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Found 23 results

  1. I need to replace some tires on my '48 Chrysler Windsor and I am not sure how to safely remove the white trim rings from the wheel before I take the rims to the shop. Also, as a matter of curiosity, I was wondering if someone might know if the stainless rings were originally an option for the Windsor or if they were only for the T&C, etc. I have also seen pictures of cars with the rings a color that matches the body (including a couple of Canadian Chrysler ads). Was that a factory option in the states?
  2. I m looking for someone to fabricate some replacement trim spears for the hood of my car. Does anyone know of a company or individual that makes stainless trim pieces. So far, I have only located two individuals who do it with a solid piece of stainless. It looks good, but I would prefer the look of OEM stainless trim found on most cars. I am hoping one of you will know of someone that makes trim pieces using a bead roller! In the meantime, I will see if LAZZEE offers this service to his customers. There must be somebody here that knows of a source! Regards, Doug
  3. 55 4 door Buick Special stainless trim. both sides front fender, doors and rear fender. bottom of window trim all 4 doors. rear window trim. front window trim (one small dent on top piece. Also have brand new front windshield. rear light lens, front head lights, whole dash with all the knobs....complete wiring harness fro head lights to dash (cut wires going to rear lights at post, only cut wires on dash are at the end on the gauge cluster and ignition switch). email,text or call. terrybaker2008@live.com 678-758-5171 Terry
  4. Hey All, I've had this piece of chrome (or stainless?) trim for some 35+ years. I pulled it off a car in the woods when I was in my early teens in the mid 70's. I don't recall what car it came from, but believed it was from the 50's. There were several cars in a group so I'm not sure. It's been hanging on my wall for the longest time and I'm thinking that maybe someone could use it. I've browsed hundreds photos on Google looking at dozens of different cars and I've struck out. At one time 10 years ago I though it was from a Hudson, but I haven't been able to verify that. It also looks similar to the front fender side trim of a 65 Plymouth Fury but its too tall. It's in excellent shape with no dings. It's approximately 19.25 inches long and 3.25 inches tall. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  5. Guest

    Pre-War Buick Ornament

    Hi, My father found this when cleaning out his garage and has been asking me to find out what/when it's from. My research lead me to believe that this may be a radiator mounted emblem from 1915-1918, but I haven't found any other emblems with the this extra detail attached on the sides. I was hoping to surprise him with an answer on his birthday this weekend so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Guest

    Interior Questions...

    Well I am to the point of thinking seriously about the interior of my car (1939 sedan currently stripped) and want to know what others have done. The car is dark maroon and I am thinking of a buttery color to the interior. I have all the original (well moth eaten) interior but I am not sure what would be best as far as seat coverings. Did the Zephyrs have optional leather seating areas or was that only a Continental option? Were there options for door panels or was wool it? I would like it to look "correct for the period" but I also want it comfortable and able to be driven and wool seating in the Deep South is simply not an option. What have others here done? Thanks! Joseph
  7. I am in need of a rear driver side interior window frame for my 1948 DeSoto Custom. For some reason, it does not match all of the other window frames. Ideas for where to look for a replacement will work as well if none are available through this forum's members. Thanks, Nic
  8. Hello Fellow Buick enthusiast... I am looking for a chart or help to put my Trim back on the 56 Roadmaster... I have the trim and some of the clips but done know what goes where... Can someone help? Thank you Raz
  9. I am installing a headliner in a 1937 Plymouth Coupe and I believe I am missing some parts around the door frame area. Anyone know of any places I can buy interior parts for this car or have pictures of a completed headliner I can reference to make new pieces? I can not seem to find much about this car online.
  10. I'm parting out a solid 56 Buick from western Kansas the front fenders were near perfect as were the inner fenders so they sold right away, the frt bumper and grill are still available and are very nice condition no dings or dent very straight the chrome is a little week with surface rust, the pot metal on the grill is about the best you'll ever find from a parts car, lot of other parts to much to list call or email you needs I try to help, I'm loosing my storage building in a few weeks so I have to cut the rest the car up this weekend, so Hurry, located in Lincoln, Nebraska 402 474 2344 email info@autokraftnebraska.com thx Doug
  11. Helping a friend try and locate some trim for his 1939 Dodge car. He is looking for the drivers (left) side hood trim # 795029 cowl chrome moulding right side #790194 cowl chrome moulding left side #790195 door lock Cylinder and keys #904093
  12. 1950 Pontiac hood ornament. "Big Chief" 20 inches long in great condition with slight surface pitting in "shaded" area. $250 + free shipping to the continental U.S.
  13. 1954 Oldsmobile center caps, dawg dish style. Set of 4 in above average condition. Set for $200, or I would consider a trade on a set of doors for my 54 Chevy truck that I am extending the cab on, so the quality of the doors is not imperative.
  14. Could someone who has stainless steel trim rings for a postwar Chrysler (mine is a '48 Windsor Sedan) help me? I'm trying to find trim rings for my driver, but I find the people on eBay often are not sure what they have. I need to know the dimensions of the trim rings that fit my 15" wheels ( 7.60x15 tires) with 11" hub caps (in other words, I need the outer diameter of the trim ring and the diameter of the center opening where the hubcap goes). I know Chrysler made a 10" hubcap because I have one (came with the car) though it doesn't fit anything I have. I'm guessing there are Chrysler trim rings out there that fit some wheel (14"?) with a 10" hubcap. I do not want to pay money for what will not fit. I see on eBay a set of trim rings the guy thinks fit a postwar Chrysler, but he descibes them as 15" outside diameter and 9 3/4" inside opening. My 15" wheels are actually about 16 3/8" in diameter, so I'm guessing these are for a smaller wheel and a smaller hubcap ( maybe the 10"). I am only guessing, though, because I do not have a trim ring to measure. Could someone actually measure their 15" wheel's stainless steel trim rings outside diameter and inside opening?
  15. I'm looking for stainless steel 15" trim rings for a 1948 Chrysler Windsor with 11" hubcaps. Can anyone recommend a source? Also, is there a source you do not recommend (due to quality of product or service)? I don't mind going with new parts.
  16. great shape. $60 shipped to lower 48 states see pic for sample UPS shipping from Virginia 23112
  17. Hi I am looking for the rear door panel moulding for a 1955 Century 4-door, Driver side. Any leads would be nice, thanks!
  18. Located in Los Angeles. PM or Email me. A lot of these parts will also work on other similar '60 GM model cars (chevrolet, oldsmobile, pontiac). 1960 Buick LeSabre or Invicta two (2) door hard top window stainless molding, windshield and rear window top trim, interior rear window trim, and hood chrome spear. Chrome trim is in good driver quality condition with minor dings on some of the pieces only. No pitting and chrome will clean up very well and shine! Everything pictured is included in the sale. I would prefer to sell all together, but will consider parting out. 1960 Buick Le Sabre, Invicta, Electra and Electra225 windshield wiper assembly. These came off a 2 door hardtop. No Pitting. Chrome and wiper arms are in good condition. Some parts may also work on other GM model cars of the same body style. If you have any questions please PM or email. Thanks!
  19. Hi. Following on from another thread re leaking rear screens, can anyone give a good step by step guide on how to take off the exterior stainless trim mouldings please? I've looked it up in the book but must be having another(!) off day, as I don't understand it and obviously I want to avoid damaging the trim. I can't find any threads giving details either. Do the mouldings just 'pop' off? The book seems to say to start in the middle of one of the runs. How do you actually get under it? Help!
  20. Hi all. I'm going to be doing some minor paintwork repairs which will entail removing some of the chrome trim eg the false vent trim. I'd really appreciate any tips on doing this with minimal risk of damage to the various trims. I've ordered new clips etc so no prob if they get damaged. Many thanks!
  21. Hello all, My name is Vince and I live in Philadelphia. Recently I hurt myself pretty badly and am temporarily disabled so with nothing bit time on my hands I volunteered to help a good friend of mine who lives in Sweden. He and his car friends recently acquired a 1956 Buick Roadmaster convertible. Gorgeous car in my opinion and it's actually in pretty good shape. However a tree limb fell onto the hood and smooshed (the correct technical term, I believe) the windshield, windshield frame and all the trim. I've done a fair bit of checking around the web to no avail. Please see the photograph. He will also need a high quality convertible top and I'm assuming the framework for that as well. I tried to track down a place in Washington state that folks swear by but I think they're out of business. So I decided to go to the experts in such things, you guys and girls. Any ideas? Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time and I will promptly respond. If I get an email from anyone I'll gladly pass along my phone number in case you need any further information from me in person. Thanks very much all. Have a nice evening. Vince
  22. These parts were taken from a "driver" with 65,00 miles. We pulled engine for a Cutlass project. Bumper has jack dents. $200 for all or make an offer on individual parts. Shipping/packaging will be actual cost based on your preferred method. I can provide more images if required.
  23. Guest

    Mystery trim?

    Anybody have any idea what this trim belongs to? 75 plus inches..rocker panel? ...got three pieces of it in brown paper sheathing..no numbers or clues whatsoever. Thank you, Bill Wheatley, NY dw8646@ntcnet.com
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