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Found 90 results

  1. We will be auctioning a collection of Model A's, parts, and much more on March 24 2012 at the Western NC Agricultural Center in Fletcher, NC. This auction includes the following: 1928 Roadster, 1929 Roadster, 1929 Sport Coupe, 1930 Speedster, 1931 Roadster, 1929 Phaeton, 1931 Roadster Race Car, (3) engines at various stages of rebuild, multiple transmissions, (2) Complete sets of spoke wheels, vintage license plates, and a variety of other parts. There are also 2 open trailers that were used to transport the vehicles. This auction will take place at noon. It will be both live and on the internet. Absentee and phone bidding will be accepted. Please view the website for pictures Email request for pics and details (from appraisal) to
  2. I have a large collection of parts from a 1955 Buick Century Estate Wagon that came from a parts car. Includes 4 doors, rear window, two sets of interior trim, air cleaner, spark plug wire covers, dashboard, Dynaflow transmission, rear end, gauges, and many more small parts. It would take two 1/2 ton trucks to carry it all away. I would prefer to sell all the parts to one good home, but if there is something specific you need we can negociate a good price.
  3. I have alot of Parts for sale for this Vehicle I am wanting to send them to a good home. I have a 216 Engine for sale dont know if it runs. Previous owner used to drive it on weekends had a wiring fire so I could not attempt to start it. I took valve cover off and pushrod cover and there is no damage scoped the cylinders and no damage is present it spins over nicely and the oil looks good. I also want to sell the 3 Speed on the Tree and the Steering column and comes with all the linkage associated with it along with all the clutch linkage Would also like to Sell the 6 bolt rims that are on the Vehicle atm they are rally style Great shape with Crome beauty rings and Spinners. Driveline, Rearend, Rear Suspension, Mastercylinder, Bumpers (New Crome), 4 Bumperettes 2 Brand new and 2 new Chrome, and alot of other Misc parts PM me for details and prices. If you want a picture of a specific part let me know and I will take a pic for you. Prices are all negotiable Send me a PM if interested I will send you my phone number and contact info Parts are in Blairsville PA atm zipcode is 15717 you pay to ship
  4. We're up to almost 600 NOS Buick parts! Offered by retired Buick Dealer, most in original package. Additional Parts Added Weekly! For a complete list go to
  5. For Sale: Right front fender for a 1940 Buick 80 or 90 series WITH SIDE MOUNT SPARE, New-Old-Stock! Hard to find used let alone NOS! $1,000. 500+ NOS Buick parts at More pictures here:
  6. 500+ NOS Buick parts offered by retired Buick Dealer, most in original package. Additional Parts Added Weekly! For a complete list go to
  7. 500+ NOS Buick parts offered by retired Buick Dealer, most in original package. Additional Parts Added Weekly! For a complete list go to
  8. 500+ NOS Buick parts offered by retired Buick Dealer, most in original package. Additional Parts Added Weekly! For a complete list go to<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  9. I have a 1990 buick reatta for sale, its a wonderful car i just cant afford to fix it at this point. The engine and trans is in perfect running condition the issue is with the abs system. I drove the car the other day and start the car daily, the brakes work a very little not enough for me. The car was taking to the shop for a brake change which the mechanic did change, jus for him to tell me he think its the abs system, theres also a new battery. The car is a wonderful car and would be a wonderful daily driver or if u already own a reatta a excellent parts car. The only issues with the car is there is a little rust along the rear tire on the drivers side, one head light sometimes has issues coming up the othe has issues going down and the dash goes out sometimes (but that has been a issue for the reatta since it rolled off the line) and a crack in the windshield. I want $800 for it but am willing to negotiate. IF interested call Dee at (734)497-2124 pics on profile<!-- START CLTAGS -->
  10. Thank you for all your help. Just need a couple more pieces for my 1953 Buick Super. '53 Roadmaster pieces should also be fine. Heres the short list of what I'm on the hunt for. Please PM me if you happen to have any spares. Thanks. 1953 Buick Super [needs - short list] driver side grille extension that slightly wraps the fender. rear left bumper guard (has the light bezel) also on a '52? v8 hood ornament (or just the spear) radio face bezel, buttons and vol/tune knobs # # #
  11. I am a NOOB. I'm doing some research for my mom. She has heard that there is a machine shop near/in Philadelphia, PA that makes parts for Maxwells. I've tried the old Google but am not getting good results. I'm wondering if someone here knows the shop name/location. Reputation? Thank you. I will sit back, be quiet, and try to learn. MJB
  12. I have almost any trim you may need for a wildcat also have a set of power bucket seats rear glass a set of manual doors with glass trunk lid and hood grill headlight bezels console and more call 423 2086202
  13. I recently acquired the original wood models for the casting of a 1904 Brennan motor, as well as other years. These were found in a basement on Long Island , the owner of which lived in Syracuse in the 1950’s and has had them in boxes ever since. Some in excellent condition others show some problems, all of them obviously used at the factory. These were used to do sand casting of parts. Included are original part molds for exhaust, cams, piston housings, fly wheels, etc. I also have a cast oil pan in new never used condition. I was wondering what to do with these items and if anybody would know, or have interest. There must be 200 parts, have not inventoried yet. Thank you for any help with this project.
  14. I have good selection of Hudson Hornet trim parts and some other parts including Trunk lid... let me know if you are looking for parts for this car
  15. 64 Riviera Nailhead Parts Car Made a couch ......... ?????? Save it guys !
  16. LenaRose


    Hey guys, longtime no posting, hah life kinda hit me hard, but i'm back! Anywho! I need a ton of little and big parts as i am sure we all do! However if you guys know any good resources that would be absolutely just grand. Big ones that i can think of right now is Taillight assembly, and Everything having to do with ABS (since my brakes are going down hill a little faster then i can handle.) <3 Lena Owen
  17. Hello! I became a member of this club when web pages did not exist. 1989 I think. I have been out of circulation as far as the club is concerned for a number of years. My car has been in storage for at least ten years. I bought it at the reno swap meet in 1988. It had come from chicago via California. the car was sold to the previous owner through Hemmings. He had it in storage for several years without attempting restoration. the Original owner had done some restoration on the engine before passing away. family sold the car the the fellow I bought it from. I spent about a year working on the car. the steel body parts were dipped to remove rust then resatored to original specs without bondo. the aluminum body was in great shape but some of teh wood had to be replaced. engine, transmission and rear end have been gone through. I also got the knee action shocks working. the car came with original radio under the front seat but is missing the dash control. Dual side mounts with chrome covers and mirrors make for an impressive appearance. i found four like new Lincoln brand wide whiteall tires for it and an additional tail light setup. Much if the small part rechroming has been done but lacks rechroming of bumpers, grill and shell, greyhound emblem very nice but nees rechroming. I have samples from england of the correct mohair interior and all of the prieces needed to make templates for restoration. I restored the interior wood trim. the steering wheel is very nice. i replaced the divider glass and teh winshield class when the top wood was replaced. the original clock below the divider window in back still works good. the is a mother-in law jumpseat in back and silk shades with bud vases as well. A single 45 caliber bullet hole through the ID tag is testimate to the history of the car. A sticker was in the original winshield dated 1930 (Chicago country Club). I restored an original set of 1929 license plates for the car. I have a California Title for the car. there are many extra engine parts, extra transmission and rear gear set. other misc. parts also go with the car. I have invested $20,000 (1989) dollars and one year of my time in restoration. the car is stored in an enclosed 28 foot trailer and has a 1980 ford one ton pull vehicle. I would like to sell all of this as a package for $25,000 (2011) dollars. the current dollars are worth a lot less than the 1989 dollars and my time is worth double that but i will pass this classic to an interested person in hopes of seeing it restored. contact me at
  18. I posted this on the general Buick thread but thought I'd add it here too. My family is selling parts to two 1918 Buicks that my dad had. He had hoped to restore one complete car from the parts. There's a lot there and we don't know how to appraise it or even go about selling it. We also have parts and an engine, I believe from a 1924 Model T. Please respond if interested. I will take some pictures and can email them Tuesday evening. Thank you. We also have a Quick-Way valve grinder in near new condition as well. I will answer all questions as best I can. Thank you.
  19. howdy all, i'm parting out some redundant parts from my '53 resto. I'm slowly going through the stuff I need, would like to keep as an extra part, and the things I don't need. So far, I've got: -Sonomatic radio. 12 volt. I'm not sure if it works. -Dash (no gauges, just the frame) Light surface rust, no rust-through. -Gas tank. I'm honestly not sure this can be salvaged but thought I would see before I sent it to the metal scrapyard. It had a dime size hole punched in it by a fellow at a radiator shop to "drain" it. then they attempted to patch the hole. I used Eastwood's gas tank restorer and Tank Tone but it was done poorly and rust is seeping through and I hear flakes inside. (see photos) here are some photos: Make me an offer on any of this stuff, I just need the extra space and could use a little extra money. I'll be posting more as I move forward with the restoration... Thanks!
  20. Recognize any of these parts? From an enormous collection of auto parts in Skagway, Alaska. I hope to sort these in July.
  21. I have a question. I'm going to start my resto project for Buick Grand National 87. What parts source you would recommend ? I mean, I don't want to buy a crap, but in the same time, this is not going to be hi performance car. I need something that is not the cheapest, and not hi-tech. Something in-between. In the middle. Like good price2quality ratio. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  22. 1937 Terraplane Hudson Hubcap (1) - very nice shape - one scratch - most red lettering intact $75.00 USD
  23. I've already put this in the for sale section but, just in case it isn't checked by everyone, figured it is a good idea to put here as well: I recently bought a very decent 64 Rambler that came with a parts car that I'm slowly stripping. ( There's no way my wife will let me hold on to the driver and this parts car so it is bound to be junked, unless someone wants the hulk. Until that happens, does anyone here need any parts off this thing? I'm in SW Connecticut. Rem
  24. 56 plymouth NOS temp gage $15, #1622135 55 plymouth temp gage, NOS $15 55-56 plymouth parking lamp metal frame, NOS, $15 55 plymouth oil gage nOS 1622134 $15 55-56 plymouth "PLAZA" script, NOS, $40 have used 55 plymouth owners manual $15, used 56 plymouth hood ornament $20 336-765-8312, winston salem, North carolina. email: also have used 1956 body trim parts, etc. interior, exterior, email your needs.
  25. looking for floor boards, do the dodge/chrysler rear floor boards interchange? Looking for new emblem clips for side moulding on door. looking for visors over headlights, possibly over windshield. needing running boards. and rear seat spring. is there a company that specializes in these desotos? Thank you for your time