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Found 82 results

  1. 1993 Buick LeSabre Custom 90th Anniversary Edition It was well maintained and we have a 2 inch thick folder full of receipts to prove it. The body is straight with no dents. All glass is intact. All lenses and lights are intact. AM/FM Cassette stereo sounds AWESOME! Interior is beautiful with only a few minor blemishes. New motor mounts, wheel bearings, struts. There are recently replaced parts in the motor. New water pump, alternator, mass air flow sensors just to name a few. This car is the most comfortable car we've ever driven. If you have an early 90s GM with a 3800 V6 that is looking a little tired, drop that motor into this baby to cruise in style. If you're doubtful, just take a look at the pictures below or head on over to the photobucket link to see higher resolution images. Stock Aluminum Alloy Wheels This car still runs and drives but has what we were told is a blown motor (bottom end). Silverdale Transmissions says the transmission is in good shape. It's very noisy at certain RPMs and may be drivable for 5 or 500 miles. We don't know and would recommend that you tow it. We're asking $1200 but are accepting all offers. Seriously, though, the parts and metal value alone are worth quite a bit so please don't call with a junkyard offer. LeSabre pictures by xfdrak - Photobucket LOCATION: Silverdale, Washington Call us at 3 SIX ZERO 830 SIX 295 (this was done to avoid telemarketer site scrapers) Keywords: 1993 Caprice Riviera Park Avenue 3800 V6 Delta Ninety-Eight
  2. Hey all! I'm restoring a 1969 Riviera and was wondering if anyone knows where to get parts for it? Also, my engine would crank and turnover but will not start, what might be the problem? I took apart the carburetor and rebuilt it, and gas is going through the gas pump but somehow it will not go into the carb. Any ideas? Thanks! Oh, and what kind of tires did these cars use? tia! Ed
  3. Hey all! I have a 1969 Buick Riviera project that needs parts at the right price, so if you have extras that you don't need, let me know! Need: hood driver's side door front chrome bumper seats Thanks!
  4. Solid car that runs well. Many photos of the car here. Current ebay auction includes a couple videos and more information. Buick : Riviera Buick : Riviera | eBay Thanks for looking!
  5. Hello All, I have recently purchased one of my dream cars (63 Riv) and I am excited to start over hauling this car and getting back into shape. I am going the Hot Rod style for this car. I am new to all of this and would appreciate any advise and help I receive. The body if the car is in great shape, and I have done some work on the engine to get it in driving condition. The interior needs some work, but that is not stopping me from cruising. The next project on this car will be wheels. I am interested in the KMC NOVA chrome rims(20s). I am trying to do some research but only coming up with the offset and lug patterns for 64' and later. Does anyone know if these rims will fit or can you provide the lug pattern and offset for this car. I also am not sure if I would need spacers or anything. I will eventually convert the drum brakes to discs brakes and i will have air ride suspension. Not sure if this will affect anything later on. Sorry for the length of this post and again I appreciate all feedback.
  6. This is NOT a link to someone else's part, this is ..... My Personal Listing The auction ends Thursday the 19th at 10 PM EST. (1) GM NOS left hand (drivers side) outer door handle. Part number on the handle is 9834745. I believe this part number must have been superseded by part number 9835145, as that is what is what is on the label on the box. This handle also fits : 1971 - 1978 Oldsmobile Toronado. This is a brand new NOS part that has NEVER been mounted on car. It still has a protective layer of plastic on the backside surface. You will also see there is a new gasket included as well. Functions as new. In the interest of full disclosure ... I wouldn't say it is 100% flawless upon close inspection. However, the imperfections in it are very MINOR in nature. Being that they are very minor ... they are very difficult to photograph. In the last of the (3) pics ..... I drew a green oval around the worst of these imperfections. Again, they are very minor so they are tough to see. Note : In some of the pics that show the "pivot" area of the handle ... There is what might look like rust deep down in the crevices. I can assure you that it is definitely NOT rust. That is actually a reddish-brown grease you are seeing. Pics :
  7. Hello I am in need of a 53' Buick windsheild, preferably nos. I am also in need of the trim and sealing. If anyone has one or can provide me with a lead it would be much appreciated. Thank you
  8. Hi, I recently purchased a 79 Riviera S-Type with a 3.8 turbo. There is a exhaust leak from the exhaust pipe that connects to the bottom of the turbocharger. I went to a muffler shop and they wouldn't touch it. It's extremely hard to reach from the bottom; you can barely see it, less get to it. Today I went to a Buick dealership and they don't want to work on exhaust issues. Any ideas on how I can proceed? Has anyone else had this problem? What will it take to get to this problem and fix it? Thanks, Mike :confused:
  9. FOR SALE Buick 401 Long block. Recent rebuild (30 over) by Jacobs Engineering(San Diego) Turbo Hydro 400 Transmission included. From a 1965 Riviera. Yes, it was balanced and blueprinted too. Motor includes: Carter AFB Carb, Original factory headers, double roller timing chain, distributor, starter, alternator, all brackets, pulleys and belts. The works! Perfect working order and compression. This set up is ready to plug in and go. Rebuild cost me over $3k. Complete engine and transmission ready for your car. $1800 or best reasonable offer. I am located in Southern California, Call me for pic's, block # and all details. No disapointments! Alex PH # (831) 325 - 1594
  10. Hi I have just found my 73 Riviera and am in need of a few things! First if anyone has the front passenger side signal lamp lens i could sure use one. Thx Dick Schaefer.
  11. Looking to get floor mats for my '63, which has the standard blue vinyl interior. Ebay doesn't seem to yield much in the way of results, and I saw the reference to Legendary Auto Interiors, but I think I'd prefer something to match the blue. Have found three possible sources, and I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with these (or have another suggestion). Thanks in advance... 1963-1976 Riviera Floor Mats, Carpet Matched - Protect your carpet with these color matc | Interior Soft Trim | Auto Truck Trim Supply Buick Riviera Floor Mats, Set of 2 - 1963, 1964, 1965
  12. 64 Riviera Nailhead Parts Car Made a couch ......... ?????? Save it guys !
  13. Accessories and Customizations Air conditioning AM/FM radio Bucket seats Cassette CD Player Cruise control Power brakes Power locks Power seats Power steering Power windows Tilt wheel <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=3 cellPadding=3 width=706><TBODY><TR><TD class=paragraph bgColor=#000000 height=35 vAlign=center colSpan=4 align=middle>VEHICLE SPECS </TD></TR><TR><TD class=paragraph bgColor=#a0a0a4 height=132 vAlign=center width=154 align=middle>Engine <HR>Odometer Reading <HR>Exterior Color</TD><TD class=paragraph vAlign=center width=168 align=middle>V8 <HR>24,464 <HR>White</TD><TD class=paragraph bgColor=#a0a0a4 vAlign=center width=141 align=middle>Transmission <HR>Body Style <HR>Interior Color</TD><TD class=paragraph height=132 vAlign=center align=middle>Automatic <HR>Convertible <HR>Burgundy</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> Asking: $10,800 neog Please contact us at 631-224-7000 or
  14. I want to buy a restored 1965 Buick Riviera or one in excellent condition. Contact Doug Durkee at 513-259-3171. Open to color and options.
  15. Hi. Can anyone help with any history for my '63 please? She was imported to the UK from Texas in 2007. The title papers showed last owner was a Mr Conley in Corpus Christi. US tag number was FYW 94T. Chassis number is 7J1070513. Body is FB24661 build week 03B (March 63?) in Flint. Original colour was Desert sand. I'd be interested in any info if anyone knew the car whilst still in the States. If Jim's still collating data, she has deluxe interior, AC, remote mirror, cornering lights, spare wheel on trunk floor, power aerial, vacuum trunk release, tinted glass. Also, paint appears to be pearlescent. I'm guessing that Arctic White was a flat finish? Many thanks. Dave.
  16. Hi. Following on from another thread re leaking rear screens, can anyone give a good step by step guide on how to take off the exterior stainless trim mouldings please? I've looked it up in the book but must be having another(!) off day, as I don't understand it and obviously I want to avoid damaging the trim. I can't find any threads giving details either. Do the mouldings just 'pop' off? The book seems to say to start in the middle of one of the runs. How do you actually get under it? Help!
  17. I'm going to be looking for some spoke wheels in the near future to fit a '64 / '65 Riv. I've seen pictures of these on the early Rivs and I really like the look. Where is the best place to look for these? Thanks, -BEPNewt
  18. Hi all, chasing 2 front floor mounted seat belt covers. Does anyone have a set to sell or know where I can find some? thanks.
  19. Hello, Are any of you guys from the St. Louis area familiar with this particular '64 that's on eBay and know anything about it past what is listed in the auction? Buick : Riviera - eBay (item 180613702479 end time Jan-24-11 08:30:28 PST) -BEPNewt
  20. Hi all. I'm going to be doing some minor paintwork repairs which will entail removing some of the chrome trim eg the false vent trim. I'd really appreciate any tips on doing this with minimal risk of damage to the various trims. I've ordered new clips etc so no prob if they get damaged. Many thanks!
  21. ! TEXt 1217-220-7645 or call after 9:pm Quistions more pics , Car never been touched , all power, ROA member , Never been out in rain or snow kept in side always !!! Exept for driving . asking $8,500.00 or best offer Thank You Tom E-mail is
  22. FS: CRT Touch screen removed from a 1986 Buick Rivera - I believe it also fits a 1988-1989 Reatta. Monitor is in average condition but is fully functional. The trim piece that surrounds the unit is also included. Serial #: V134SE2 I just stumbled upon this board, so obviously I don't have a track record/rep here. However, I have been a member on multiple other automotive forums and can provide references if requested..... Additionally, this unit is for sale on ebay if a buyer feels more comfortable going that route. Asking $100 shipped. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  23. FS: CRT Touch screen removed from a 1986 Buick Rivera - I believe it also fits a 1988-1989 Reatta. Monitor is in average condition but is fully functional. The trim piece that surrounds the unit is also included. Serial #: V134SE2 I just stumbled upon this board, so obviously I don't have a track record/rep here. However, I have been a member on multiple other automotive forums and can provide references if requested..... Additionally, this unit is for sale on ebay if a buyer feels more comfortable going that route. Asking $100 shipped. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  24. Hello everyone, Your help is much needed! My father and I are in the process of taking apart a '63. We're at the point of removing the body from the frame, and our original owners manuals aren't providing too much assistance. My first inquiry is about where all the frame bolts are located. We have two in the front behind the first set of wheels, and the same in the back behind the second set of wheels. Surely there are more bolts securing the body to the frame? My second question would be in regards to the windshield wiper removal. We have the assembly loose inside the body in front of the windshield, but we haven't been able to figure out how to take the actual wiper off to allow the internal parts to become free. There is a clip that seems like it's holding the wiper onto the metal assembly rods, but pressing it and pulling/prying etc. has led to nothing. We don't want to damage anything, and again the book isn't providing any help.. Any knowledge out there? Looking forward to hearing replies, and thanks for your time! We hope to get this thing moving soon enough.
  25. just got it a few days ago it does run but will overheat due to some problems.. but im wanting to know should i rebuild the 455 or put 454 or original back in. and the tranny is a 2 speed