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  1. This is some of what I have available. I would like to sell them individually rather than by the lot. I have four more box's of things like this. Also have a few engine parts like fuel pumps (3) hub caps (12) radio dash plate and many other things... Looking to get the best price for them and have done some research on what is out there. Not much of what I have is available on line so far... make me a reasonable offer.
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum and really quite new to the classic car world but I've been looking at a 1939 Chevy 4 door sedan with 60-61 thousand miles on it. It's had 3 owners total and almost all the parts on it are original including the tires. The engine itself will crank but it needs to be re-timed. The interior is in great shape. Some rust from age and the outside does have quite a few smaller rust spots as well. There are some minor dents to the body but no considerable damage. As of two years ago it was street drive-able but the owner is older and hasn't had it our of the garage since then. I dug around online for how much I should about buying it for but did not have a lot of luck. Is there anyone here who could give me a rough ballpark range I should about purchasing this for? I do have some pictures but I need to resize them down a bit and remove plate information before uploading them. Thanks for your time, -Steve
  3. Its now 4 sale. Here r better photos. Its located near Boston Ma. till Memorial Day Friday, then to a engine show in Benardston Ma. Saturday afternoon I travel to NW Indiana. Its got white paint on it peeling off fast. PM me or call 508 333 9336 4 more info and photos.
  4. For Sale..Very complete 1939 Ford pickup..Ready for a resto,maybe change it to a street rod or drive as is with all its patina..Perfect for using as a parts chaser,business vehicle,every day driver or add to your collection..All original except for bed which fits very,very well.Extremely straight and nearly 100% original.Grille is near perfect with all trim.Cab floor and under seat floor is flawless.Missing hood side badges and part of the hood handle trim.I have the hood handle mechanism.5 artillery wheels.Front and rear bumpers with gaurds.Running 1952 Merc flathead engine all complete with good exhaust system.NEW: 6V battery,4 row radiator and all hoses,master cylinder,all wheel cylinders and hose,fuel pump and hoses,both fan belts,four 215/70/16 tires and stems.This is the year Ford had synchro transmissions and Juice brake system.All wiring is complete and factory wrapped. Critters have not gotten to any of it so it is very useable as is..The seat has good upholstery.Doors shut good and tight.All original interior/exterior handles and metal interior door panels.Windshield cranks open.Original ignition key for ignition switch and locks doors also.Headlights work from switch in center of steering wheel.Horn works too.Rear end equipped with overload factory spings.Equipped with on column turn signal switch. All instruments still in place and functioning..Has 4 non matching hub caps and 3 beauty rings.Rear window glass is good as is glass in doors but windshield is smokey...Delivery possible in SoCal and Los Angels area.Will entertain cash offers..Have a old registration card.No papers at this time. No trades or persons wishing to help me sell.Have more pix..Price $8900Also have a running 1936 sedan,two 1956 Ford pickups SBW & BBW,Daily Driver 1940 Ford pickup,Stunning original 1956 Ford COE........Jack......San Diego.......760)751-2946
  5. My grandfather and I bought a 1939 Chrysler Royal and its in need of a paint job. So, we've decided that we're going to paint it, but I was curious, did Chrysler ever paint a car two-tone? Here's how the car looks now.... We think the car has a good look with the black fenders and Maroon hood. But I like a car to be all original and thus the question of two-tone paint. On another note, did '39 Chrysler Royals ever come with Fender Skirts and exterior sun visor? Thanks. Vintagecarguy
  6. Have nice original Nebraska title for 1939 Ford 2dr, issued mid-1950's, price $250 ppd. Also have other 1930's and 1940's titles available, nice original Nebraska titles from the 1950's. Also have other makes available and some truck, inquire for availability.
  7. Have nice original Nebraska title for 1940 Studebaker pick-up, issued mid-1950's, price $250 ppd. Also have other 1930's and 1940's titles available, nice original Nebraska titles from the 1950's. Also have other makes available and some truck, inquire for availability.
  8. Hello everyone. I work for Quality motors in Livingston, Tennessee. We have for sale a complete set of 4 OEM 1939 Buick wheels. Here is a link to the ad for them we have posted on a local classified ad site: http://www.golsn.com/listings/automotive/parts-accessories/3727920.html Click the link above for more details, pictures, and contact info. Thanks! Jack
  9. Guest

    Interior Questions...

    Well I am to the point of thinking seriously about the interior of my car (1939 sedan currently stripped) and want to know what others have done. The car is dark maroon and I am thinking of a buttery color to the interior. I have all the original (well moth eaten) interior but I am not sure what would be best as far as seat coverings. Did the Zephyrs have optional leather seating areas or was that only a Continental option? Were there options for door panels or was wool it? I would like it to look "correct for the period" but I also want it comfortable and able to be driven and wool seating in the Deep South is simply not an option. What have others here done? Thanks! Joseph
  10. hey everyone i am planning on restoring some classic vehicles. Right now im looking at a 1939 dodge sedan and a 1957 chevy bel air. there are times where I think i was born in the wrong era haha. I'm not looking at making them rat rods just going all original as I can. I have never done anything like this before so any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated! I'm going to see them again today and take some pictures and tryu and post them up. thanks!
  11. Have nice original Nebraska title for 1939 Chev pick-up, issued mid-1950's, price $250 ppd. Also have other 1930's and 1940's titles available, nice original Nebraska titles from the 1950's. Also have other makes available and some truck, inquire for availability.
  12. I need the passenger side wiper transmission for my 1939 Century and the linkages that drive both wipers. Any idea's?? Brad30
  13. I Purchased a 1939 Century a few years back. The car was severely modified by previous owners who neglected several things. The wipers are not functional. A previous owner had tried to convert the wipers to 12 volt. I need the passenger side wiper transmission and the linkages that operate the wipers. An after market 12 Volt motor is available, but first I need these parts. Can anyone help or advise me? Brad30
  14. Rare Model 39-6019S-A (only 225 made with sunroof), equipped with dual side mounts. Improvements: AC,alarm,all new wood & leather interior,electric windows,cd-tape player,12 Volt System. Chauffeur driven & maintained for last 20 years! Always Garaged. Early 1990's V8 engine (26,000 Miles), automatic Shift. Very good overall condition: mechanically, nice and shiny paint with very few scratches, very minimal undercarriage surface rust, very nice chromes, excellent interior. Might need 2 new tires, and battery. Call me at 1 718 450 0443 or email me at locomobilia@gmail.com to see more than 40 high-resolution pictures, or for questions, or to schedule a viewing in New York City (Upper East Side). 40 pictures at https://picasaweb.google.com/113562335437300439140/1939Cadillac?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCJa_mr3c_8nWnAE&feat=directlink $27,500 OBO
  15. Helping a friend try and locate some trim for his 1939 Dodge car. He is looking for the drivers (left) side hood trim # 795029 cowl chrome moulding right side #790194 cowl chrome moulding left side #790195 door lock Cylinder and keys #904093
  16. Looking for several trim pieces for a 39 Packard Super 8 Convertible. Need the 3 top latches for the convertible top. I have the pieces on the wooden bow, but not the 3 mates on the windshield. AlsoI need the trim molding that goes around the window. This is the decorative piece, not the glass channel. Also, there is a metal channel that attches to the top that the rubber molding fits inside. I have one set, but need another set. This may be the same as earlier or later cars. Lastly, does anyone have a picture of the proper inside door handles & escutcheons? Not sure what I need here. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  17. PARTS WANTED: I'm the owner of a restored 1939 Studebaker President Hearse in Brisbane Australia. I am chasing mouldings to finish her the vehicle off: 1/ Drivers/passenger stainless strips that run horizonally along side of door 2/ The same short Cowl stainless dress strips (left and right hand sides) 3/ Die cast hood/bonnet mouldings (left and rights hand sides) 4/ Dashboard chrome "[" -shaped stainless dress strip Any condition suitable for re-chroming. Any assistance/ leads would be much appreciated. JACK SIM, Owner, Brisbane Ghost Tours - www.brisbaneghosttours.com.au
  18. I am looking for a 1939 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe Street Rod. The car must be an automatic and in really good condition. The price depends on the condition of the car, extras and so on but the budget is around $20,000. Message me here or at Parts Trader Car Antique Vintage Collectible
  19. Hi, does anyone know the difference between a 1939 Studebaker President brake drum, and a 1940 Studebaker President brake drum? They have different part numbers, but I was wondering if a 1940 drum could be made to fit a 1939?
  20. Does anyone know where I could find NOS brake drums for a 39 studebaker president? 4C, 5C 1938, 1939. Thanks James
  21. Very nice car with 58,000 original miles. Price is $155,000. For complete details and additional photos, go to www.oldcars.fotki.com Worldwide delivery is available.
  22. I have restored a 1939 Chrysler Royal Coupe with the original Borg warner O/D. I hooked up the shifter and was able to go through all gears and reverse. The shifter Cable is moving fine. I can see it is compressded and tha it returns when the shifter is taken out of the pulled back position. I have had the O/D cable out (Disengauged) the entire time. Suddenly yesterday I can not get the car in reverse or second. Could the linkage messed up "unadjusted" How do I diagnose this issue? Second question... I filled the O/D with Gear oil. it has been in there a while 6-12 months. I have since found out that there is special oil for the Borg Warner O/D. After I drain the O/D how do I flush it? or should I just drain what I can of the Gear oil and pour in the right O/D oil? Third Question.. In all the articles I read about a cut in govener. I do not have one of these nor is there a place on the O/D unit that is open that looks like I need one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi! My husband and I are the proud new owners of a 1939 Buick Special and have been spending a lot of time looking at this forum. So many great tips and stories! We are new to restoration, but not new to cars in general. We'd thought we'd add a link to our blog in case there's any interest. We'd love to hear from you! 1939 Buick Special Restoration Eric and Elizabeth
  24. need front and rear 39 chevy pickup truck fenders, all steel. thankyou. Jerry 336-765-8312
  25. Apparently before it was re-finished in black, the Y-Job was painted a metallic gray with a rumored blue leather interior. I found a photograph (of a photograph) showing the car with it's original finish. Anyone have other images? Thanks.
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