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Found 9 results

  1. Looking for a specific part for the Stromberg AA-2 carburetor on our 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80. The car has the 320ci "Fireball" I-8. We are interested in finding the specific part we need or an entire carburetor that we can use for parts. We have a rebuild kit already and the choke cable missing from the photos. What we need is the shaft that connects to the butterflyfly valve that the choke cable connects to. Ours was cut off and had a welded bend put on when the previous owner added a manual choke. We want to go back to the original auto-choke. If you cannot order the part for us, do you have any information as to where we may be able to get this part. We are willing to buy an upper carb to get it. See the photos attached for a better idea of what we need.
  2. I am looking for a Stromberg Aerotype Carburetor for a 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80. It has the Fireball 320 ci Inline 8. My grandpa and I have looked everywhere to find parts for this thing and are not having any luck. The car was parked 12 years ago because the carburetor is to blame for it not running very good. The previous owner bypassed the auto-choke by bending the lever that connects the mechanism to that part of the carburetor. He installed a manual choke in order to get it to run. We wish to return it to factory original. We have found a couple of places that sell rebuild kits for the carburetor but no where can we find the upper portion to replace it. The current carb we have is complete just not fully functioning. If anyone has one for sale or knows someone who does it would be appreciated. I am totally out of ideas. We want to keep the car as original as possible. The Model is an A-22 or 22-A from what info I can find on it.
  3. I have a number of marvel and stromberg carbs. I would like to restore a few of them. There may already be a thread on this topic but... what is the general procedure to restore a carb. I assume you have to seperate the different types of metal before dipping them in cleaners and what do you put on them after to retain the new look? thanks for any help
  4. Hi! Just been inTempe AZ cleaning up, have my Model 63 almost ready for the road, and control over the inventory for my Model 66R project. Here are some parts for sale (compare with EBay if you like). This are good parts, all located in Tempe AZ. The parts comes from two parts cars I had (still have the oddball Buick). Will concider a "good price" if you buy several parts, combined shipping also might make it a little bit cheaper. Will post the parts on EBay later if no interest. 2 x Instrument cluster complete (1 century/Special and 1 Roadmaster/Super) $75 each + shipping and handling $25 2 x Grill bar L & R (1 from a century and 1 from a Roadmaster) $100 each + shipping and handling $100 2 x Grill emblem $75 each + shipping and hoandling $25 1 x Grill bar upper lip Century/Special $110 + shipping and handling $90 1 x pair of 1957/58 Finned Aluminum Drums Complete with backplate and everything. 1 Fin has a small cut of the end. Possible to repair. example J & G Drum Relining in McHenry, IL install new cast iron liners and fix broken fins too. $150 for the pair. Price for shipping unknown - on request. Upgrade your 57 NOW! 1 x complete Taillight with lenses Century/Special $75 + shipping and handling $25 1 x pair of front light bezel Century/Special $30 + shipping and handling $20 1x pair of donuts with insert in good condition $75 + shipping and handling $25 1 x starter (works) $60+ shipping and handling $40 1 x generator (works) $60 + shipping and handling $40 1 x Two barrel Stromberg Carburetor (Starter switch missing) Carb was running until the car was parked and parted out last autumn. $50 + shipping and handling 1 x 1957-58 Buick Intake Manifold; 40 series; # 1173876; good used condition for 2 barrel $150 including shipping Email me for pictures, have of most of the parts. Thanks for looking!
  5. 28vic

    carter carb bb-1

    I have purchased a carter bb-1 carb for 28 dodge six cyl. It is model 517s. I am hoping to identify the application for this carb hoping to be a good fit for this car. Below model # on tag is f6 with an 8, next square has a stamped out backward L,next square has a stamped out v. carb looks to be in rebuilt or nos condition. I have made an adaptor for intake. carb sits lower and back 1 inch to facilitate perpendicular flange bolt and to clear rear of generator. Thanks, ahead of time for any help.
  6. 28vic

    28 carburetor

    I have a 28 victory six with a stromberg carb with failing metal. I have read on other post that a detroit lubricator brass carb would be a good replacement as it was also used on this car. Question... which model no. and is this carb also called the stewart carb? Any other suggestions and would be interested any unoriginal carb to at least get this running. Would like to restore to original.
  7. Can anyone identify the proper wiper arm and blade used for this 6V Stromberg Type B wiper motor? Split post 3/16", and related fixture apparently secures some type of rod-style wiper arm. I need the arm, blade, and method for tensioning assembly to glass. Thanks for any help!
  8. I have two carburetors in my barn that I am attempting to find out what cars they were made to fit. The first is a Langsenkamp-Linkert with the number 7-1108. It is a 1 bbl and I believe it was used in the 30s to 40s. I know they were used on Indian motorcycles and Harleys, but this is far too large for that. I think it is automobile related. The next is a 1bbl Stromberg marked EXV-2. The person I got these from had a large collection of early automobiles, including Auburns. Anyone have any ideas? Many thanks.
  9. I have a Studebaker Model (Carb)-Stromberg Motor Device, updraft Carb that was found (being used) on a Model A ford intake manifold I purchased. After an on-line search, I believe this carb is used on 1923 Franklin Cars...but not sure. It is patented in 1916, 1918. Label states 'Also Models 0 & lS -Oct 25-21, Models O-OC-OF-OS and LS July 12-21, Models L-LB-M-MB-O-OC-OS & LS Jan 31-22. What is it...anyone know? What cars was it used on? What is its value? I will likely post in on Ebay. It is froze-up but looks rebuildable and complete. The main casting is bronze and has OE-1 2486665 on the bronze casting. Contact me on email if you have any info on what this carb is or need one. Thanks<!-- google_ad_section_end -->