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  1. If you are restoring a 1928 to 1933 Cadillac or Lasalle do we have the parts for you. Go to peterksanders.com to look at our catalogue and contact us if you have any questions!
  2. If you are restoring a 1928 to 1933 Cadillac or Lasalle do we have the parts for you. Go to peterksanders.com to look at our catalogue and contact us if you have any questions!
  3. If you are restoring a 1928 to 1933 Cadillac or Lasalle do we have the parts for you. Go to peterksanders.com to look at our catalogue and contact us if you have any questions!
  4. I have some random parts left over from when we had a Porsche. if anyone knows the exact years that would be nice (i think 1974 to 1976). If anyone needs anything we mostly wont to just get rid of them (so we will sell for cheap) but need some money for paint (for our 1924 dodge) so just make an offer if your interested in anything. location is Utah. You can post below or email me at Daviondude@yahoo.com
  5. Just let me know what parts you need, this was my fathers car, he has no interest in fixing it anymore, it sat at his place for awhile before i brought it back to life, Currently i have no room to keep or work on it, i have to get rid of it, I have slowly taken parts off, If you need anything before this beast goes to the scrappers, let me know. Just email me with what you need, most offers I probably wont refuse because I know how hard it is to get parts. worst case senario i will have a pile of parts, and I will just scrap the frame and what not. this car was a non smoker one owner till my father got it, then my father had smoked a few cigars in it.` who can blame it right` i believe its one of the first 500 made. here is my email, quinntinwl@hotmail.com Im located in Guelph Ontario
  6. HUGE Skylark, GS, & Riviera Parts Colletion- Garage Sale/Moving Sale (1965 era) Wenonah, New Jersey With the recent passing of a Buick & Skylark collector our family is looking to move a HUGE collection of parts that were in his 4 bay garage. New, refurbished and used parts all over, but very organized and well stored. He had 2 '65 Skylark Show cars convertible and GS, which most of the parts are either from or for... but I'm sure many parts can be used in other years/models. We will be at the garage this Saturday (4/13) and will be there for most of the day. Located in Wenonah, Southern New Jersey. Very quick trip from PA & DE. We are opening the doors to all who are looking to stop by and get first dibs on EVERYTHING before it goes up. Priced to move since there is so much and we are looking to sell it all off. Are you doing a restoration? Vintage Restoration Shop? Swap Meet vendor? COME MAKE AN OFFER ON EVERYTHING OR LARGE BUNDLES! No REASONABLE offers refused! We are not looking to make a killing, just looking to move it all quickly. Definitely a money making opportunity for those in the biz. I WONT HAVE PHOTOS UNTIL SAT... so don't ask, sorry. But here is a general list of parts I know are there... *** Body Parts (large and small), Wheels (new & used), motor & trans, Trim, bumpers, interior parts, gaskets, bushings, window glass, etc. - Restored & painted (black) ROLLING CHASSY w. all new bushings! - 69 Riviera hood & wheels (might be the only riviera specific parts) Many tools & equipment for sale as well. Blasting cabinet, large air compressor, table saw, engine lift, etc... *** I don't have much info until saturday, so please dont fill this thread with specific parts questions. This post is for those who are within traveling distance who would like to stop by on Saturday (4/13) to have a look and buy before we post spesifics for sale. BEST PRICES & selection that day! Bundle discounts! ***Email me for time and address.*** corradokid05@gmail.com After Saturday we will be posting all left over parts (if nobody comes and wipes us out)
  7. I have a 1966 Riviera GS and I'm trying to find some odd parts. I would like to find: -Interior Riviera emblem (wood trim on dash) -"A" from the hood Riviera -radiator -marker light housing (has the optional side markers) Please reply if you have any of these parts. Thanksg
  8. Currently looking for: Seats, front and rumble Radiator cap Rims Windshield Windshield Frame
  9. I live in Bremerton, Washington State and my Chrysler TC was hit from behind at a stop light. The accident was a rear-end collision so the trunk, rear lights, antenna motor, hatch motor, rear body panels and rear trim is pretty crumpled or not functioning. The car can not be driven. The engine compartment was unharmed. April 3rd, 2012 we replaced the ASB Break Booster Assembly (OEM# 0446401) for $2030. The engine still runs well though the car is not driveable because of the rear damage. Starter, pumps and engine are all functioning. The hard convertible top is also undamaged as well. All the glass in the windows and windshield are original and intact. All four window motors function. One hard top opera window is fogged from moisture intrusion and there is some sun spotting on the roof. The original radio still works. All the interior lights function. The mirrors are all intact. I am not a mechanic and the few parts I could take off would get me only about $1500. Right now it's under cover at my father's house, but it can't stay there forever. I am tired of scrap car companies offering to "help me out" by crushing my car into a cube. I am looking for someone with the skill and the space who can come out and give me an offer to take what is here and put the good pieces back to use.
  10. I have an assortment of '37 Buick parts that I would like to sell. Call me if you have any questions Thank you, Mitch 8055012791
  11. Parting out a solid CA always garaged 1937 LaSalle Series 50 4 door sedan. All 4 doors Trunk Window vents Interior door/window cranks Window frames with original great paint. Front and rear seats Rebuilt V8 Engine Oil filter Starter Coil Duel horns Transmission Suspension Radiator with 5 LaSalle Wheels (no caps or rings) Cadillac radio box Door sills Front and back seat Bumpers, running boards, dash, exterior trim/chrome, steering wheel, column, fenders, hood or cowl not for sale. Please contact John with a list of what you need. Thanks!
  12. Can anyone advise me on the complexities of a 1941 Cadilac 63 series four door hard top? Like does it have any quirks? Are there any maintenance issues? Parts issues? Will it be a big head ache or a nice dependable cuiser? I haven't bought it yet but it's all original and runs good. I don't want to get in over my head since I'm new to this . Thanks a lot.
  13. I have some original parts from a 1935 chevy 5 window coupe that we did a street rod project on that I am wanting to sell, but I have no idea what they are worth. Also have some 1974 Firebird H/O 455 ram air parts I have: original front and rear bumper with guards re-chromed with mounts 4 red spoke wheels with tires and original hub caps original heater and radiator, both in good shape for their age. 4 snowflake (gold) wheels 455 heads with valves and springs a/c compressor does anyone know what these would be worth or where i could go to find out so i can sell them to someone who needs them for their project. Thanks for any advice or help.:confused:
  14. Looking for the lower center section of a grill and pot metal emblem that says "6" for a 1938 Pontiac. Also looking for trunk, rumble and outside door handles. Restoring a 1938 roadster, and could use these parts. Thank you, John
  15. Hey all! I have a 1969 Buick Riviera project that needs parts at the right price, so if you have extras that you don't need, let me know! Need: hood driver's side door front chrome bumper seats Thanks!
  16. Rarely these days do you run across excellent service. To do so is so surprising that I think it warrants recognition. I recently inquired on this forum regarding sourcing upper cone bearings and cups for my 1924 Lincoln Model L with a Timken front axle. A forum member was kind enough to direct me to OlCar Bearing Company, and instructed me to ask for "George". I called George and he told me that he was on the road, but would get back to me the following Sunday or Monday. George did the following: Returned his call as promised on the following Monday. Had a clear and immediate understanding of what I was looking for. Sourced the parts and shipped them to me within the same week. I wish every parts/service transaction went as smoothly. I would recommend Mr. George Bachleda as a knowledgeable and efficient vendor. A satisfied customer, Ian Evans 1924 Lincoln 134 Model L
  17. Hi, I am trying to locate a new fuel sending unit for a 1969 Delta 88 Custom. If I have to have a new gas tank to go along with it, I am willing to get it also. If it is in the Detroit area I am willing to go and pick it up. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  18. I'm assuming all of you have an antique or classic vehicle of some sort. There is a small company in Grand Rapids, MI that I've been dealing with a lot lately. The name is Northwestern Auto Supply. You can find them online at Northwestern Auto Supply, Antique Auto Parts, Old Car and Truck Parts For Sale, Engine Parts, Grand Rapids, Michigan They do ship world-wide and they have just about anything you can think of for vehicles, other than any body. They DO NOT deal with body stuff. They even have a complete machine shop where they do everything right there except for turn cranks. I was surprised to learn that they even do babbiting yet. If you're restoring a vehicle back to it's original glory, there's nobody else I would turn to. The employees are a wealth of knowledge, and learn as much as possible about your problem to be sure they don't sell you the wrong part. In short, these guys truly care about the customer. They don't want to see you buy the wrong part EVER. They take pride in what they do.
  19. I have a 1917 dodge brothers and just today i pulled out the starter button. Since it was sticking and getting a bit warm upon opening the casing to find out what i can only guess is a small coil in side the button it self is burnt. does anyone know where i can get a new coil for the button of maybe some one that has a nice working button they would like to sell? If you do you can reply in this post of email me at JQueen40@gmail.com Thank you Joey
  20. Various automotive parts for a 1948 Chrysler. Windows; Body Trim; Carpet; Box of Misc.Parts; Fender Skirts....more. Serious inquires only please.
  21. I need a good headliner (Tan would be great) or just the shell. My upholsterer crushed mine. Please contact me @ crtns4u@comcast.net or 215 896 3312.....Mort
  22. just came back from a quick run in the 1917 dodge, when i got home i noticed the headlight rim and glass were missing....i went out to look for it but it was too late....had been run over too many times.....does anyone know where i can get another set? the lense and rim.....thanks
  23. looking for a 36 olds grille in useable shape also any lights or sconsces for the hood.e-mail fattboy61@yahoo.com or507-438-3906 thanks, Mike
  24. We're up to almost 600 NOS Buick parts! Offered by retired Buick Dealer, most in original package. Additional Parts Added Weekly! For a complete list go to http://www.tothakron.com/OldBuickParts
  25. For Sale: Right front fender for a 1940 Buick 80 or 90 series WITH SIDE MOUNT SPARE, New-Old-Stock! Hard to find used let alone NOS! $1,000. 500+ NOS Buick parts at www.tothakron.com/OldBuickParts More pictures here: http://s1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa377/BuickDealerSince1936/
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