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Found 7,540 results

  1. Generator and Distributor Magazines 1997-2003 an about 20 issues from the middle sixties to early seventies Also some This old Truck, Reo, Wheels of Time 1997 - 2000,
  2. Not mine. Just putting it out there.
  3. 1940 Lincoln Zephyr continental convertible,, we've owned since 1975, driven and maintained by my family, not restored, runs and drives great, V-12 engine, 2 speed rear, no rot,, was ordered highly optioned. $ 50,000 ...used in a kathy ireland commercial,.631-813-7139 ..
  4. Oh, just another big old '60s near luxury car? Nothing special, right? Please take another look at this awesome Poncho. It comes from one of the most impressive collections I've ever seen, one composed entirely of immaculately preserved original, unrestored cars. When this person calls and says he has a car to sell, I don't even ask what it is--I just say, "I'll take it." Seriously, just look at this thing. It's gorgeous. It's had just two owners from new, and the original owner was an employee at the dealership where it was delivered--that's why it's wearing 15-inch 1969 Rally II wheels, which he ordered through the parts department when the car was just 7 months old. He even bought a matching spare which is still wearing an unused 1969 bias-ply Firestone. He was tragically injured in a snowmobile accident, but he could not part with the car until it was purchased by the second owner in the early 2000s. As a result, it has covered only about 800 miles since 1985. The paint is Vedoro Green, which was the most popular color that year and it's handsome on the big coupe. That's original factory Magic Mirror enamel and aside from one or two little chips that have been brush touched, it's virtually unmarked. Dig how straight it is and that shine is for real. Don't let anyone tell you that old paint wasn't as shiny as the stuff we have today. The black vinyl top is like new with no bubbles or other issues, and all the chrome sparkles. Hell, the front windows even still have 'GP' etched on them, a 1968-only detail! Demerits are limited to a few scratches on one piece of trim at the base of the windshield and a replacement nose emblem which came from a different model and had the mounting tabs relocated to fit the Grand Prix. And yes, the headlights work. The black interior is Pontiac near-luxury with a hint of sportiness. Buckets and a console in a full-sized car is kind of cool, and you'll note this one is loaded up with options: ice cold A/C (still pumping R12 through its veins), tilt wheel, AM/FM radio with working reverb and power antenna, remote mirror, and somewhat rare cruise control. It all works except the clock. Dig how bright and crisp the burled walnut appliques are, the dash pad is unmarked, and things like the carpets and even the seat belts are like new (the seat belts still have their GM tags at their base). No sags or rips in the headliner, and even the silver mylar on the edges of the seats hasn't yellowed--most cars you see look gold and everyone assumes it was gold from the factory. It was not. I don't think anyone has ever sat in the back seat. The trunk has its original mat and cardboard bulkheads, plus the aforementioned 15-inch Rally II wheel and Firestone bias-ply tire with factory jack assembly. The engine is the original, numbers-matching 400 cubic inch V8, same one found in the GTO, and it makes 350 horsepower. In the big coupe, it's plenty potent--this car is too fast to be a luxury cruiser but too comfortable to be a muscle car. The engine bay is beautifully detailed and completely original aside from maintenance items like belts and hoses. The block is wearing factory Pontiac Turquoise enamel, although it has been touched up on the heads and intake where the exhaust heat had burned off the original stuff over the past 53,125 miles. But the air cleaner, inner fenders, all the decals, and hardware were all placed there in 1968 and never touched again. The chrome valve covers were added by the same original owner who installed the wheels, and they look right. It starts easily and idles so smoothly you are tempted to hit the starter again. The TH400 automatic shifts buttery-smooth but serves up a quick downshift with just a quick prod of the throttle. The suspension rides like only an original car can and power steering and brakes are obviously standard equipment. At some point the exhaust must have been replaced because it looks almost new, but maybe not. It was extensively serviced just recently, including fresh shocks all around, the brakes were rebuilt at all four corners, all the fluids were just changed, and the gas tank was cleaned and sealed. It also has new ignition parts, a rebuilt carburetor, a freshly cleaned radiator, and more. There's a light dusting of factory undercoating, but you can see this car has never seen snow or salt. It features newer Uniroyal whitewall radials on those wheels, so it's 100% ready to roll. Documentation includes the original build sheet, manuals, Protect-O-Plate, title history, service manual, and factory brochures. Another spectacular survivor that runs and drives like new. Original cars are simply better, and this car will convince you with just one drive. Is $27,900 too expensive for a '68 Grand Prix? I don't know, but it buys you the nicest one in the world and if you can own the best of anything for so little cash, maybe you should go for it. Thanks for looking!
  5. Selling a pair of rear rebuilt shocks that came with my 1939 Buick Special coupe that was getting a stock restoration. Rears still in the bags and never mounted, zero miles. $150 for the pair plus shipping, or pick up in NY zip 12601. FRONT SHOCKS IN PICTURE ARE SOLD
  6. 1954 Hudson Hornet. 41200 miles, Automatic, Inline 6 cylinder. appraised in October as a 3 and value of $12,000.00. Make me an offer. The car is in Massachusetts. eager to sell. 978-551-2870 or
  7. Not mine, but looks cool Rare is really not a good word to use for this car. There are no more than 100 of these left in the world. This one is optioned with overdrive. Two years before Lincoln offered overdrive! Car was in storage for over 40 years in Portland Oregon. I have owned it for 3 years. Interior is very nice except for headliner. Body has many minor issues that require work. I have rebuilt the engine, brakes, wiring, fuel system to the tune of $20,000. Only 10 miles since completion. Tires are new in appearance but should be replaced due to age. I am way over invested at $50,000. I had to put a price on it to place this ad. All offers considered. Please make an offer for this extremely rare, beautiful car. I am selling my collection due to my age. I have a lot more pics but can't figure out how to post them.
  8. *SOLD* What a pretty little car! To me, this is how a Model A should look: simple, clean, dignified, not over-dressed. The restoration is 30 years old (it has a 1988 Senior National First Prize badge on it) but it looks more like 5 or 6 years old. It's quite authentic, wearing Kewanee and Elkpoint Green with traditional black fenders, and there's a wonderful shine that looks right on a '30s car. The fellow from whom I got it bought it years ago for his wife to use, but she did not drive it much so it has mostly shelf wear, not road wear, which is probably why it's held up so well. There's are some minor paint issues on the top of the hood, but I'm not even sure how to identify it--it's not checking or cracking or micro-blisters, just some marks in the finish that are almost impossible to photograph. But that's how nice the car is--the only real flaws are tough to find. There's a correct light green pinstripe, nice stainless trim, and a single taillight out back. The accessory grille guard and Boyce moto-meter are the lone pieces of dress-up, but both are a good idea on a car that you're going to want to drive. The interior looks virtually new and it's beautifully trimmed. I don't know if it's a kit or Lebaron-Bonney or an expert trimmer, but it looks great. The seats are firm and comfortable, there's a proper rubber mat on the floor, and since this is a late '30, a round speedometer instrument panel. The controls are familiar with zero modifications or "upgrades" that you often find on Model As. Even the silk shade for the rear window is right. The engine should look familiar to us all, and like the rest of the car, it appears to have been done by the book. Zenith carb, flat copper plug leads, two-blade fan, and a generator to make electricity. The water pump seems to be a newer leakless unit, but things like the hose clamps, wiring, and other little parts are correct. There are a few minor signs of use, but nothing you couldn't erase with some detailing. It starts easily, idles at about 400 RPM, and moves the little sedan like you'd expect. No chatter in the clutch and the brakes are effective with no pulling. Black wheels and blackwall tires are the right choice. Simple is good. This is how Model As are supposed to be. Its show days are over, but this is a superior tour car that you will be proud to own and drive. And it is very reasonably priced at $19,900, so you can get in and enjoy without worries. Model As are still awesome!
  9. Not my car, nor do I have any knowledge about it. But boy it looks nice to me! $15,000 asking price. Philadelphia area.
  10. I'm willing to try to start an ongoing thread that would alert any prospective buyers to what I would call deals on earlier Rivieras that a person might not otherwise find. I'd also think that it could be used to ask others who are looking to see what's in areas to which they don't have access unless they're willing to look at every city that has a Craigslist. Don't post anything other than a title and a link. You're not responsible for anything other than letting others know what's out there. It's up to them to make contact and get details. I'll start with this one: a 1966 Gran Sport in Cole Camp, Missouri (Central close to the Lake of the Ozarks.)
  11. Yes, Its mine. Might do some swapping but no junk. PM me for any questions or phone info.
  12. $24,980 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible. Its time to enjoy the spring and summer weather! showing only 36,032 miles. Cannot verify as to the actual miles, but it is in very good condition with what appears to be the original interior in good shape. Drives well. Has the original 327 V/8 motor and an automatic transmission with a console shifter. Tires are new. Top is also in good shape. All body panels are rust free and straight. Car came from Memphis Tennessee. Was stored for what appears to be about 17 plus years. Started right up since storage. Has all original hoses, radiator cap and radiator. Looks good from every angle. Priced to move quick. **Please CALL 651-272-5461 ** or 612-750-8927 Fill out finance application and see our huge inventory selection at Druk Auto Sales 334 19th ST. SW Forest Lake, MN 55025 651-272-5461
  13. (4) Floor sockets for Ford Woodie station wagons 2nd or 3rd seats. More information, please telephone 317-846-4605. Thank you. John
  14. I recently purchased several thousand generator and starter brushes. I have over 300 different part numbers covering Atwater-Kent, American Bosch, Bijur, DeJon, Delco, Delco-Remy, Electric Autolite, Ford, Gray & Davis, Leece Neville, Northeast, Owen Dyneto, Remy, Wagner and Westinghouse. These are NOS Ohio, Pyramid, Standard, Gilfillan, and Kem. I have taken them out of their original packaging and stocked them in bulk as we have some numbers with over 300 quantity. Still making my way through all of my purchase. I even found a pair of brushes for the 1912 Cadillac motor/ generator system that I am restoring for a customer. I have catalogs for 1920 applications and up. With some info for earlier applications. I will sell individual sets and bulk. You can post to this or PM or call 440-439-1100 8A-5P ET M-F.
  15. Picked this up in some misc. parts I bought in a lot. Best I can tell it's probably late 1950s to sometime in the 1960s Alfa Romeo Spyder grille eyebrow. I am open to corrections as I'm not to familiar with European cars. It is stainless and in good shape not beat up. Not sure if it's driver or passenger side. $150 with shipping included in the lower 48 States. Welcome to message me or call or text 865-755-3114 Alex
  16. Assorted parts for '55 Buick Century for sale. bumpers emblems steering wheel knobs ect.
  17. These wheels came with my 1922 EK Big 6. As you know these are hard to find now day's. They are in good condition and have the lock rings. Priced to sell at $250 ea. Don in Ohio 740-816-4284
  18. . My 1928 Buick Mater Town Brougham. Had several offers of trade-ins but I don't need projects now at my age and physical condition.. The history of this car is unique. I have documentation and names of people that knew the car. This car wasn't sold when it was new but finally got into a private owner's hands about 13 years ago. I've had it now for 3 + years. NO rust or wood rot. Original Factory interior, original top, Original Body paint. Big Master Six engine was professionally rebuilt at a cost of $5K. Much much more .. My wife want's me to get a newer vehicle with a automatic . Looking at 1954 to 1956 era. Title is in my name. Come and see it . I'm located in Southern IL.. Call me at 618 889 6855... $23,000 cash talks. Make a reasonable offer. I've been asked if the Vintage Gas Station is for sale. It's a metal building built by the Columbian Tank Co. / Union metal buldings of Kansas City , MO. This was sold to a person in Quincy IL. which they started a Standard Gas Station in the 1930's.. Yes it can be purchased but price increases as I continue to rebuild it. Just call and talk.
  19. On ebay $20k!!
  20. Hi, I am trying to sell a 1933 Dodge Brothers Truck, I believe it is a 1/2 Ton per the Title. I don't know any information about it, my Grandpa gave it to my dad. Any information you may have about this truck, for example a Model Number would really be helpful.
  21. (AZ BARN FIND) i have a 1956 imperial that has been an Arizona car almost it's whole life except for a little time in las-vegas. She is all original, call or text for more info- have a shit tone of brand new parts grills bumper emblems trim and a lot of other stuff 8000.00 for all. ran when parked engine is free in the process of puting back together 509-818-8828
  22. 1955 56 front bumpers and grilles,trunk and front chrome emblems (no plastic).powerflite and torqueflites PB assys PW and seat switches, tailite assys, dash switches, hubcaps 1955 solid calif fenders and rear bumper with chromed exhaust ends that have been closed but plated over year ago 1954 grille core 1956 limo only long chrome fintop trim pieces + special tailites 1957 door sill plates for 4 door hardtop 1958 decklid (rare non-flitesweep) 1956 fireflite hardtop...parting calif 2 door.....nice chrome, front clip,no glass or drivetrain palo alto,cal email me for pixs,prices
  23. Selling a set of 4 rebuilt shocks that came with my 1939 Buick Special coupe that was getting a stock restoration. Rears still in the bags and never mounted, fronts were mounted to make the car a roller but have zero miles. $400 for the full set plus shipping, or pick up in NY zip 12601. Box will be about 50 pounds for all 4 shocks.
  24. If you have a veteran car these are the ticket. One 4000 pound capacity and the other is 8000 pound. The big one is missing one caster but I have a pair of similar that can be modified . Price is $750 US firm for the pair and I will not separate or ship. I can meet you at the Thousand Island bridge Canadian side at the top of Interstate 81 just north of Watertown New York. Bring your passport or Nexus card. For Canuks I will deliver to either Montreal or as far east as Oshawa