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Found 33 results

  1. $2000 127kmiles Been in family since new have too many projects. need to sell more pics available upon request.
  2. This immaculate classic wears beautiful blue metallic paint with a white convertible top, white interior, and chrome Buick Rallye wheels. This car is as good as it gets both inside, outside and under the hood. Convenience and comfort features include: power steering, power disc brakes, power windows, factory air conditioning , speed alert, remote drivers mirror and an am/fm cassette stereo. The Buick 350 4 BBL engine coupled to a smooth shifting 3 speed automatic transmission power this classic with ease, with power to spare. This particular 1972 Buick is very special due to the fact that it is a tribute to the 1972 Buick Centurion. This truly makes this LeSabre a very unique vehicle. This is a car you could enjoy driving to the beach with the top down as well as proudly displaying at any car show or cruise-nite. Don't miss the chance to own a true American classic. Asking: $16,000. Please contact us at 631-224-7000 or <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=3 cellPadding=3 width=706><TBODY><TR><TD class=paragraph bgColor=#a0a0a4 height=132 vAlign=center width=162 align=middle>Engine <HR>Odometer Reading <HR>Exterior Color</TD><TD class=paragraph vAlign=center width=162 align=middle>350 Cubic Inch <HR>49,995 <HR>Blue</TD><TD class=paragraph bgColor=#a0a0a4 vAlign=center width=162 align=middle>Transmission <HR>Body Style <HR>Interior Color</TD><TD class=paragraph height=132 vAlign=center align=middle>Automatic <HR>Convertible <HR>White</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  3. I tried getting at least $3000 on Ebay but it didn't go so I thought I'd offer it up here in case someone didn't see it there. I'll take $2500, but that's about as low as I will go. The engine alone should be worth at least close to that with such low miles (although the car is so nice overall it would almost be a crime to part it). I hope a fellow Buick lover can buy and appreciate this car. 1963 Buick LeSabre with 37,968 original miles. This car has been in the family since 1981. My mother drove it when I was a kid for about a year and a half and then it was parked in the garage for many years. One time during that short time she drove it, it was sitting in the driveway and got snowed on one day when my sister decided to be helpful and clean the car off. The only problem was that she used a snow shovel, and that is how the paint got scraped off of parts of it in many places. After many years sitting in the garage my father got the car running again, only to park it in a barn right afterward; this was about 10 years ago or so. I got the car out last year and got it running and driving once again. I did a lot of work to the car because I wanted to keep it, but I need the space badly. Mechanical: I have not cleaned up the engine compartment since getting the car out of the barn. The engine still wears its original paint and the air cleaner has the original silk-screened decals. This car has only been driven about 20 miles since being removed from the barn. I drove it 5 miles within the last few weeks It will definitely need exhaust as it's really loud, but nothing is hanging down underneath. I noticed the fuel gauge isn't working, although it was last year. Besides that, it shouldn't need much mechanically as almost everything has been done. Since summer 2009 the car has had the carburetor rebuilt, starter rebuilt, new belts, radiator hoses, water pump, antifreeze flush and fill, battery, oil & filter change, new brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, most brake lines, fuel pump & filter, ignition wires, Pertronix electronic ignition installed to replace the old points/condenser (I have the points/condenser in the glovebox if you want to change it back - the distributor was not modified). The engine runs strong and the car stops like new. Body: This car has only surface rust except for two small areas that I could find - the lower front fender on the driver side, and there was some touch up work decades ago on by the back of the rear driver door. The rest of the car is the original paint I believe; I could find no other signs of repaint anyplace. Last year I saw the car on a lift, and the underside looked very solid with only surface rust; most of the underside was undercoated so it was well protected. There are only a couple of small dings and the body is otherwise very straight. Most of the chrome is very nice with little to no pitting. The headlight bezels have more pitting for some reason, but these are easy to come by in nice condition. All glass is good. The trunk is solid and in great shape with all original padding and the jack is like new. Interior: The interior is very nicely preserved overall. There is a stained area on the front seat fabric that could probably be cleaned out. The carpet is worn a bit under the front mat. There is a small crack in the front of the dash pad. The ashtray in front doesn't stay up in the dash by itself and hangs open, and the wiper knob is missing ($14 for NOS at Otherwise, it looks pretty nice from what I could tell and could just use a bit of cleaning. Car is in NW Indiana If interested Email or call 586-260-8993
  4. I have set of Buick Aluminum drums and I am trying to identify them. They have steel weights on the outside face and are in good shape. I have a old parts interchange but they are not listed there. I think they are early ones, but I am not sure. The fifth diget could be 6 also, to read 1196637 but I am pretty sure it says 1196837. Any help will be appreciated Sincerely, John
  5. 1975 buick lesabre two door convertible basket case - all in pieces and needs to be put back together. Many good parts, body in good condition, must see if interested. Call 248-676-0767 with questions $2500 obo
  6. I have decided to forgo getting my booster repaired on my 1961 Buick and go with with an undated two-reservoir master cylinder and undated booster. If there is someone in the Forum who has done this, I'd like to know which model and year booster-master cylinder package you used. I think it's a good idea to upgrade my brake system. Many Thanks for your help!
  7. i have a 1963 buick lesabre that has been passed down through my family. my great grandfather bought it new in 63 and it was passed to my grandfather then my uncle and now me. each one of us has done their part to preserve it as best possible but eventually run out of time and money and pass it on. we all agree that it is time for it to go. we want it to go to some one who will love and enjoy it as much as we have. one of the best parts about this car is that it is all original and it has only 20K origonal miles. most people think that we are kidding and that the odometer has rolled over but it hasnt. everyone in my family will tell you that this car has barely been used. it runs well and purrs like new. most of the damage to it is from not being used enough. it has had the waterpump, passenger window actuator, fuel lines and a few other litttle things like filters and wires replaced but for the majority it is all origonal including spare tire and jack. it has power steering and power brakes. i was diving it a few months ago and the front brake wheel cylinder went out so that still needs replacing which i can do before it sells. the interior is perfect except for a minor tear in the seam ontop of the rear seat. the exterior needs paint as it is orional. there is only one small pin hole sized rust spot on the hood and some surface rust on the frame but it has never been wrecked and is in good solid condition. i have the origonal window sticker and bill of sale papers for it and most of the service recipts for it in a large file. i would love for this to go to someone with the time to clean it up and enjoy it. i dont know how to price it so i am going to ask around $8500 for it but will entertain any offer. if the brakes are fixed you can drive it home. i stay fairly busy and dont get on the computer everyday so the best way to reach me with any questions is on my cell at 404-409-6173 if i dont answer please leave a message i will return the call quickly the car is located in stone mountian, georgia thank you
  8. Hi, Yesterday morning, I came across a 1985 Buick Lesabre Limited Collector's Edition. This surprised me, because I had never heard of this version of the Lesabre. I've been searching the web for info about the Collector's Edition, but haven't come up with any details. All I could find was that it was issued to commemorate the end of the RWD Lesabre coupes and sedans. I'm hoping someone can provide some details about this Lesabre. What differentiated the Collector's Edition from other Lesabres? Was it merely cosmetic or were there performance enhancements? How many were produced? Is there a unique code in the VIN that IDs the Collector's Edtion? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you! Buzz Flood <!-- end of AOLMsgPart_2_1ec4629f-9f18-41c2-b616-4ed268876d5f --><STYLE>.AOLWebSuite .AOLPicturesFullSizeLink { height: 1px; width: 1px; overflow: hidden; } .AOLWebSuite a {color:blue; text-decoration: underline; cursor: pointer} .AOLWebSuite a.hsSig {cursor: default}</STYLE><LINK rel=stylesheet type=text/css href="">