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  1. Guys, I'm desperate for help. My dads friend has a 1927 Dodge Senior Sedan. My dad in trying to help his friend pulled the master cylinder to have it shipped and rebuilt. Fed Ex lost the package. I've searched and cannot find one. Do any of you have any suggestions on where to search, know where one is(miracle), or have any suggestions on what to do. Any and all help is very much apprecitated. Thank You Joseph
  2. Hello, Any one out ther have some first generation Kelsey rim clips? I have a 1919 Dodge and do not have any of the rim clips for my rear wheels. I have a collection of other clips but have been told none of them are correct. If you have some on you car, could I get a picture of what they look like? It would be nice to know what I am looking for. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hello Group, I am now ready to pull the front clip off the '38 RC. What order of removal would work, i.e. hood, front quarter panels, inner panels, front grill, etc... The goal is to remove the engine and transmission at the same time. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello I have just got this 1925 dodge and I have been working on it and it made a noise when she ran and the clutch screeched so I took off the engine ( when I mean I My mechanic) have noticed there were no springs and the holes are oval ,I am new to cars and I have no clue where to find this part and what it is even called I'm a member of the aaca and db club . I'm located in southern NY thanks Matthew
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new here and am trying to locate a starter for my dad's 1927 DB Victory Six car - its one of the last parts he needs to finish this car. Any leads or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again everyone for your time
  7. [b]*** CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** For Sale: 1925 Dodge Brothers Touring car. This is a project car with an older partial restoration. The engine was tuned and was running nicely in 1987 and again in 2007 but has not run since then. I inherited this car from my father who bought it out of a junk yard in 1975. I planned to finish it but finally realize it requires more time than I have available. As far as I know it is a complete car; if there are any missing parts they are minor ones. Please see the photos for details; they do not show all of the parts but hopefully give you an idea of the car’s condition. There are many new parts (door handles, hub caps, step plates, front and rear floor boards, horn motor, running boards, battery box, window glass, and instrument gauge faces), some of which were bought from Romar and some of which were made by my father. Also included are many extra parts: one front and one rear leaf spring, one starter/generator, one radiator and shell, one engine hood, one front door, one speedometer, three original hub caps, about 10 extra wheel nuts, the original front window glass, a gas tank, a transmission shifter assembly and a few other random parts. There is also a hardcover Dodge Brothers Master Parts List reprint from 1927 that has several photos to help identify parts. Major things left to be done on the car include: restore upholstery and top, paint and attach front fenders, paint and assemble doors, re-paint body and dashboard, restore engine hood, re-plate wheel nuts, re-paint and attach gas tank, paint and assemble spare wheel. $2700 for everything. Car is located in a NW suburb of Minneapolis, MN. Post questions to this ad or call my cell: 763-568-8836. Additional photos available. </SPAN>
  8. I'm looking for a hood molding for my 1938 d8. The molding goes along the hood (drivers side). I only need one molding to have the entire car complete.
  9. (Sold) For sale is a solid 1928 Dodge Brothers Senior Six sedan. Stored inside for many years. Engine turns over. $6500 obo. Will consider trading for a 1916 to 1918 Buick six. Call or text Gerald at 1 (203) 278-7177 or email at gerstrain@yahoo.com. Can take more pictures upon request. (Sold)
  10. I was wondering if anyone knew if the brake parts were interchangeable between Dodge Brothers year and model? That being said, I wondered if the brake parts for say a 1928-29 Dodge Brothers Standard would fit on a 1927 Dodge Brothers Senior Six Sedan? Are the parts the same?
  11. I am looking for a single 20" solid wheel or a pair of 21" solid wheels. Thanks, Don PopcornPictures@yahoo.com
  12. So we inherited a 1927 1/2 Graham Truck. It's titled as a graham; all numbers match. It does not run and is despite need of gaskets before we can start to rebuild her. Even the wood is original. This was my Dad's brothers truck. It has lived in a garage for years and while it ran at most recent the 70's, it blew a head gasket and was parked until we went and got it last year. It has sat in our garage and we have slowly taken it apart labeled all parts, bagged all bolts... it has been a serious project just to get it to a frame. Now while it is plated, titled ect as a Graham, the headlights and such are stamped DB (I am assuming Dodge Brothers, correct me if I'm wrong) So it seems the truck is a Graham Brothers/Dodge Brothers Hybrid. What I do know: It appears to be a delivery truck of sorts. Its a 4cy engine with a standard trans. It appears the factory paint is Brown. The wood in the 'bed' is painted Blue. There are hints of blue paint on the engine. So really I don't know anything. I've attached a few photos of the truck, primarily the engine. While ANY information is appreciated... I really need to know the specifics on this engine. Even a best guess is better than what I have. Domestics are not something I know anything about but am VERY willing to learn, and would love to see this truck restored to 100% factory originals. Thanks in advance for any help, hints, or information. -Samanta .
  13. I was out driving around , and she just died. no spark at plugs. bought a new 12v condenser from myers. it will not fit in my distributor ,its too big. then I noticed what looks like a 12v reducer on my firewall. wondering if someone in time replaced my distributor with a 6 volt. I tried the new condenser , but still no spark , im not sure if it matters that its a 12v and I need 6 v. I bought a new 6 v coil. im getting spark and she runs, but very rough. also my distrubor has 2 wires ciomming out of it , it makes a loop and connects to the old condenser. does anyone know how to connect a new condenser up? also what looks like a 12v to 6 v reducer is giving me a 12v reading on both ends, is it broke? or is it ok , I just need a 12 v coil? ugh ... trying to get her running for the aaca show in port st lucie in 20 days. I posted some pics so you can see what I have going on
  14. the 17 dodge stars and idles fine for a while, but when you give it gas she stalls out. she will start right up again , sometimes backfireing and the plugs keep clogging up with carbon. I took off the head, cleaned the carbon, some of it was shiny ,like anti freeze was leaking through the gasket. I put on new gasket, rebuilt vacume pump, checked for cracks , blew out the lines replaced gas filter . still no luck. took off and cleaned carburetor , still wont run. could it be points? timing off? the choke worked when I took off carb. but maby there is something I didn't see. if I were in CT I would bring it to the shop , but down here in florida I don't know anyone. I didn't think that this would be so complicated, shes been running great the past few years. I would appreciate any help..thanks
  15. I picked up this Dodge Brothers radiator at an auction and I need some help identifying it. Attached are some pictures. The emblem looks like it is an early 30s era emblem but I don't know which specific year or model this came from. Also, is it complete of has it been cut off at the bottom? I wasn't sure as the outer shell does not continue around the bottom. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
  16. We have a 1916 Body. It has a lot of bullet holes in it but they seen fairly easy to fix. Just hammering them in does a great deal. we also have a second body that we a few parts off of for a 1918 but you can have the rest with the body to fix any remaining parts (except the very back which is the part we need). PM, comment, or email me at Daviondude@yahoo.com if you are interested. here are some pictures: (ignore the cowl in the back)
  17. HelloI am helping my Father sell his 1936 Dodge brothers 4 door sedan. I finally got it pulled out of the barn and have some pictures of the car. Running boards, rear fenders, extra grill,head lights and tail lights are inside the car. We are asking $4000. or best offer I have and can take more pictures if you need them. Curtis
  18. This is a good find! No rot, all floors are solid. 56,000 miles, dual spare tires, have stock wire wheels, spare tire covers, 100% original except windshield which is brand new. Have all parts, 201 cubic inch Flathead 6. Will run after assemble. Would make a clean hotrod! $15,000 OBO Port Orchard, WA -check out the pictures
  19. Hey guys I've been reading through the forums since I stumbled across the site and have always found my answer until now, I need your help. I am trying to piece together an early dodge roadster and while I was scavenging through the not so local junk yard(I drove 2 hours one way) I came across these. Don't get mad that I had these torched off the frame because there wasn't much left. The only remains of this car were these leafs, the front section of the frame just past the cowl to the cross member with a partial serial number on it and the motor. The cowl and motor sitting on what was left of the frame were from a model A. I'm 95% positive it came off of a DB frame unless there is another company back then that had an identical frame. Part of the serial number was ground off so I couldn't read it but I'm guessing this is off of a very early touring, roadster or ??? around 1916, 1917 maybe. I have scoured the web trying to find info on these odd shocks but have not been able to come up with anything but just plain leaf springs with shackle mounts, so I turn to the pros. Any help would be appreciated. It looks like there is supposed to be a coil spring in the center opening from on side to the other but it's broke off. If anyone knows anything about them like what exactly did they come off of, did this come standard or aftermarket, how they work, are they functional or better without, length of the coil, etc. I would love to hear your input.
  20. I have a 1938 dodge brothers. Its my first antique car, i love it. i need the one molding that goes on the hood on the drivers side (chrome) . Its about 4 foot long. let me know if anyone sees one, or have a place to find it. thank you
  21. Rebuilding my transmission and I am looking for either a whole transmission or gears. I have 1 gear that is worn pretty bad where it meshes Thanks Dean Fink
  22. Looking for a 1927 Graham Brothers distributor gear and rotor. the distributor i have is a Northeast Electric Company Model TU Type 10786 SN 926 any help would be appreciated. mine is worn and will not keep time.
  23. Guest

    28 dodge starter

    car has not been started in years. starter internals are very sloppy. major parts are there and not broken. does not engage. is apart now. any suggestions for substitute or replacement starter
  24. Guest

    First Dodge

    Just joined AAC starting first dodge project have a 25 Dodge Sedan looking forward to finishing late summer with frame off
  25. I have a 1917 dodge brothers and just today i pulled out the starter button. Since it was sticking and getting a bit warm upon opening the casing to find out what i can only guess is a small coil in side the button it self is burnt. does anyone know where i can get a new coil for the button of maybe some one that has a nice working button they would like to sell? If you do you can reply in this post of email me at JQueen40@gmail.com Thank you Joey
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