company to adopt what would become the standard of automobile design, a front mounted engine driving the rear wheels through a solid drive shaft. Barney Oldfield shattered world speed records with the Peerless “Green Dragon” Many collectors believe the Peerless motorcars to be some of the finest automobiles built in the USA in the 1920’s renowned for their high performance and stylish luxury. However, Peerless is the rarest and hardest to find of the “three P’s” as it ceased production in 1932. In 1933, ownership and management of Peerless organized the Carling Brewing Co. USA, just after Congress repealed Prohibition, and began production of the famous Carling Black Label Beer in the old Peerless factory. Other Peerless “Firsts” - Peerless was the first company to successfully use a flyball governor to maintain speeds. - They set a 1,000-mile endurance record and the fastest time ever in the Mt. Washington hill climb in New Hampshire. - Peerless was the first to use of aluminum in their side-entrance tonneau along with being the first closed formal body in American production. - Peerless was one of the first companies to use electric lighting. They used a Gray & Davis system as early as 1910 and then upgrading in 1913 to a single voltage Gray & Davis system which now included an electric starter. Call Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via SkypeCall Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype
  9. original acrylic painting of an old Dodge. Price is $395.00 framed, which includes shipping inside the US. If you are in the Old Fort North Carolina area come see it in the Arrowhead Gallery and Studios, in downtown Old Fort.
  10. This is a complete grille set up for a 1940 Mercury all models. It consist of a Right & Left halve and also includes the center "spear" These parts are extremely rare, especially as complete set. They are vintage and made of cast aluminum with part numbers stamped in right and left hand sides. All bars are straight and no broken bars. A good polishing will have this set up looking like mirror chrome. $1500 to end auction I have it listed on ebay and I also have many other 1940 Mercury parts. http://www.ebay.com/itm/301060314072?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  11. 1934 Pierce-Arrow 1240A Enclosed Drive Limo. RARE 144 inch wheelbase. Owned since October 9th 1958. 2 owner car, est. one of 114 Built in this wheelbase. Rare color. Everything works like new, starts right up, smooth as silk. 175hp, 462 cu. in. V12 engine, single downdraft carburetor, three-speed manual transmission with free-wheeling, solid front axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 144" Car is loacated in the North East. Please email offers to ibuyoldtoys@hotmail.com
  12. Hello to all, I have come across some old lights that may interest many of you. I have a Ford twolite headlamp, 2-guide yellow fog lamps with bumper brackets from a 1937 buick and also a tailgate handle w/ tail light and licence plate bracket from the same vehicle. In addition I have a pair of arrow 500's one has a msf9 fog light in it and the other has a L33 lens. And also some vintage bus lights. Attached are links to my craigslist post in Rochester, ny for pictures. Email me if your interested in anything. All prices are posted or best offer. Antique Vehicle Lights, Model A headlamp, 1937 Buick Guide Fog Lights, 1937 Buick Rear light/licence plate bracket. Thanks for looking
  13. I found this in a barn purchased seven years ago and i cannot figure out what car or truck this goes to. See pictures. The tell on this part would be the frying pan or record circular grooves on the back of the mirror. I'm willing to sell this if someone tells me what this came off of....anyone? Thx!
  14. Hey guys, Recently inherited a bunch of old hubcaps. Got a complete set of these with the airplanes-in-shield logo, just not quite sure what they are. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Did any of you guys see this yet? The Lincoln display at the LA Auto Show press night featured all vintage Lincolns, no new cars. They will mostly or all be switched out with new models when the show opens to the public, but what a cool concept and the cars looks absolutely terrific. Article: No Car at the Lincoln Stand is Newer Than 1961 Some more pics here: Lincoln
  16. Please help me identify two hubcaps. I found them at an estate sale but can't seem to find out what cars they belong to or the years. Thank you
  17. i do not know much about this bike except it has Ducati all over the motor, and my dad bought it many many years ago, he thinks it is a 1956 or close to it, i cant find VIN # or any writing on the frame or tank, or anywhere on the bike exept the motor. i would like to know how to have it aprasied if it is worth somthing or how to find out make and model and year. any help would be greatly apreiciated, thanks. great! I can't attach Pic, please email me if you think you can help, or post your email address and i will send Pics. ajjohnso@santeecooper.com
  18. Guest

    Vinatge GM visor?

    Can anyone help identify this part for me? -Aldo
  19. I will RENT but prefer to BUY. for my 25 special six, Thanks Kenny Z ////newstu
  20. Bid: $3000 or Higher Click Here to Bid: Chevrolet : Other Pickups | eBay
  21. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. My name is Erica. I am currently developing a website dedicated to offering discounts on everything from vintage clothes, shoes, memorabilia and much more. Please support the site by signing up. Membership is free. The site will officially be launched in August 2011. The site is Home - I Heart Vintage Thank you for your support!
  22. Ok I have searched myself silly trying to find out information about this hubcap. I found about 20 of them in an old barn and I an clueless when it comes to this type stuff. Can anyone tell me what year and model car/truck/van/bicycle whatever they came from? Also if you know about how much they are worth that would be greatly appereciated.
  23. After cleaning the garage out, I've put these two rims on ebay: 15" Vintage dodge wheel 5 x 4.5: eBay Motors (item 170556391713 end time Oct-30-10 12:21:17 PDT) 15" Vintage dodge wheel 5 x 4.5: eBay Motors (item 170556390787 end time Oct-30-10 12:18:52 PDT) Note they both have a buy-it-now for $60 and specified that, if a bid has not been made yet, I've reserved the right to cancel the auction. If any AACA member is interested in them, I'll let them go for $50 a piece with actual shipping cost (which will likely be around $20). I'm in CT, if you want to come pick them up and save on shipping costs. Rem whybcuz@yahoo.com (203) 526-3763
  24. Excellent car for restoration, all original with all stainless. Engine turns over, but have not had it running. Has been stored inside for many years. Good title in my name.
  25. vintage 59 ford hood emblem approximately 5.5"X 2.5": eBay Motors (item 280567971662 end time Oct-08-10 00:17:03 PDT) this is the link to a Ford emblem I am selling on eBay all pics and details are on the link, if you have any questions you can contact my by eBay or email at paulandbarbie6@live.com Thank you
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