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Found 7 results

  1. Need a hubcap? I have a large collection of hubcaps and center caps from 1890's through present time. Cars, trucks, boat and camper trailers. 5000+ hubcaps in stock! I also offer hubcap identification and other info. Let me know what you need.
  2. I found, and was allowed to scan, a brochure for the Lowell Model Company who manufactured automobile engines in Lowell Mass.. The City directories list their main office to be in Lowell from 1896 to 1901. The engines were manufactured in North Chelmsford Mass. My as yet incomplete research in Lowell has generated excitement, but no information about this company. Does anyone have any information about the Lowell Model Company? I will send copies of the brochures to anyone who agrees not to publish them. I would also like opinions from any Brass era experts as to the possible age range of the engine shown in the brochure. I suspect that it might be newer than the last 1901 date in the city directory. I just joined this forum and do not yet know if my email is in my profile. I will be talking with the Lowell History Project of the University of Massachusetts soon to see if they have any knowledge or records of this company
  3. Hi all, I posted this request in the project forum (got one kind reply) and thought I might try my luck here aswell. I am trying to restore a 1909 Brush (see images attached)and Im in need of various parts in particular the transmittion case but any bits that may be available. I know its a long shot, but if anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. Regards, Mark.
  4. Hi all! I am looking for any and all information relating to the Washington car built by the Carter Motor Car Co. in Hyattsville, MD from 1909 - 1912. As far as I am aware, there is only one left in existence, a 1909 Model A1 30hp Touring car. It is this car I am focusing my senior thesis on. I am a senior Historic Automotive Restoration Technology major at McPherson College. Below is an outline of what I have uncovered and what I would still like to find more information on: 1. I plan on establishing the history of the Washington car. I have tracked down the book written about Maryland automobile manufactures and a few articles that appeared in the journals and periodicals of the period. Does anybody out there have further information regarding the make? I read through the other thread on this forum but would like to rehash the question to see what else might be lurking in the shadows. Does anybody have any period photographs? I have been checking ebay and shorpy but haven't came up with much. How many Washington's were built? Who were their customers? Any accounts of the Washington factory? What is the exact location of the factory and is the building still there? 2. I am tracking down events Washington cars competed in. I have found evidence of 3 Washington's competing in the 1909 Frank A. Munsey Reliability Run as well as in the 1910 running of this event. Again, period photos are huge as well as records of the cars that were involved, accounts, etc. I am attempting to connect the remaining Washington to this event. Additionally, in 1913 a Women's suffrage motorcade left Hyattsville, MD, the Washington's home. I would be very interested to discover if a Washington was involved in this event. 3. Establish a record of ownership. Most of the following information was found in RM's Catalogue from the cars sale in 2012 and 2004. The Model A1 that I am focusing on was purchased in 1936 by Francis George DuPont and owned until 1980 by the DuPont family. George's father was the creator of the DuPont motor cars. The Washington was first? restored in the 1950s by George. Who owned the car from 1909 to 1936? Are there any records of DuPont with the Washington? Are there any photos from this period? Are there any records of the restoration? It seems the car was then purchased by Robert Sahl in 1980 who toured with the car until having it restored in the early 1990s by, I believe, Dragone restorations. There are accounts of the car under Sahl's ownership in the Horseless Carriage Club's magazine but they are mostly captions to photos. If someone knows of an article that appeared on the car I would love to see it! The index on their web site only seemed to point to the captions that I found and a couple of photos. Any records of the car under Sahl's ownership? Any photos from touring events Sahl entered? Any photos from shows the Washington attended? It was at Connecticut’s Greenwich Concours d’Elegance in 1997. Does anybody have photos from this event? The Washington was offered at the 2004 Amelia Island RM auction. I am unsure if the owner who sold it here was Sahl or someone else. In 2004 it was purchased by John O'Quinn and made its way into Bill Ruger's collection sometime after that. In 2012 it was sold at the St. John's RM auction to its current owner. 1909 Washington 30HP Five-Passenger Touring | St. John's 2012 | RM AUCTIONS Any help filling in the gaps would be fantastic! 4. Any other relevant photos, documents, or information! Best Regards, Casey Maxon
  5. was told is 1913 which I believe would make it pre-production running and complete except for windscreen four extra engines belongs to friend's mother. located in chico, ca working on pictures and value trying to see how much interest there is in a thing like this...
  6. 1911 E-M-F Standard Touring For Sale This EMF has been on Brass in Bucks and Brass in Berks tours and runs well. It’s a nice comfortable 30 hp touring car. It was featured in the January 2010 edition of Auto Restorer magazine. Click on the link below to see the issue: Auto Restorer - January 2010 - Volume 22 - Number 1 New timing gears (Floyd Jaehnert) Rebuilt water pump (new shaft and bushings) New leather cone clutch (Bob Knaak) Distributor ignition (for reliability) Original magneto included Good brakes (for the era) Tires are like new Nice brass 1911 EMF made two types of touring cars, the “fore door” that had front doors, and the “standard” which had no front doors, similar to the 1910 touring. Located in Pennsylvania, just north of Bethlehem and Allentown. 85 miles east of Hershey. Come see it in person and we’ll go for a ride. Click on this link for 53 more pictures: 1911 EMF pictures by nrimbxw - Photobucket Click on these links for some movies of the car: Price $39,500 Brad Wallace 610-837-1388 Bath, PA
  7. <o></o> Hi to all. I am new to this forum and I am in need of help. I have inherited a single cylinder Cadillac. The car has been my wife’s family since the early 1960’s. Here are the specs for the vehicle: • 74” wheel base, • 2 seats, • A step that is attached to the rear fenders to get into the rear seat. • Engine plate with patents from 1902, ‘03, and ’04. The identification plate (as well as many other features) has been taken off the car, and I am not sure how to go about identifying it. I have searched online in an attempt to find the year and model of the car, but so far I have come up shorthanded. I think that have tracked it down to a 1905-E, 1906-K, or 1907-K. How can I find out? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Tim. TheGolfingGolfGuy Can anyone help?<o></o> Thanks in advance Tim.<o></o> TheGolfingGolfGuy <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"> <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">