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Found 18 results

  1. Question about carpet kits that are available from Amazon: I'm looking at one from a company called ACC for $189.89. Have any of you had any experience with these, and are they worth the price? I saw it here - (Soon I'll be asking about changing interior color schemes from the original.) Thanks. Monty
  2. I've found a 58 hardtop project car but the front seat is missing. Is any other Buick/GM front seat frame/spring assembly the same as a 58 Century 4-door hardtop seat? From looking at pictures, I would guess that the 57 Olds and Buick "B" bodies shared a common seat frame, but I'd like to be more certain before I buy a seat. I have searched this forum but can't find an answer; hope someone can help me out. Thanks! JoeT
  3. Well I am to the point of thinking seriously about the interior of my car (1939 sedan currently stripped) and want to know what others have done. The car is dark maroon and I am thinking of a buttery color to the interior. I have all the original (well moth eaten) interior but I am not sure what would be best as far as seat coverings. Did the Zephyrs have optional leather seating areas or was that only a Continental option? Were there options for door panels or was wool it? I would like it to look "correct for the period" but I also want it comfortable and able to be driven and wool seating in the Deep South is simply not an option. What have others here done? Thanks! Joseph
  4. Hello all! I own a '40 Lincoln-Zephyr Continental Cabriolet and we're TRYING to figure out the best way to restore the interior hardware's gold (macoid) trim. I came across this post: ...but was wondering if you all had any "other insights". Thanks!
  5. I recently got my car back from the trim shop. I spent the extra money to use "Original" material purchased from SMS Fabric. The car looks great but I have noticed when it is humid the material sags a bit. I can run a hair dryer over it and it tightens right back up. Are there any tricks of the trade or is this par for the course for old cars? I am planning on putting some scotch guard on the panels that will be prone to getting a little wet. I'm hoping that might help.
  6. I am installing a headliner in a 1937 Plymouth Coupe and I believe I am missing some parts around the door frame area. Anyone know of any places I can buy interior parts for this car or have pictures of a completed headliner I can reference to make new pieces? I can not seem to find much about this car online.
  7. Can someone please please please help me out, for some reason all of a sudden my interior lights stay on in the car, whether the car is on or off. There isn't a switch for the interior lights is there? And I'm pretty sure it isn't the door switches, I press them and they still stay on, I never get a door open error on the screen. This just all of a sudden happened, I drove to work and when I got there the lights just stayed on, I had to take the accessory fuse out but I want that back in. I have no idea what it could be. If someone could help I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks!
  8. Hello, I am nearing completion of my 1926 Pontiac Tourer restoration in Australia. I have some fragments of the original interior trim and believe it was dark brown leather. I would like to keep it as original as possible but have been recommended to use vinyl. The reasons given were that modern leather production isn't the same as the 1920s anyway and the additional cost isn't justified. I'm hoping to get some more opinions and hoefully some first hand experiences in terms of appearance and durability? Cheers, Ryan
  9. My '90 tc's rear turn signals flash, but not the front. What's up? Iterior was vandelized to steal the radio. Need center dash wood (plastic), A/C controller, clear instrument cluster cover. Let me know also need a center wheel cap & steering wheel cover. Thanks
  10. Looking for Gray interior for 62 Olds Starfire convertible. Mainly need floor mats, carpet, arm rests and side panels. Also door panels designed for power windows and vents. Email or call Jim 309-314-1729
  11. I need a good headliner (Tan would be great) or just the shell. My upholsterer crushed mine. Please contact me @ or 215 896 3312.....Mort
  12. Our 35 is finally starting to come back together and with some luck and more hard work it will be ready to show this coming summer. The interior fabric is all here, with the headliner going back in. I am seeking some references on the carpet placement and finishing. I am interesred in seeing how it is finished at the pedal locations, seats, door jams, and to the firewall. I would like to see any picture references or diagrams. Here are a few pictures of our progress.
  13. Looking to get floor mats for my '63, which has the standard blue vinyl interior. Ebay doesn't seem to yield much in the way of results, and I saw the reference to Legendary Auto Interiors, but I think I'd prefer something to match the blue. Have found three possible sources, and I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with these (or have another suggestion). Thanks in advance... 1963-1976 Riviera Floor Mats, Carpet Matched - Protect your carpet with these color matc | Interior Soft Trim | Auto Truck Trim Supply Buick Riviera Floor Mats, Set of 2 - 1963, 1964, 1965
  14. I'm interested in two items for my 56S car: 1. The escutcheon insert on the interior vent window knobs as well as the window knobs. I hvae the complete knob in my car, just missing the insert graphic design on the very top of the bakeline where there is a ridge. (sorry, unsure of the proper term) 2. Interested in a oil filter assembly for my car as well. Anyone with one in decent shape that is restorable, please let me know. Thanks for looking Tim
  15. According to The Standard Catalog of American Cars, all 1951 Chevrolet Styline Deluxe's came with two-tone gray with striped broadcloth upolstery. Is this also true for the convertible? It seems like most of the '51 convertibles I've found in magazines and online have multi-colored leather upolstery with matching painted dashboards that look pretty convincing.
  16. Hi, I have a 1968 GTO that I am starting to restore and would like to know who makes the best restoration parts. I need exterior and interior parts. I have looked on Ebay and have found most of the parts I need. The reason that I haven't bought them is because I don't know if they are reputable companies. I would be grateful for any advice. Most important is fit and quality of materials used then cost. Thank you. Ken
  17. I am needing a manual bench front seat with fold down armrest, and the back seat - cushion and back - any color. Able to use 1972-75 convertible seats. My upholstery guy "lost" mine.:mad: