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Found 20 results

  1. Hi I have a 1941 Buick Special 8. It has a 248 inline 8. I just got my radiator back and have been trying to get the car running. We were trying to figure out the timing but I don't understand how to do this with out the "degree scale" on later cars (excuse my lack of proper terminology). There is a mark or indentation on the flywheel but nothing to measure it against. As well I have been unable to find what the timing should be set to. All I can seam to find is "BTDC or as marked) I'm not fully sure I understand this. What mark are they referring to and what does it line up with? The last thing we were having trouble was the dwell. I found something that I think was saying between 21 an 30. I not fully confident it that value though. Below are some pictures. I am also in the process of converting to 12V. This is just a temporary setup while we are trying to get it working. There are more pictures at Edward Marciano's Photos - 41 Buick | Facebook Thanks for all your help guys Ed
  2. Hi . . . I was taking care of a friend's dog in West Hollywood, so this recent LA transplant took the opportunity to walk along Sunset Boulevard. I found this 1941 Buick in a gas station and had to take a look. Noting the Mexican plates, I took a look inside and saw the speedo was in kilometers. Wow! I chatted with the proprietors and they said it was a friend's and it was a '38 (I corrected them). I then asked them if I could take some pics. They were very willing and I was very thankful for that because, y'know, sometimes people can be weird (as well as people like me having ulterior motives). They told me the same guy owned the 1955 Cadillac on the lot and yes, the speedo was in kmh as well - cool! I sent the pics to my friend (who's a member here), who told me the following: The Century is a bit of a mystery. Officially, it does not seem to be a factory export model, because the body number is too high...only 109 Model 61X four-door sedans were made, while 15,027 non-export were built. The data plate is bent down, concealing the model number, which would be 61X for an export car, 61 for a regular Century. The style number, 41-4609 is correct for the series and model. The GM export situation is rather confusing. There were cars built for export and sold through the export organization, but there were also cars exported that did not for one reason or another go through the export sales company. This must be one of those cars. There were also Canadian Buicks, but they were still produced by GM of Canada and were technically McLaughlin Buicks. (There is a possibility they did not build the large series models, though, so this could still be a car built in the US for the Canadian market.) The kilometer speedometer is incredibly cool! The data plate has the correct rivets, but the serial number strip should be attached differently...not with screws. The number, however, is a 1941 Flint-built Buick number and looks to me like it falls generally in the early months of the model year range, which would be consistent with the body number. The color code 571 is for English Green, which the car apparently remains. He then followed up with this: Just one more thought on the '41 Century...it might have been assembled in Mexico. Attached is part of a story from GM World magazine about the GM assembly operation there in 1940. Sub-assemblies and parts were shipped from the US in crates with assembly finished in the plant. These cars may have had regular Fisher Body plates, or not. Almost certainly, the Century was at least ordered through the GM de Mexico operation. However, look at the Cadillac's data plate. Strange, eh? Here's what my friend said: The Cadillac with the blank data plate is also a mystery. It looks like there might be another plate the left of it that might have some addition info? The blank data plate kind of rings a bell...I think I've read about another Cadillac that had such a plate. On the other hand, the rivets are non-standard and one is in the wrong place, making me think the plate may have been added after production. It may be there simply to legally prove the car was produced in the US, with the other info being not relevant. A few Cadillac were still sold new outside of the US at the time. I know an elderly guy who worked for Cadillac as a regional manager for the Caribbean area in this period... Anyone can help with insight beyond my equally enthusiastic friend?
  3. I have a nice tail light lens to replace the one on the right side of my 1941 Buick. I removed the tail light easily enough but the lens did not come out with it. It appears that it is held in by a fragile frame of some sort. What is the accepted procedure to get at the lens without breaking stuff? All the original 73-year old materials are still in place. I have attached some photos. Any help appreciated. Thanks! Photos: Tail Light, outside ; Tail Light inside, light body removed ; Replacement lens
  4. Up for sale is a 1941 Cadillac Series 60S. This car has had the Original Cadillac V8 replaced with a GM 350 V8 and a 700R4 Automatic Transmission with vintage air conditioning. The steering is still manual as are the brakes. giving a new owner many options on where to take this car. The sky is the limit! The car originally hailed from California, and is rust-free as a result. The body was sandblasted prior to paint, and received a new grey tweed interior that approximates the Original '41 Interior fairly well. The body is straight and the Chrome and stainless is in very nice condition.The window sills still sport their real wood, a rarity in most cars- this is not painted wood-grain! The dash is painted body color (A modern Ford color called Smokestone). The Original gauge clusters/radio are all in place in the dash although most are not in working condition, and may just have been disconnected during the 12V Conversion process. The previous owner tastefully installed modern Aux gauges for essential readouts like temp, gas gauge, etc. The engine runs strong, and the transmission shifts smoothly. The newly rebuilt brakes stop her effectively. The long hood echoes grace (as does the Goddess Ornament) and achieves thumbs-up status from passers-by and pedestrians alike. The car has recently had completed some drivability and minor upgrades (Under my ownership) as follows: A short list is as follows: 4 New American Classic WWW Radials Brakes fully rebuilt/serviced New Wheel bearings New Electric Carburetor Choke New Electrical system Cutoff Switch Added New Battery Added Turn Signals with 4 way flashers, front and rear Underseat heaters restored and reinstalled (just need plumbing reconnected) New Glovebox liner New Taillight Jewels New Air Filter Restored Cadillac Hood Emblem New Electric Wipers from Newport Engineering Spare Fender Skirt (The original Passenger skirt was damaged during shipping to me), I purchased a good used skirt at a cost of $1500) Some spare parts including New Trim, hubcaps and new Cadillac/Fleetwood lettering from AllCads will be included in the sale. Asking price has been reduced to $14,500 This is your chance to get into a relatively rare car at a great price. All of the hard work has already been done but there's still some minor things left for a car guy to do. You can drive this car as is on tours, cruise ins, parades, etc. She runs great! Its kind of the best of both worlds, as it could be put back to original with minimal effort if one were so inclined. I Can assist in shipping anywhere in the WORLD. Car is located in West Chester, PA. call me for more details. 610-416-4634. Photos can be seen at Flickr: brich2929's Photostream
  5. 1941 Cadillac 4 door 63 series..This car is almost 100% complete except for hub caps,hood ornament,heads,intake,<wbr>radiator.Has some rust behind some body trim pieces and in front door pillars.Also has a current title..Hood trim is on front seat.Grille is mint..Dash is all complete.All interior/exterior handles.All interior window molding. Many more pix to share with any interested parties..Will entertain offers for whole car.May consider parting out...Perfect for restore or Street Rod.Jack @ fordtrk56@gmail.com 760)751-2946..San Diego,Ca.
  6. Hello All Pulled the heater out of the 41 and it still works !! The core holds water too. Wanted to offer it up here before going to e bay . Make offer !!! Cant keep no room. Jeff scoutmastert22@aol.com
  7. Hoping someone can provide me with the pressure cap rating for a 1941 Cadillac Series 62. Thanks in advance, Grant
  8. Is this where the auto-holics meet? If so, "my name is Anderson and I'm obsessed with my car..." (everyone in unison, "Hello Anderson") I've enjoyed this forum for a year now, but have been only a wall flower, so I guess its finally time to step forward and say hello! I have a 1941-76C Buick Roadmaster coupe convertible, Royal Maroon body, red leather interior (well, vinyl) with a tan top. I've attempted to attach some photos...I hope they post OK. I've owned this car for 12 years and have enjoyed every minute of it (even when I was miserable.) I'm looking forward to getting to know the group better. I'm always looking to learn more about my car. Thanks for all the useful, and just plain entertaining posts!<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  9. '41 Cadillac Fleetwood hood and fenders and a '68 Coronet ; Superbee ; R/T drivers fender-good condition-will be at Hershey and can bring with me if interested. All bare and in primer, no moldings attached.
  10. Year: 1941 Make: Cadillac Model: Series 62 Price: Best Offer over $10k Description: paint is new - diamond pearl; everything has been rechromed except the rear bumper; the engine ran fine last time it was started, which was about 2 years ago. All of the interior parts are out of it and in storage, seats, door panels, headliner and carpet all need to be re-done. The car has been stored inside, under a dust cover. Engine: Flathead V8, Hydramatic Transmission. I had it appraised last March - $15k, as is. See attached. I would welcome feedback from the community. Price too high? Undesirable model? Would this car be more/less interesting if it was finished? I'm kind of at a loss as to how to sell a car like this. Any info you'd care to pass along would be appreciated. Thanks! Location: Bellingham, Washington State, US Contact Information: Judy Frith, jfrithx4@hotmail.com cadillac2_201302051533.pdf
  11. Can anyone advise me on the complexities of a 1941 Cadilac 63 series four door hard top? Like does it have any quirks? Are there any maintenance issues? Parts issues? Will it be a big head ache or a nice dependable cuiser? I haven't bought it yet but it's all original and runs good. I don't want to get in over my head since I'm new to this . Thanks a lot.
  12. 1941 hudson owners manual for sale, good condition, 77 pages, great for hudson owner or memorbilia collector. $35 plus $3.50 mailing in USA International, a little more. 336-765-8312 Winston Salem, NCarolina picture attached
  13. Guest

    1941 Buick Ambulance

    Looking to sell my 1941 Buick ambulance. In OK condition, needs restoration. I have pictures, send me an e-mail and I will send you pictures. mcowan1219@gmail.com You can also call me at (909) 730-9515 Miles
  14. I am lookng to sell my 1941 Buick ambulance. I am moving and I need to sell it. I am located in Southern California in Upland. I would like to sell it for $3500 but I will listen to any offer. Email me at mcowan1219@gmail.com for photos. or Call me at (909) 730-9515 Miles
  15. Hello everybody! I'm new at the forums, but I hope we can solve a question regarding another Pontiac. Below is the photo of a friend's car data plate. Can anyone help us to decode it? I'm finding it rather unusual. The numbers are manually engraved on the plate... Also, the color and trim code does not match any data plate I've seen on the internet. Please, could anyone help us? We are trying to restore it according to the plate. By the way, this car is in Brazil, and has a 6 cyl. If needed, I can provide the engine block number, which (correct me if I'm wrong) I have read somewhere is also the serial number of the car. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  16. FOR SALE: A GORGEOUS 1941 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL CABRIOLET CONVERTIBLE. THIS CAR IS PART OF MY LATE DAD'S VAST COLLECTION OF ANTIQUE COLLECTOR CARS. THIS CAR WAS ONE OF HIS FAVORITES, AND HE SEARCHED FOR QUITE SOME TIME TO FIND IT. THE CAR IS COMPLETELY RESTORED INSIDE AND OUT AND IS IN BEAUTIFUL CONDITION INSIDE AND OUT. THE CAR IS BURGANDY WITH A CREAM CONVERTIBLE TOP. THE SEATS ARE BEAUTIFUL RED/BURGANDY LEATHER. IT PURRS LIKE A KITTEN WHEN STARTED. THERE WERE ONLY 400 OF THESE CABRIOLETS MADE, MAKING THIS CAR VERY RARE INDEED!! WE ARE SELLING THIS CAR FOR $60,000. HOPEFULLY, THIS AD WILL REACH ANOTHER COLLECTOR WHO HAS BEEN LOOKING FOR ONE OF THESE CARS AS HARD AS MY FATHER WAS. WE WOULD LOVE TO PASS IT ON TO SOMEONE ELSE WHO WOULD CHERISH IT AS MUCH AS MY DAD DID!! THE CAR IS LOCATED IN NORTH TEXAS. HISTORY OF THE CABRIOLET: "When Ford Motor Company President Edsel Ford returned from a European vacation in September 1938, he asked designer E. T. 'Bob' Gregorie for a special car that would be 'strictly continental.' Clean uncluttered lines, elegant styling and a nod to art deco were the result. First seen in the Palm Beach, Florida area in 1934, Edsel soon had orders for 200 'just like his.' Initially available only as a cabriolet, the coupe appeared in May 1940. Production in 1941 was 850 coupes and 400 cabriolets." Contact: Sherry (830) 456-5141 sherryg@ktc.com
  17. Does anyone know how to find out if a 1941 Buick staff car painted in Army scheme was in fact used in the Army? Thank you
  18. For parts, MUST take whole car, NO engine or tran. 1941 Buick Special FREE Cranston, RI girlwonder24_7@hotmail.com
  19. Hi I have a 1941 Buick Special 8. It has a 248 inline 8. I just got my radiator back and have been trying to get the car running. We were trying to figure out the timing but I don't understand how to do this with out the "degree scale" on later cars (excuse my lack of proper terminology). There is a mark or indentation on the flywheel but nothing to measure it against. As well I have been unable to find what the timing should be set to. All I can seam to find is "BTDC or as marked) I'm not fully sure I understand this. What mark are they referring to and what does it line up with? The last thing we were having trouble was the dwell. I found something that I think was saying between 21 an 30. I not fully confident it that value though. Thanks for all your help guys Ed ** I have moved this post to the prewar section and can't figure out how to delete this if you are interested here is the link ** http://forums.aaca.org/f165/1941-tming-adjustments-265449.html#post668157 sorry for any confusion
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