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  1. I am parting out a 1955 Studebaker Commander Coupe 6V V8. I still have many good parts available including many NOS parts I acquired to complete the project. Many of these parts fit 53-55 Loewy coupes and 56-62 Hawks. Here is a partial list, please ask if you need something specifically: front hood release structural panel..some rust replated door handles pair trunk latch hook 6v v8 generator rear bumper (rusted) rear bumper brackets steering wheel w/ horn ring and suicide knob very good used condition dash board sheet metal gauges gauge bezel rechromed NOS cluch and brake pedals accelerator pedal excellent used Right Door Left Door Roof (excellent) Floor Replacement Panels right and left 259 V8 engine complete NOS starter solenoid used Horn Relay (good) Aluminum door scuff sills decent..minor corrosion Vent door screen dash bezel mounting brackets cigarette lighter seat heater core rechromed Hood Ornament (1955) gas filler neck body plug (master cylinder) (4) used bumper bolts NOS Clock Bezel Reconditioned High and Low Horns 6V Sparton High Horn 6V President steering column panels seat trim pieces oil fill cap original radiator cap turn signal arm working wiper motor 6V Working fan and parts interior rear window trim interior windshield trim seat heter floor panel fan heater core door strikes set of headliner bows/brackets used wiper blades shifter boot complete front seat
  2. I havve recently acquired this vehicle, primarily as a woodie fan. It has been up in Idaho for about ten years, pretty much out of sight. I understand it was in Florida before that and appeared at some meets in the 1970s. Any information or insight on this car or on how to find out more is appreciated.
  3. My friend has inherited his dad's 1922 Studebaker Special Big Six. It has been in the family garage since the 50s. It's in unrestored, original shape (needs either nothing, or a full restoration depending on what gets done with it). He'd like to sell the car to make room for other projects, but there are very few benchmarks out there price wise on this car. Anyone have any ideas as to what price range he's looking in? He doesn't want to rip anyone off, but he wants a realistic idea of what it's worth.
  4. To Whom It May Concern The owners of a rare 1958 Studebaker Champion are looking to sell the vehicle and were wondering if any members here would be interested or know of anybody who may be? The vehicle is an absolute one-of-a-kind and incomparable with any restored vehicle. It has original factory plastic on the seats and has done just 75 miles - it is a brand new vehicle with an intriguing back story of a jilted lover which led to the vehicle being stored for the past 57 years. If anybody is interested in purchasing this vehicle, or might know of somebody, would you please respond to anonymousstudebaker@gmail.com. Thanking you in advance. Kind regards, A. Studebaker PS: Apologies for intrusion to your forum - I realise it is for vehicles older than the one offered.
  5. Wanting to purchase one 16" artillery style wheel as found on 34 Studebaker. 5 x 5-1/2" lug pattern. I have three 17" wheels I would consider selling or trading in exchange for one last 16" I require. Any help would be appreciated. E-mail for more dimensions or photos please. dusty1313@cox.net .
  6. I am looking for a part highlighted in the picture below. It is a linkage. It and one 33x4 tire is all i need to have a driving car.
  7. Anybody out there interested in buying my restored and show winner 1922 Studebaker model EK 7 passenger touring car. It has only 18610 original miles on it and is a museum piece that you can drive in shows or parades or for that Sunday drive. Has the big six original motor with original interior and many options offered that year. Always garaged. I have the side curtains with it and a lot of literature including the original owners manual. I lost interest in it and it needs a home. reply to me here or email me at maierreloc@aol.com The car is located in Sellersville, Pa. Iam asking $ 35,000 or Best Offer for it. I heard from the AACA museum that there are only 4 known to exists and this includes mine. I also have a parts car that also is a 1923 touring car with a lot of good parts plus. I have many. Many new old stock parts for my 1922 touring car . THANK YOU for reading this. If you want pictures just email me however only email if you are really serious about buying this car.
  8. Hello everybody, I am in search of a few parts for a 1924 Studebaker Special Six “EL”. Robert Kapteyn had a extra parts catalogue I was able to purchase, thanks again, Robert! It really helped out in locating the proper part #'s. Unfortunately Studebaker parts int. did not have any of the following parts. I posted a few pictures of the project, including the motor so you can see some of the parts that are missing. If anyone has these parts, or knows of any place i can locate them i will really appreciate it, thanks in advanced, John Rear Double flanged hub (would prefer one with a brake drum but can get an extra drum if hub is by its self) Radiator cap for motometer P/N 106169 Wood Steering wheel P/N 105148 Gas tank Cowl lights and backing plate
  9. Looking to change the old rotted wood spoked wheels to a set of disc wheels. The wood spoke wheels belong to a 1924 special six. Does anyone have a set of disc wheels they are interested in selling/ trading for other studebaker parts? Also interested in finding a set of rear hubs with brake drums, looking for a brake drum diameter of 15"
  10. Hi all, Just wondering how many members have a similar car to the 1921 EJ LIGHT Six I purchased yesterday. An impromptu visit with one of my Terraplane buddies to a true and blue Studebaker guy resulted in the purchase of a 1921 EJ Light Six. Another unscheduled purchase on my part, but could not let this one slip through my fingers as it was a genuine "Barn Find" that Al purchased in 2003. The body on the car is exceptional, and the engine actually ran after he brought it home. Al started the restoration 10 years ago by disassembling the car and carefully tagged and bagged the parts with appropriate notations so that it would facilitate reassembly at a future date. According to Al, he has all the parts ( except for top of rad cap ) and literature and materials to complete the restoration. Frame has all new bushings, grease nipples etc. and is completly refurbished and ready for the body. Wheels are all redone with new rubber and ready to roll. Al has travelled extensively in the US with his Studebakers and has bought many duplicate parts for this project so there might be few things coming up for sale in the near future. Stay tuned to this thread as this is where I will post up any extras that will be available. This is a Canadian built car with a clean title registered in the province of Ontario. I am not sure what I will do with it as I am currently in the final stages of finishing off a 1935 Terraplane 5 window Coupe which will go for paint and interior this coming winter. So enough said! Who has one of these Studebakers......I would like to hear from you all! Doug
  11. I am interested in purchasing a set of 1924 Studebaker split rims if anyone has any extra ones lying around. I have attached photographs with measurements of the one rim that I do have. I would like to get a set of four if anyone has them and is willing to part with them. Thanks, John
  12. I am looking for 1 or 2 33x4 tires for my 1915 Studebaker. I have 3, two basically new, and one really beat up one. I can order them but thought i would ask if anyone has any for cheaper. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I'm trying to find a good exhaust manifold for the straight 8 as well as the inlet manifold. Both mine are cracked. There are some similarities between 1938-1941 engines, thanks James
  14. I saw his part listed on ebay. Here is the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251528740030?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 A Handy Replacement Oil Filter, Type A2. on the side is a label to show the applications. It fits the following cars: Auburn 1929 8-90 Auburn 1930 8-95 Erskine 1928 50-51 Jordan 1929 68 some models Jordan 1930 G, Speedway Ace and Model Z Sportsman Marmon 1929 Some models Peerless 1929 60, 81 Studebaker 1928 Dict. 6, GE Form H-100
  15. i have a running 4dr studebaker for sale located in Westminster, CA. We need the space, we have far too many projects that need to be started. Car runs and drives smoothly. asking $3000 you can reach me (Cory) at (562)489-six80eight. Thank you
  16. We have come into a very large store of cars in an isolated community and many of them are restorable or good donors and of contemporary interest. It is early yet but so far we have a number of Hudsons, Ramblers, AMCs, Packards and many other makes- some old and some from 60s and 70s. To preserve these examples a local Denver body shop will sell them, transport them and fix any damage if needed. We have initial photos and are making more. The entire lot is for sale. Examples below. Let us know your needs and we will see if we can fill them. Doc Lipton (Jim) doc_lipton@yahoo.com
  17. Have nice original Nebraska title for 1940 Studebaker pick-up, issued mid-1950's, price $250 ppd. Also have other 1930's and 1940's titles available, nice original Nebraska titles from the 1950's. Also have other makes available and some truck, inquire for availability.
  18. I bought this Studebaker # 466487 emblem at a yard sale. I have no idea what year or model it goes to or where it fits in the car. Can anyone help me? Also I would be happy to sell it to anyone who could use it.
  19. I have a lead on a 1928 Studebaker Light Six engine and I am wondering if it will mount to the transmission of my 1927 Studebaker that originally came with a Standard Six? The blocks are visibly different from pictures, so it makes me question if it would a successful swap. Any advice or knowledge is greatly welcomed. Thanks, Brian 1927 Studebaker - Nebraska Classic Car Restoration, Vintage Auto, Hot Rods
  20. Hello, We are building a great 1927 Studebaker Country Club Coupe for a customer but we have a cracked block along with other issues. Looking to buy a Studebaker Standard Six engine/block to rebuild. The car can seen at: 1927 Studebaker - Nebraska Classic Car Restoration, Vintage Auto, Hot Rods Thanks for the help! Brian
  21. Please see the photos at Flickr: radioFlyer55's Photostream This is a 55 Speedster that has not run in a long time, it was soda blasted several years ago but has not progressed beyond that. I have most of the parts, what I know to be missing is a foglight, trunk latch and the 'Speedster' logo on one side is broken and reads 'Speeds'. Floorboards and rocker panels are pretty rusted out. Is it restorable or is it a parts car? I don't know, but if you are interested call me, come and see it, make me an offer, I am a motivated seller. I have the title, boxes of parts, a manual. Car is located in Morristown, NJ, call me at 973 539 8768 or email peter.helck@gmail.com Thanks
  22. I am trying to locate the original building that housed the Studebaker (and later Mercedes-Benz) dealership here in Portland, OR. I searched online and only keep finding references to the "West Burnside Street location" but no actual address. Here is a photo of the building I am trying to find.
  23. [TABLE] <tbody>[TR] [TH=class: vi-ia-hdAl vi-ia-attrLabel vi-ia-attrColPadding, align: left]Year: [/TH] [TD=class: vi-ia-attrColPadding, width: 50.0%]1948[/TD] [TH=class: vi-ia-hdAl vi-ia-attrLabel vi-ia-attrColPadding, align: left]Drive Type: [/TH] [TD=class: vi-ia-attrColPadding, width: 50.0%]4 wheel[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH=class: vi-ia-hdAl vi-ia-attrLabel vi-ia-attrColPadding, align: left]Make: [/TH] [TD=class: vi-ia-attrColPadding, width: 50.0%]Studebaker[/TD] [TH=class: vi-ia-hdAl vi-ia-attrLabel vi-ia-attrColPadding, align: left]Mileage: [/TH] [TD=class: vi-ia-attrColPadding, width: 50.0%]2,500[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH=class: vi-ia-hdAl vi-ia-attrLabel vi-ia-attrColPadding, align: left]Trim: [/TH] [TD=class: vi-ia-attrColPadding, width: 50.0%]Tanker[/TD] [TH=class: vi-ia-hdAl vi-ia-attrLabel vi-ia-attrColPadding, align: left]Exterior Color: [/TH] [TD=class: vi-ia-attrColPadding, width: 50.0%]Green[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH=class: vi-ia-hdAl vi-ia-attrLabel vi-ia-attrColPadding, align: left]Engine: [/TH] [TD=class: vi-ia-attrColPadding, width: 50.0%]V8[/TD] [TH=class: vi-ia-hdAl vi-ia-attrLabel vi-ia-attrColPadding, align: left]Vehicle Title: [/TH] [TD=class: vi-ia-attrColPadding, width: 50.0%]Clear [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE] ZERO RUST! Runs great. looking to bring my collection down a few notches. Asking 12,500. If interested please give me a call 7659983043 or after 6pm EST 7657596728. Ask for Randy. For pictures email me at njdindiana@gmail.com. Completely restored.
  24. V-8 2Dr Hardtop, 3 speed manual/over drive, power steering, restored 2010, new gold base coat/ clear coat paint, tires, radiator, dual exhaust system, and many more new parts. Cruises great !!! For sale $14;500 or trade for 1955-63 ford Thunderbird Convertible of equal value. Dale Beardsley 828-681-8867 daleb39@bellsouth.net North Carolina
  25. Ok, another question for you guys. I’m still trying to get my ’30 Commander FD started (or at least cough over or sputter or something!). I’ve replaced the plugs and plug wires and put a new coil in, and I have spark at the plugs when I crank it over with the starter, but I get nothing, even with starter fluid. Not even a kick or any other signs of life. I did remove the distributor to clean it, and at first I thought I had reinstalled it backwards, i.e. the plug was firing at the bottom of the stroke rather than the top. But it looks like the distributor shaft can only engage the crank in one position so I’m assuming that’s not the problem. I haven’t done anything with the carb yet, but I figure that even if the carb needs to be rebuilt, the engine should at least kick with the starter fluid in the cylinders and the plugs firing. Any suggestions??</SPAN> Thanks in advance.</SPAN> Dunc126
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