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  1. I bought this car back in 1989 in Coutts, Alberta, Canada. It is coming along but I have moved a number of times and life has got in the way of completing this project... I will get there... Just now getting a shop built will be my first project. The car has been back and forth across Canada twice and I still seem to have all the parts... I will start at the beginning and bring this story up to date over the next few months. In 1989 there was an auction of a "museum" in Coutts Alberta. It was a 5 day auction and there was lots of non car stuff there as well. There were about 80 or so vehicle
  2. HI all, This is the ongoing restoration of my 58 Buick Century Riviera in Sri Lanka. It is the only such car known to be in Sri Lanka. If this car was in USA, it would be considered a scrap car. Not even a parts car. However, we are not allowed to import any vehicle over 2 years old into Sri Lanka, so importing a classic is not possible. All we can do, is restore the cars already existing in Sri Lanka, no matter how bad they are and what it costs. Hope you folks find the restoration interesting. Looking forward to comments.
  3. This 1966 VW Beetle Convertible was brought to us by the original owner who wants to restore it to its “original condition, or better!” Purchased in October of 1965, the owner remembers pushing it off the showroom floor in Jacksonville, NC. This sweet vehicle was the family car when the owner and his wife first married, and later became the second vehicle. It was used for trips on back-country roads to picnic with his wife and daughter in Pensacola, FL – where he was stationed as a Marine. The car itself has all its original parts and only 148,000 miles on it and has been a show car for the la
  4. The owner of this rare 1963 Volkswagen Type 2, 23 Window Bus brought it to us to check it out after another shop did what they called a “full restoration”. Rust was already starting to bubble up under the paint after less than a year. After realizing what had (or rather, hadn’t) been done to it, the customer decided that he would like us to redo the restoration. After stripping the body, we found a lot of body filler covering rust, dents, and improper panel patches – almost an inch thick in some places.
  5. HI there, we (group of mates) have just purchased a 1947 Dodge DD4 60 canadian build truck and are going about restoring it. It is about 90% complete however all in parts. We are having problems finding a manual and are all new to restoring, but have started by breaking it down back to the chassis. Any info or tips would be great.
  6. So, here is what I have, both cars are complete and cancer free. Both bodies are very straight and filler-free. Both need body prep & paint. (no worries about getting them painted) #1 - 1955 Model 56R-Two-Door Super Riviera - Barn Find, All original and complete (short of 2 missing trim pieces). Last licensed in 1967. Original 322 Nailhead engine seized but no noticeable cracks or damage from external inspection. Needs Interior but have all the original seats and panels. #2 - 1955 Model 61-Four-Door Century Tourback Sedan - All original and complete. Last licensed in 1999. Original 322 Na
  7. Hello, this is my first time posting. i have a 1937 REO Truck and have had the vehicle with three different folks to restore over the years. The engine, transmission, brakes and mechanics have been restored and have been completed by a machinist. Now the truck is with another guy and I am feeling a bit frustrated with him. He says he cannot give me an estimate of time to complete the project or an estimate on remaining price to complete the project. His disposition is rude and he has a habit of nickle and diming me. He does not make much progress on the restoration and last month he bil
  8. 1966 Buick Riviera Mileage Shows 60,724 (not sure if its 60k or 160k) Rusted: Needs to be restored Asking $3,500 Located in Hackensack, NJ - pick-up only - will not ship Call Carmen with any questions, after viewing photos: 201_233...0294 (better to call than email) Or email any questions to brandon_dimartino@yahoo.com
  9. I would be interested in getting any advice/help/experience the group may have on restoring steering wheels for early 30's GM cars. Specifically, I am restoring a 1932 Pontiac. Any advice here? Anybody have experience with the Eastwood or POR-15 restoration kits? Any help appreciated.
  10. One of thing things that I loved about my recently acquired 88-A is the deep throaty rumble of the exhaust. After a recent overall check -up by my local shop (antique auto enthusiasts BTW), I was told that the exhaust system is in a bad way and needs replacing. Which might be why I have that nice rumble. Rather than purchasing a new system from one of the restoration companies, they have offered to build a new one from scratch. I have a couple of questions about this and would appreciate people's opinions. Is the exhaust system something that is checked at car show, would I be penalized for a
  11. Hi i'am currently restoring a 1935 dodge and i was wondering how to remove the rear brake drum for brake repair. There is a key pin as in the picture below and i'am not sure how you can remove it to get the brake drum off. hope you can help
  12. There she goes. Being towed off to the shop for the major phases of the restoration that will take until February or March next year to complete. I've been working on this project since October 2006. My plan has always been to do as much of the disassembly as I could with my limited facilities at home while pressing forward with restoration of component parts. Much is finished but much is left to go and most of that is now in much more capable hands than mine. What I thought I would do here is share some of my photos from the work of the past six years while at the same time, posting updat
  13. Can any of you in N D give me any information on a shop in West Fargo, Kevin's Paint and Repairs that did restoration work. I recently bought a car that was restored by them and done very well. I would like to contact them but the number I have is disconnected and I can't find any contact information for them. Maybe their out of business, or go by another name. Thanks, Best Regards Bruce bdeane5527@windstream.net
  14. I have recently purchased a 1969 cougar and want to do my first total restoration. Everything on the car is working and operating but I want to modernize it. I plan on doing a complete frame off restoration but I never had done anything with cars and honestly have little clue what order to do things and when to do it. I want to replace the entire suspension, rebuild the engine/ Transmission, four wheel disk brakes, paint the body and frame, replace the chrome, replace the interior, and any other parts. I want to do the most on my own to save money but need advice on what to do first. At this p
  15. Finally picked up my first GS weekend before last and trying to get it all straightened out. My dad and I have been working on "refreshing" on an original 57k mile car. Original owner parked partially protected, but outside when brakes went out, it has a cracked or severely warped front drum. All numbers matching we had to replace the carpets and repaint. It's an original ZZ Silver Cloud, but my dad picked the color and decided on a darker silver - grey and added a painted black top. He painted it himself in the driveway, but it's a really good 10 foot job. Has a few spots of cancer in r
  16. Selling a 1964 Buick LeSabre that is currently in mid-restoration. My father passed away this year and unfortunately I need to sell it. Only 49,000 original miles. Original color is silver w/ red interior. Mechanically, it was always a great running car. Restoration-wise, bodywork is about halfway done. Most of the parts still with it. It's a pretty solid car. Great for a project! The person who was working on it is willing to talk to anyone to let you know everything he did. Asking $3000 or best offer. Msg me or call/text with any questions or if you want to check it out. 412-480-0307. The
  17. Hi guys, There's this barn find XKE restoration blog that I recently found online and thought some of you might be interested in:rolleyes: http://www.classicdigest.com/readers-stories/show-ad-detail/Andreas/5/14
  18. WANT TO BUY 1959 Cadillac El Dorado Biarritz With Bucket Seats in restorable condition. The car must be complete with tri-carbs, air cleaner assembly, fiber glass boot, original Eldo wheel covers. Any color combination is acceptable. TOP DOLLAR PAID. All inquiries please contact Frank Nicodemus by email: </SPAN>info@frank-nicodemus.com</SPAN> or call 845-235-0622 Thank you and a Happy Thanksgiving to all! Frank Nicodemus</SPAN>
  19. I bought this car back in 1989 in Coutts, Alberta, Canada. It is coming along but I have moved a number of times and life has got in the way of completing this project... I will get there... Just now getting a shop built will be my first project. The car has been back and forth across Canada twice and I still seem to have all the parts... I will start at the beginning and bring this story up to date over the next few months. In 1989 there was an auction of a "museum" in Coutts Alberta. It was a 5 day auction and there was lots of non car stuff there as well. There were about 80 or so vehicle
  20. Restoring a car offers many choices. One of those is paint. To get modern hold out on paint alot of guys use PPG and Dupont which offers great quality paint lines but the prices tend to be a little high for a home DIYer like me. I am doing a frame off on a 1959 Buick hardtop by myself to save tens of thousands of bucks. I was thinking of using Duponts Chromobase line because that is what I can get locally but has anyone used TCP Globals paint line? I am going to use the epoxy primer, base, clear system but do not know how the paint holds up over time and the quality of the paint sold through T
  21. I am a new to AACA. I bought my first antique car recently, a 1934 Chevy. I have a lot of questions about restoration and what is a good idea or bad idea? Should I put parts on that make it less original but easier to drive like Hydraulic brakes, maybe better steering. And where do I find parts? I want to take advantage of all the knowledge that already exists. So far, all I have done is search the Internet for information and not finding that so helpful. Anyone have any advice on getting started? Thanks in advance gmkc
  22. hey everyone i am planning on restoring some classic vehicles. Right now im looking at a 1939 dodge sedan and a 1957 chevy bel air. there are times where I think i was born in the wrong era haha. I'm not looking at making them rat rods just going all original as I can. I have never done anything like this before so any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated! I'm going to see them again today and take some pictures and tryu and post them up. thanks!
  23. What do you see as the greatest threat to the continuation to the vintage car hobby? Everyone has thought at one time or another about the future of collecting, restoring, and driving vintage cars and I would like to open a discussion about this. My opinion is the lack of interest among people my age (25) along with the cost to get into the hobby being the biggest problems. This is why. I have been into the vintage car hobby since I was 16. I am considered a eccentric by my friends for it to. I went to McPherson college for auto restoration only to find out I couldn't afford it, Yet I still s
  24. Hello all! I own a '40 Lincoln-Zephyr Continental Cabriolet and we're TRYING to figure out the best way to restore the interior hardware's gold (macoid) trim. I came across this post:http://forums.aaca.org/f128/gold-macoid-substitute-maybe-309784.html ...but was wondering if you all had any "other insights". Thanks!
  25. If you are restoring a 1928 to 1933 Cadillac or Lasalle do we have the parts for you. Go to peterksanders.com to look at our catalogue and contact us if you have any questions!
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