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  1. Anyone have any luck finding plugs for the drivers side power window master switch? Any models that are interchangeable? Any help would be appreciated. My plug is hot glued together and some of the wire connectors are broken. I'm not sure I can salvage it.
  2. Looking for drivers door manual window regulator for my 1963 buick riviera. Does anyone know if there is a part that interchanges with a 63 riviera manual window regulator? Will a 65 regulator work?
  3. Has anyone had any experience with putting a 1965 Riviera rear bumper on a 1963? I'd really like to clean up the rear of my 1963 by filling in the tail lights in the body and moving them to the bumper.
  4. Up for sale is my 1963 Buick Skylark Convertible. The car has the aluminum 200Ci V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission. It is white with brown interior and brown top, and is in wonderful condition. The previous owner restored the car, and it is now a great looking driver. It isn't pristine, as the paint isn't perfect when you get up close, but it looks really sharp. It reads just over 93,000 miles. The car also has factory A/C. It runs and drives well, and has no known mechanical issues. Also just put a new battery in it. Asking $15,995, offers considered! Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions! Thanks for looking, Kyle (336) 314-9080 karnold4592@gmail.com
  5. I have Buick Dealer Service Bulletins for each year on CDs. Really good, high quality scans, saved as PDF files. Here is an example: Washer Solvent Bottle Relocation.pdf Cost is $10 each for the 1963 or 1964 CDs; $12 for the 1965 CDs (because they require 2 CDs for all of the bulletins). I also have the 1963 Buick Master Chassis Parts Book scanned to CD for $10. Shipping is $5 for as many CDs will fit in a USPS small flat rate Priority Mail box. E-mail me if any questions.
  6. Car has 41,000 miles since new and is ready for cruising this summer. This is a matching numbers car that is has its original 327, posi rear end and 3 speed ( column ) manual transmission. All the chrome, paint and interior shows as new .....and needs nothing. Car is located in south eastern Ontario Canada and pictures of the car are here https://flic.kr/s/aHsjMAxc9u PM me if interested..... asking $13,500
  7. Car body work is done. Car appears to be mostly complete..no engine..I have a working 170 from another car if you want it. Clear title..all glass, new gas tank all chrome appears to be present....$1900
  8. Hello I have a 1963 Buick riviera with the 401 CI Nailhead engine and the car has a Dynaflow 2 speed transmission and I would like to swap it out for a Super turbine 400 transmission. I know that the Super turbine 400 was standard in the 1964 and 1965 Rivieras but does anyone know if the Super turbine 400 transmission was longer then the Dynaflow and if the 1964 to 1965 Rivieras used a shorter driveshaft? Because if that is the case I would have to change the driveshaft too. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hello, Here is what I have for sale. 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire convertible; new engine, 700r4 conversion, new tires and wheels, new brakes, new exhaust, new gas tank, NO RUST! New radiator. Almost everything on this car is new. 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire coupe, 394 v8, 86,000 original miles, on a convertible frame, small rust in he trunk and driver floor. Brand new brakes. 1963 Oldsmobile floor board and trunk w/ quarters 100% rust free! Dynamic 88 convertible body. Two 1963 Coupe or sedan frames with wheels and tires. I have TONS of parts! Two many to fit in my shop actually! Call me if I have anything you my need or want or if you would like to make an offer on any of the cars! 541-678-0606 demammothman@live.com I am selling everything to hopefully create a 68-72 Chevelle, red with black stripes, 454 w/ 5-6 spd manual, racing seats, something that is just bad-ass, because driving grandmas car can't turn that well.
  10. 1961-1965 corvair RH ventilator chromed handle, size 1.75" x 1.75". $10 plus mailing. 336-765-8312, winston salem, N.C. 336-765-8312, Jerry Whitfield
  11. restoring '63; mostly need Driver's side panel but also interested in passenger's side if available; must be from a '63 Wildcat (possibly Le Sabre), 2-door convertible; car is in Connecticut; thank you. (pictured) contact: robstephstone@gmail.com
  12. Well, I guess it was bound to happen; I had to have my heater core replaced in my 1963 (and, from what my mechanic told, it wasn't the first time it was replaced, either--but, hey, it's 50 years old). Anyway, no more foggy windows, leaks, or odd smells. However, my a/c seems to be on almost all the time--blowing nice, frosty air--even with all the levers in the off position. I have noticed that if the car isn't moving for a while that the airflow stops, if that's relevant. Searched the forums here but didn't find anything. I will be speaking to my mechanic today, but I figured I'd see if: 1. Anyone else have this problem? 2. Any ideas on correction (and/or if this represents a more serious problem)?
  13. 1964 Ford F100 Custom cab pickup truck, beige, 223 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder engine, manual transmission column shift, 71150 correct miles, in same family since new. Options: radio, heater, defroster. Clean dash and nice upholstery on seat, $400 new tires, recently new: carb, solenoid, starter, ever wrecked, has original owners manual. This southern 1964 Ford truck never set outside in the weather, was always kept in a shed. Vin P10JH453348, data trim plate information: WB 114, Color K, Model F101, Body D81, Trans A, Axle 12, DSO 21, RPM 3600, HP 114, GVW 4200 lbs. Truck only has cancer in truck bed and front lip of hood. $2150. Not running because engine needs rebuilding. 336-765-8312, Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA. Email for more photos: wwhitfield@triad.rr.com
  14. 1964 Ford F100 Custom cab pickup truck, beige, 223 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder engine, manual transmission column shift, 71150 correct miles, in same family since new. Options: radio, heater, defroster. Clean dash and nice upholstery on seat, $400 new tires, recently new: carb, solenoid, starter, ever wrecked, has original owners manual. This southern 1964 Ford truck never set outside in the weather, was always kept in a shed. Vin P10JH453348, data trim plate information: WB 114, Color K, Model F101, Body D81, Trans A, Axle 12, DSO 21, RPM 3600, HP 114, GVW 4200 lbs. Truck only has cancer in truck bed and front lip of hood. $2150. Not running because engine needs rebuilding. 336-765-8312, Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA. Email for more photos: wwhitfield@triad.rr.com
  15. Hello All, I have recently purchased one of my dream cars (63 Riv) and I am excited to start over hauling this car and getting back into shape. I am going the Hot Rod style for this car. I am new to all of this and would appreciate any advise and help I receive. The body if the car is in great shape, and I have done some work on the engine to get it in driving condition. The interior needs some work, but that is not stopping me from cruising. The next project on this car will be wheels. I am interested in the KMC NOVA chrome rims(20s). I am trying to do some research but only coming up with the offset and lug patterns for 64' and later. Does anyone know if these rims will fit or can you provide the lug pattern and offset for this car. I also am not sure if I would need spacers or anything. I will eventually convert the drum brakes to discs brakes and i will have air ride suspension. Not sure if this will affect anything later on. Sorry for the length of this post and again I appreciate all feedback.
  16. I have a clear Illinois historical document off of a 1963 Buick Wildcat with the vin plate and the plate off the top of the firewall. Car was completely stripped and cut up to remove any good parts. Please PM if you want more info. 195.00 or ????? Thanks!
  17. This is a nice 63 Buick Wildcat clutch and brake pedal assembly- pretty complete- listed on Ebay. Item number 200735768510. Great Genuine Buick part! Parting out a 63 Wildcat 4 door hardtop. No front end sheetmetal. Good deck lid, lots of trim, AM FM radio, Power windows etc. Let me know what you might need. Will be listing other 63 parts on the bay. Thanks!
  18. 1960, 1963 cadillac owners manuals, good condition, $35 each, 336-765-8312, email: wwhitfield@triad.rr.com
  19. I have almost any trim you may need for a wildcat also have a set of power bucket seats rear glass a set of manual doors with glass trunk lid and hood grill headlight bezels console and more call 423 2086202
  20. The '63 I purchased last fall appears to have aftermarket black lap belts installed in the front seats. The problem? They appear to be adjustable, but I can't figure out how. I've tried pushing and pulling various items on the buckle, but nothing seems to be moving, and so I wonder if I am missing something. The driver's belt is slightly snug on me and passable, but wouldn't fit if I were wearing a heavier coat. The passenger belt is adjusted for an extremely large person, and would probably not prevent an average adult male from careening into the windshield. I've attached a couple of photos; the backside of the buckle reads "Eberhard-500". Any ideas out there? Alternatively, can someone suggest a source to get belts to replace these with? Thanks in advance...
  21. 1963 Pontiac Bonneville convertible needing restoration. Equipped with 389 cid V8 with 270 bhp, 4 barrel carb.(I have not tried to crank the engine), automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, Pontiac deluxe radio, clock, power top. Car has straight bumpers. Last inspection sticker 1974. Last oil change 6/6/73 at 83817 miles. Mileage on odometer is 89368. This car is a rare survivor. Small rust spots in drivers floor pan, none in other 3 sections of floor pans. Typical GM rust around hood edges, bottoms of doors and bottoms of rear quarter panels. Several tiny rust spots in trunk floor. Rare survior! First $3950.(U.S.dollars) NADA classic car guide values this car: Low $18,300 Average $30,800 High $41500 336-765-8312, North Carolina USA. Delivery available world wide. email me directly at wwhitfield@triad.rr.com for more pictures. for more information visit: 1963 Pontiac Bonneville Technical Specifications and data. Engine, Dimensions and Mechanical details. | Conceptcarz.com
  22. I tried getting at least $3000 on Ebay but it didn't go so I thought I'd offer it up here in case someone didn't see it there. I'll take $2500, but that's about as low as I will go. The engine alone should be worth at least close to that with such low miles (although the car is so nice overall it would almost be a crime to part it). I hope a fellow Buick lover can buy and appreciate this car. 1963 Buick LeSabre with 37,968 original miles. This car has been in the family since 1981. My mother drove it when I was a kid for about a year and a half and then it was parked in the garage for many years. One time during that short time she drove it, it was sitting in the driveway and got snowed on one day when my sister decided to be helpful and clean the car off. The only problem was that she used a snow shovel, and that is how the paint got scraped off of parts of it in many places. After many years sitting in the garage my father got the car running again, only to park it in a barn right afterward; this was about 10 years ago or so. I got the car out last year and got it running and driving once again. I did a lot of work to the car because I wanted to keep it, but I need the space badly. Mechanical: I have not cleaned up the engine compartment since getting the car out of the barn. The engine still wears its original paint and the air cleaner has the original silk-screened decals. This car has only been driven about 20 miles since being removed from the barn. I drove it 5 miles within the last few weeks It will definitely need exhaust as it's really loud, but nothing is hanging down underneath. I noticed the fuel gauge isn't working, although it was last year. Besides that, it shouldn't need much mechanically as almost everything has been done. Since summer 2009 the car has had the carburetor rebuilt, starter rebuilt, new belts, radiator hoses, water pump, antifreeze flush and fill, battery, oil & filter change, new brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, most brake lines, fuel pump & filter, ignition wires, Pertronix electronic ignition installed to replace the old points/condenser (I have the points/condenser in the glovebox if you want to change it back - the distributor was not modified). The engine runs strong and the car stops like new. Body: This car has only surface rust except for two small areas that I could find - the lower front fender on the driver side, and there was some touch up work decades ago on by the back of the rear driver door. The rest of the car is the original paint I believe; I could find no other signs of repaint anyplace. Last year I saw the car on a lift, and the underside looked very solid with only surface rust; most of the underside was undercoated so it was well protected. There are only a couple of small dings and the body is otherwise very straight. Most of the chrome is very nice with little to no pitting. The headlight bezels have more pitting for some reason, but these are easy to come by in nice condition. All glass is good. The trunk is solid and in great shape with all original padding and the jack is like new. Interior: The interior is very nicely preserved overall. There is a stained area on the front seat fabric that could probably be cleaned out. The carpet is worn a bit under the front mat. There is a small crack in the front of the dash pad. The ashtray in front doesn't stay up in the dash by itself and hangs open, and the wiper knob is missing ($14 for NOS at BuickFarm.com). Otherwise, it looks pretty nice from what I could tell and could just use a bit of cleaning. Car is in NW Indiana If interested Email lancemb48@hotmail.com or call 586-260-8993
  23. I have for sale an original 1963 Chrysler Owner's Manual and Service Certificate booklet, printed in Canada for Chrysler Canada - which makes the set fairly rare. It covers the Windsor, Saratoga and New Yorker. The owner's manual is in average to above average condition with some minor scuffing. The Owners Service Certificate Booklet is in about the same condition and has some dealer's stamps on some of the coupons, and some of the coupons have been removed when the car was serviced. The car's VIN# is printed on the cover of the Service Booklet as well. Overall they make a nice set. The Owners Service Certificate booklet is printed in both English and French. The original selling dealer was Southern Motors Ltd., in Trail, BC Canada, and the original owner's name is in the booklet. The car was a 1963 New Yorker four door hardtop which was owned by a friend of mine in 1979. I drove the car myself a couple of times. He sold the car but kept the manuals and recently gave them to me to deal with. These would make an excellent addition to your collection, especially being the rare Canadian version of the manual and service booklet. I would like $25.00 for the pair, complete. Send me a PM if interested.
  24. Guest

    63' GMC question

    My husband and I just aquired a 1963 GMC pickup(305 v6). Well it needed a new throwout bearing, so we took the tranny out and got the clutch out...Come to find out it has an 11" clutch and we can't find that anywhere. Everyone is saying it should be 10.4",10.5", or 12". We have found 2 11" online for upwards of $400. My question, is this normal? can we fit a 10.5" on it? are we in for a long restore? TIA
  25. hi Someone is interested in restoring a 63 bonneville convertible. They are in southern California. Anyone know of a used auto parts yard that might have a 63 parts car? could use a hood and perhaps some other sheet metal. Also, who are a couple of the major parts vendors for 63 pontiacs? Their websites please if you know them. thankyou Jerry
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