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Found 14 results

  1. I just took off my car's 20 + year-old tires and have a couple questions about which tires/rims came on my '48 Chrysler Windsor. The owner's manual says 7.60 x 15. I know the 15" rims came in two widths, a narrow and a wide. My car has wide rims, but the spare is a narrow rim. That surprised me. It was, as I recall, an old H78 x 15 bias tire. Question 1) Was this narrow spare original (i.e. an early space saver tire, or maybe done later to get a wider tire into the spare tire well)? Question 2) I have read old forum posts that refer to going up to an P225 75 R15 to replace the 7.60 x 15 original. Is this for the narrow or the wide rim? My wide rims had P235 75 R15. I never drove them but a few miles locally, so I can't say I put the through much of a test. Should I drop back to the 225's? Question 3) In my trunk was a hubcap that does not fit my wheels. My hubcaps are 11' across and this hubcap has the same Chrysler script but it is only 10" across. What does that belong to? Question 4) A local tire shop will powder coat my rims for $28 each which seems like a good deal. Would that interfere with the hubcaps or trim rings? I'm inclined to stay with paint as it is original. Any thoughts?
  2. Does anyone know if inner tubes for 31x4 tires are available? My grandfather and I are looking at a car and I can find 31x4 tires but not tubes. However, I did read on another thread that you can use a 30x3-1/2 tube in a 31x4 tire. Is this safe? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Vintagecarguy.
  3. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a 1926 Buick 2 door and I need all tires and probably tubes. I believe they are 31x5.25 but I haven't gotten the car yet so they may be different. These are the type where the rim comes off of the wooden wheel. Any help or sources would be appreciated. Thanks Bob
  4. I just came back from Charlotte, where my team judged a car with aftermarket mag wheels. These obviously incorrect items dramatically changed the appearance of the vehicle, especially with a similar car next to it that had the correct wheels. Yet the total deduction for the mags was 8 points, and both cars got the same award. In a time when you have to read the fine print on the tires (sometimes on the back side only) to tell that a tire is incorrect, why does AACA continue to force owners to spend ridiculous amounts of money on 'correct' tires? Paint can be modern multi-stage clear-coat, upholstery materials only have to match original appearance, numerous modifications can be made for 'safety,' and as already mentioned, the penalties for major items such as wheels are relatively minor. The appearance of a modern number-series radial can be nearly identical to that of a period letter-series radial, with only the embossed letters/numbers being different. Recent advances have even provided radial tires that look exactly like bias-ply tires. So, WHY does AACA put such a disproportionate penalty on tires?
  5. I wanted to try a more classic hot rod look for my '63 Rivera. I happened across this picture online: 1963 Riviera - Marina, CA, KCRA 3 u local Community Photo - u local, Your Sacramento Photos & Videos I was wondering if anyone could identify those wheels for me? Also, any advice on what size tires to run? From all my reading, I just need wheels that fit on a 5 x 5 bolt pattern with a 3 3/8" center? The problem is I don't really understand backspacing or if there will be any other problems involved with bolting them on. Is there anyplace I can just tell them what I have and they could help match these up? Very sorry for all the questions. I've read a ton of threads on selecting wheels and the more I read the less I know. lol...I'm just looking for a classic hot rod chrome look. I live in the middle of nowhere and don't have a local shop that can really help me with this.
  6. I am looking for 1 or 2 33x4 tires for my 1915 Studebaker. I have 3, two basically new, and one really beat up one. I can order them but thought i would ask if anyone has any for cheaper. Thanks!
  7. 1930's rims and tires for sale caps included .Look to be original and in very good shape, make offer or trade for drag racing rims for Mopar LG. bolt pattern
  8. I am building a 55 Hardtop and have the original motor and trans. It ran well when I bought and drove the car home last year. I live in CT I also have the period correct brand new tire/wheel/hubcap complete set. Make me an offer by calling or text to: 860-208-3924 Mark Vaughan
  9. Greetings, All! I am trying to determine if the 1967 Cougar was the first American car to offer radial tires as a FACTORY option. 185R14 tires are listed in my owner's manual printed January 1967 as an option. (FR-14s were offered as an option in 1968). Anyone out there know if any other American car offered radials from the factory in 1967 or earlier? FACTORY documentation ONLY, not magazine articles or restorer's guides, etc. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I need some new tires for my 1967 Riviera. It currently has HR78-15 tires on it and they work fine, but are very old, and I want to be able to drive the car without worrying about a blow out. I'd like to get some vintage redline tires. Would any of these tires work? Radial Tires - Tire Styles: Redline and 15 Or, would someone have another suggestion regarding tire size? I found online that an HR78-15 tire is comparable to P225/75Rl5, P235/70Rl5, P255/60Rl5, P275/50R15 tires, but again, not sure what to get, especially given that Coker doesn't offer any of these exact sizes. Thanks!
  11. Hello all, well, I was wondering if anyone has a good lead on reasonably-priced tires - whitewall or not - for the '27 Peerless Series 60. The tires on now are 6.00 x 20s.
  12. I am amazed with the technology used in the 1926 Chryslers. Hydraulic brakes, efficient motors and transsimions, rear end, etc, but am more amazed with the very poor tire/rim mounting. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> How in the F do you mount the tire on the rims? I got the tire off (pain in the A), installed new tube and the rubber liner thing. Now the CS tire won’t mount…. <o:p> </o:p> Help!
  13. I have a ANTIQUE CADILLAC LASALLE TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE that is in EXCELLENT CONDITION for its age. The date on the face is Feb. 8, 1927 at the 5 o'clock location and is readable. For more information please email me at: thegman@myfairpoint.net Or you can view it on EBay item #160577790741 and bid on it; starting April 25, 2011. This would be a nice addition for your car collection.
  14. Ok I have searched myself silly trying to find out information about this hubcap. I found about 20 of them in an old barn and I an clueless when it comes to this type stuff. Can anyone tell me what year and model car/truck/van/bicycle whatever they came from? Also if you know about how much they are worth that would be greatly appereciated.
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