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Found 378 results

  1. Hey fellow Buick lovers, Im proud to say I own a 1955 special with 80k on her and im the 3rd owner now. It has been a load of fun learning and working on it. In 1 day I got her running after 25 plus years of being stored in the garage. I did some research on non detergent oil also lead additive for the gas, put a new battery in after fresh fluids and she fired right up. Now after a few times around the block the clutch is slipping really bad. Do they make clutch kits for the 3 speed manual. I find kits but I have no clue the size or exactly what I need. And please feel free to give tips, advance or any thing I should check into to make this car right again. I plan to restore her and try to keep almost everything original. May add a radio but other than that I love it the way it is. Thanks for the help.
  2. Dear Buick fans or any classic car lover, I am new to the classic's but knew id own one soon after seeing the special in movies like this boys life and dont tell mom the babysitter is dead. I finally just bought a 1955 Buick special 3 speed on the column with 80k miles on it. Since im in my 20s this older technology on this car is like my grandparents with my ipod, definitely takes reading and just getting under the hood. After not running for 25yrs I changed the battery, drained all fluids, bought new non detergent oil and an oil canister filter, put lead addictive in the gas & she fired right up. Issue 1.) Now I can feel the clutch is slipping badly and needs to be replaced. The issue im having is the correct parts and how to do it. I cant find a clutch kit for sale ( I can but not sure what size ) nor do I know the best way to change it. Ive seen pull the motor or some tube and rear end forum. Issue 2.) Now it wont start. Which I think im going to buy a new starter and solenoid so that takes 2 of the maybes gone. I heard the relay or switch by the carb and manifold can go bad but rare. The motor wont even turn over with a new battery but everything comes on so I think its one of those I listed but any info is much appreciated. Thanks for your time & help : )
  3. Hello I have a 1963 Buick riviera with the 401 CI Nailhead engine and the car has a Dynaflow 2 speed transmission and I would like to swap it out for a Super turbine 400 transmission. I know that the Super turbine 400 was standard in the 1964 and 1965 Rivieras but does anyone know if the Super turbine 400 transmission was longer then the Dynaflow and if the 1964 to 1965 Rivieras used a shorter driveshaft? Because if that is the case I would have to change the driveshaft too. Thanks for any help.
  4. Here is your chance to own the last year of the Skylark convertibles. Me and my wife are looking to sell our 1972 Buick Skylark that we inherited from my grandfather so we can buy a family car. It's been in my family it's entire life; we still have some of the original paperwork & owner's manual. It's been garage kept the whole time. Everything's original as far as I know except we replaced the brakes, the radiator, and cassette player (even though we still have the original AM/FM radio). It was repainted in the same factory color. Everything works & runs great, the only blemish is a small tear in the fabric roof. Other than that, nothing has been altered. It's definitely a head turning car. We get compliments on it everywhere we go. We will entertain any and all offers, the worst we can say is no thanks. Please feel free to email with any questions. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to share some of the cool buckles I create and sell. I have more that are not shown in this post. What do you guys think? In most of the pictures the buckles are taken without the buckle backing. I sell them on Etsy and ebay. You can find my stuff by searching for RusticKars. Let me know what you guys think. Im a huge old car enthusiast. belt buckles, GTO, Oldsmobile, Charger, Buick, Cadillac, Corvette, Chevrolet, SS, Ford truck,
  6. Hello I have a 1989 Buick Reatta, I've been having a battery drain problem ever since I bought it but recently the drain grew so I put a kill switch in it. Now my car is fantastic.... Except for the past 3 days.... I'll be driving and all of a sudden EVERYTHING in my car shuts off, and then a few seconds later turns back on like all of my computers are restarting themselves, this will happen while I'm driving. But my computers don't seem to turn off because my mpg number doesn't reset or my trip number doesn't reset. It happens if I go over a small bump or so ermines I don't even need a bump. Yesterday I was driving on a smoothish road and all of a sudden my car does it again but this time my engine cut off... So I had to put it in park and restart my car. I don't know if it's the kill switch I don't believe it is but if anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it. I do not know where to even start....
  7. 1960 Buick Invicta 4-door sedan (flat top) $10,000 ask. Negotiable. Absolutely beautiful classic car! White with red trim and stripes. 70,000 miles. 4 owners. Has never left California. Engine blueprinted at Superior Automotive in Placentia, CA. Rare factory dual exhaust hand built and restored by Paul Foxx of Orange Muffler in Orange, CA. Rebuilt transmission, rebuilt suspension, rebuilt brakes, new body seals (Steele)...all done by the famous custom car-crafter Terry Berzenyi of Huntington Beach. New radial white wall tires with high-end factory option wheel covers. Body in excellent shape with few small rust spots. Interior in great shape, redone ~10 years ago. This sweetheart is not a trailer queen, but entirely roadworthy and highway safe. Still capable of being a daily driver and still shows well at rallys - very popular! Comes with parts, all original manuals, vintage literature, fitted car cover with lock, volumes of service records. Located in Santa Ana, CA. Eric 714-914-1839
  8. Hi, My father found this when cleaning out his garage and has been asking me to find out what/when it's from. My research lead me to believe that this may be a radiator mounted emblem from 1915-1918, but I haven't found any other emblems with the this extra detail attached on the sides. I was hoping to surprise him with an answer on his birthday this weekend so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Dear Sir, <o:p> </o:p> I am writing to you from the island of Cyprus Near Greece. <o:p> </o:p> I am trying to help a friend who has a 1957 Buick Roadmaster chassis no. 7d4002778 .. see photos ... have tried without success !! He needs a complete dynaflow gearbox. <o:p> </o:p> I would very much appreciate your help or point me to the right direction. <o:p> </o:p> Kind regards, Christopher
  10. Looking for a Buick cylinder head 1927/28 6 Cylinder engine Complete engine is also an option. THanks Fred
  11. Good day everybody, I am really happy that I discovered this group. I have been following a number of threads, and have learned a lot. Some of the journeys that these vehicles have traveled to get where they are is truly inspiring. Unfortunately, I am a stone cold rookie, so I won't be able to offer much in the way of new wisdom. I hope it is okay with you folks, but for a while at least, I will be asking for help much more than I will be able to offer any. My story starts with my first purchase of a 1951 Buick Special off Ebay. The seller turned out to be a great car guy, and I ended up with an awesome deal. Unfortunately, there were some issues with transit. I contracted Alpine Auto to ship her from Knoxville to Port Gibson, MS. She left Tenn. on 8/13 and was due to be delivered the next day. However I got a call from the driver that he apparently hit some road debris in Birmingham, and had to wait till the next day to have repairs done and was going to be delayed. He got back on the road on the 14th, and I started to get excited again. I learned, Never get excited till you see her coming down the road. That evening I got another call from the driver, telling me he broke down in Mathiston, MS, and parked the trailer with my baby in a restaurant parking lot while his truck was towed to another town 30 miles away for repairs. To make a long story short, the dealer took till 8/21 to get the truck running. To top it off the driver was out of state, and by the time he got back to his truck, it was too late to deliver the truck that was on the trailer behind my 51. Delivery was finally accomplished on 8/22. (Of course, while she was stranded, I drove 3 hours to see her and took some photos that I am having difficulty uploading.) Thanks again for your time, I'll be asking questions very soon. These are photos I captured off Ebay, I don't believe the seller will mind.
  12. 1964 Buick Wildcat 401 Nailhead. The frame has already been restored, and some sanding work has been done. The interior is original. Runs good, but pings when floored, so it will need a tune up. I can provide pictures. Asking $13,000 OBO. This car will easily be worth $30,000 when the restoration is complete.
  13. 11-23-13 Please provide the turning radius for the 1953 Buick Roadmaster vs. 1953 Chrysler New Yorker. Thanks, Archiveman2977
  14. please vist my ad on craigs list im looking to trade but cash is king and offers are accepted.
  15. We have come into a very large store of cars in an isolated community and many of them are restorable or good donors and of contemporary interest. It is early yet but so far we have a number of Hudsons, Ramblers, AMCs, Packards and many other makes- some old and some from 60s and 70s. To preserve these examples a local Denver body shop will sell them, transport them and fix any damage if needed. We have initial photos and are making more. The entire lot is for sale. Examples below. Let us know your needs and we will see if we can fill them. Doc Lipton (Jim)
  16. Somewhere in the forum I found a post that listed the exact part number for the radiator for the 1951 40-series with Dynaflow, and what other years interchanged. I wrote it down, then lost what I wrote & can't find the post again. Anyone have that info? I believe it's a common part across 1950-52, but want to check. My '51 does not have the original radiator & rather than restore/recore this mystery part, I need to start over with the right radiator.
  17. I need a muffler for my 1940 Buick Series 50.
  18. You guys have helped me a lot, time for me to offer something up, for what its worth. I had noticed that cars behind me couldn’t see my brake lights or turn signals on my ’56 Buick in daylight conditions. My car is a daily driver and I don’t care if it is a little out of stock if it helps for safety reasons. So I decided to make the stop light and turn signal functions really bright so people can see me. To do this I replaced the stock 1157 bulb with one that has 34 leds but also added a 48 led panel. The led bulb acts like a normal 1157, with a tail light, stop light and turn signal. The led panel is wired to go on only as a brake light or a turn signal. Adding the led panel gives the most increase in brightness. Just replacing the 1157 is not enough. Both of these have “5050” type leds which are the brightest on the market today. Cost was less than $15 for both tail lights. Here they are on Ebay (prices are as of late 2013): Ebay Search: led 1157 5050 34 (Click on images to enlarge) Ebay Search: led panel 5050 48 To replace the standard 1157 bulb with the new one simply open the trunk, pull back the side panel to reveal the backside of the tail light. Squirt wd40 on the plastic connector if it won’t come out with a simple twist. Take the tail light lens off. 4 screws, need a long shaft screwdriver. Squirt wd40 behind the bulb if it doesn’t come out with a simple twist. Insert the new led bulb from the outside, and then replace the plastic connector on the inside. To add the led panel you'll need to connect the black wire to body ground and the red wire to the stop/turn signal wire (green?) that goes into the same plastic connector you removed and replaced above. To create a ground point I simply drilled a small hole in the face of the tail light fixture right next to the 1157 bulb and inserted a self tapping screw. I extended the red (hot, 12v) wire by soldering on a long piece of thin red wire and put some shrink tubing over the connection. I then drilled a hole all the way through the tail light fixture and ran the wire through. I hooked it to the (green ?) wire using a clamp-on tap and a spade connector. The led panel comes with an adhesive foam backing. Simply peel and stick it right below the 1157 led bulb. It needs to be high enough to clear the bottom of the lens when you put that back on. Try the turn signals and stop lights before installing the tail light lens. The result will be a tail light that is VERY bright in daytime situations. People notice my turn signals and stop lights now. Gael
  19. Hello everyone. I work for Quality motors in Livingston, Tennessee. We have for sale a complete set of 4 OEM 1939 Buick wheels. Here is a link to the ad for them we have posted on a local classified ad site: Click the link above for more details, pictures, and contact info. Thanks! Jack
  20. Ok, me and my dad were trying to figure this out.. Is the 1970 Buick Electra sending unit the same as the 1971 Buick Electra sending unit? I thought they were- considering that they both hold 25 gallons of gas- but I dont want to go buy one and it be the wrong one. So I have a 1970 Buick Electra, so if i bought a 1971 sending unit would that be okay? Also, do you know a place i could buy a sending unit that would fit my 1970 electra? Thanks in advance.
  21. Restoring a car offers many choices. One of those is paint. To get modern hold out on paint alot of guys use PPG and Dupont which offers great quality paint lines but the prices tend to be a little high for a home DIYer like me. I am doing a frame off on a 1959 Buick hardtop by myself to save tens of thousands of bucks. I was thinking of using Duponts Chromobase line because that is what I can get locally but has anyone used TCP Globals paint line? I am going to use the epoxy primer, base, clear system but do not know how the paint holds up over time and the quality of the paint sold through TCP. Does anyone have experience with their paint? Thank You Josh
  22. Grandma's grocery getter could be restored. You see many 2-door convertibles and hard-tops, but not many of these. I am selling my first car, a 1964 Buick Skylark. 86,7xx original miles on a 310 Wildcat V8 on a powerglide transmission. Original paint in alright condition with touch ups. Little body damage on driver's side (shown in pictures). Wipers work, but the washer does not and is missing the fluid glass bottle. Chrome trim on driver's side door is missing. -On/Off daily driver for past 11 years. -Comes with a set of studded tires for winter driving -Typical lifter issue, but we have all the parts to fix it (lifters and gaskets), which are included. -Car cover included -Original hub caps included, but different wheels are on the car -Tabs are good through 08/2014 (Washington State) -New brakes and bearings, master cylinder -Many extra replacement parts If you have any questions or need additional pictures or to see is in person please contact me by email at or text/call 253-439-8174. $5,000 or best offer, located in Bonney Lake, WA.
  23. '90 BUICK Reatta convertible 3.8L V6, automatic BLACK with grey interior (Rare) >Newer black soft convertible top >Original grey leather seats - like new condition (under cloth seat covers) >163K miles >Garage kept >Shiny original clear coat paint >Original factory-installed radio with CD player >Excellent exterior/interior - SUPER CLEAN >More photos to be uploaded shortly NO RUST Runs GREAT Clean Carfax report PRICE $5,500
  24. Here's some information on the next car show coming up on the Museum's lawn! (Held by the Blue/Gray Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America) Calling all Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac Enthusiasts! TheBlue/Gray Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America invites you to join us forthe first ever -- Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac Classic and Antique AutomobileShow at the AACA Museum on Sunday, August 11th! Registration is from 10am until Noon. The show will run fromNoon to 3pm and awards will be presented at 3:30pm. Dash Plaques will be givento the first 20 cars along with goodie bags sponsored by Permatex, Armor All,STP, Fusick Automotive, Stoner Solutions, 303 Protectant and More! Registrationis $18 per vehicle and includes one complimentary admission to the AACA Museum. There will be door prizes and chances to win fantasticautomotive gift baskets and products along with special events during the show.There will be food available for both breakfast and lunch with "Fryers onTires" made to order menu items. Pre-Register at oldsmobile Click on HersheyShow Tab. Registration will also be held the day of the show. The AACA Museumwill be featuring a 110th Anniversary of Buick Exhibit until mid-October whichwill be available for viewing on the day of this show.
  25. Hello i own a 1989 buick reatta, my car is in great condition except at random times the car alarm will go off and kill the battery if i am not home or at work.... instead of trying to find the problem how do i just disable my car l alarm? This way I dont Have to worry about my battery dieing on me. I just want to know how to disable my alarm system. Thanks!