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Found 378 results

  1. Hello. I know this is a common issue for these era of Buicks. I've haven't had the car very long, but since I've had it the speedometer hasn't worked right. When I first picked it up, it was all the way up (100+ mph). However, when I first got to test drive the car a couple weeks ago, the speedometer went all the way down, and as soon as I started driving forward it would shoot up to about 35mph, and then to 100+, than back down to 35. The other day, the car was out of transmission fluid (another project I got going on), but with the car set in "drive" if you would give it gas, even though the car did not move, the speedometer would jump up and down like crazy. back and forth from 0 to 100+. instantly. the whole time it would also kind of make like a "slurp" kind of sound. Not really sure how to explain it. I was wanting to ask if anyone here has had a similar problem: where the speedometer was broke but did move on its own at random times. I wanted to get a possible fix before I have to send it in somewhere. I'd like to try and figure these kind of things out and fix them myself besides just "send it in!" But am more than willing to if I have to. Thank you for your time! I appreciate it. I will include a picture of my speedometer and at what mph it is stuck at as of now. -Brandon T.
  2. Hello everyone, water in the interior of our LeSabre together with not working heating lead us to inspect the valve of the heating unit, which was then found as massively leaking. Is someone here able to offer me one in a better to mint condition? Greetings Jakub
  3. 1966 Buick Riviera Mileage Shows 60,724 (not sure if its 60k or 160k) Rusted: Needs to be restored Asking $3,500 Located in Hackensack, NJ - pick-up only - will not ship Call Carmen with any questions, after viewing photos: 201_233...0294 (better to call than email) Or email any questions to
  4. Has anyone used any of these headers for their 425 nailhead? Was their any clearance issues in your 1964 Buick Riviera? I wanted to know before I make an investment and what I would need to modify if any.
  5. Hello, this is my first time posting to this website before and I was wondering if you guys could help me. Recently I acquired what I believe to be a Buick radiator from the 1920s, but I am not sure exactly what car it is from. If you know what car this radiator fits, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!
  6. Hello, i was wanting to get peoples input on where to buy the best/cheapest rebuild kit for a dynaflow on a 57 special. Ive looked online an found some for about $200, but i didnt know if anyone here has bought a rebuilt kit and can testify as to which is the best. thanks for you help. P.s. I am so looking for a dynaflow dipstick for a 57. Ive found a 56, but i do not believe they are the same??? thank you. Brandon
  7. I am needing a transmission dipstick. The person I bought the car from mustve took/lost it because all thats there is a mtn dew can in its place. Im not sure if all are universal for a 57, but mine is a Special 4dr HT with the dynaflow. Thank you Brandon.
  8. I know it's a long-shot, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to put a request up for it. I am looking for a pair of rear bumper ends for a 57. They do not have to be perfect, but able to be rechromed. Even if you have just one, it still wouldnt hurt. The ones i have now are not in too good of shape. Also a whole bumper assembly would be nice. thank you, i really appreciate it. Brandon T. Hannibal MO 63401
  9. Hello, I am needing a set of rear bumper ends for a 57 Buick (model does not matter), but mine is a 4 Dr HT. They do not have to be perfect, but able to be rechromed. If you only have 1, that will help also. Thank you for your time, and please let me know if anyone has any! -Brandon T.
  10. I have some old pictures of cars that belong to my grandparents. One picture that I had turned out to be a 1910 model 19 Buick I was told. I was also told the image was reversed. That could have been my fault as I scanned the old pics from negatives. I scanned it so it appeared to be left hand drive. After being told the image was reversed I went to Google it and I found pictures of this model and some were right hand and some were left hand drive. Can anyone here shed some light on this issue? Was the car offered both ways? Any other general info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help. Dave
  11. Im looking for a new "points arm" for a 57 clock. Mine has been broke off by a previous owner. So it does not have to have work. Thank you!
  12. Hello, Does anyone know how to remove the time-setting knob on a 57 Special Clock? I have the clock out of the car and trying to get it apart, (clock isn't ticking). I've heard people say you pull the stem out, hold it with pliers, and then twist the knob counter-clockwise fast. Whenever I do that though the clock hands just move. I've also heard that you just pry the knob off, it's not screwed on. But I am not having much luck with that either. Thank you for your help!
  13. This beauty of a Buick has not been on the road since July of 2006. The ressurection started back in November of 2006, and was completed November of 2014. Actually with minimal effort too! I purchased her from the original family- even have a picture of it the day it was bought back in 1923. The engine was "stuck", so the 1st thing I did was try to "unstick" it by hooking it up to the back of my Expedition, pulling it down the street and popped the clutch. That did the trick, after checking for any collateral damage, which there was none, she went back in the garage, with minimal tinkering over the years, under a cover, forgotten for the next 8 years. Fast forward to May of this year, I decided to "git'r" goin'. It needed the water pump rebuilt, as well as the carburetor and vacuum canister rebuild. Relined the gas tank, changed the plugs and wires, bought a new 6 volt battery and crossed my fingers. Flipped the ignition on, stepped on the starter and "chug, chug chug" she fired right up! She starts up without effort every week, as I take her for her weekly cruise down the 101 in Encinitas CA. The video is of its 1st trip out of my garage since it was "pushed" in back in November 2006. Also posted are various pictures of the resurrection.
  14. In september last year MattZ. Started a thread about eventually buying à 1950 Buick Roadmaster Convertible. Does anyone Know how to get in toutch with him? Im Searching for à car like that.
  15. Hi guys, I am looking for some old buick dealer stuff from 1988. If you have them I'll buy them all for the right price. Please let me know ASAP. Pics are below. Promos must be sealed and disregard the sales brochure because I already have that.
  16. For sale from my personal collection: Original 1955 Buick Interior Sample & Paint Book ----- Original 1957 Buick Interior Sample and Combinations Book ----- Original 1958 Buick Showroom Book including Interior & Paint Samples ----- High Quality Reprint 1956 Buick Interior Sample and Combinations Book NO CHEAP photocopy - real book, printed on photographic paper with glue binding - made from an outstanding original ----- High Quality Reprint 1957 Buick Interior Sample and Combinations Book NO CHEAP photocopy - real book, printed on photographic paper with glue binding - made from an outstanding original More Pictures of indivual books upon request. If you're interested, give me a PM! Best regards, Jan
  17. For Sale 2 (two) 1965 Buick TriShield 15" Wire Wheel covers in good condition for $150 incl shipping in lower 48 (or give me an offer). I believe they also are correct for some 66-67 Buicks. The badges look great, the edges are good, and all the mounting tabs are intact. Shown are a few pictures of the wheel covers, if you have any questions, want to see additional pictures or want them send a PM. Rock on gord
  18. Up for sale is my 1963 Buick Skylark Convertible. The car has the aluminum 200Ci V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission. It is white with brown interior and brown top, and is in wonderful condition. The previous owner restored the car, and it is now a great looking driver. It isn't pristine, as the paint isn't perfect when you get up close, but it looks really sharp. It reads just over 93,000 miles. The car also has factory A/C. It runs and drives well, and has no known mechanical issues. Also just put a new battery in it. Asking $15,995, offers considered! Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions! Thanks for looking, Kyle (336) 314-9080
  19. Hi, i live in Argentina and have a Buick 1934 56S. This is a beautifull car but a need some parts. Here is not easy to find this car. I need the shell/grill and headlights with mount. Thank you very much Jorge Cordoba Argentina
  20. Hello, Thank you for reading this. I inherited my Father's '74 Buick LeSabre Luxus 2 Door convertible 8 years ago. I am desperately trying to get an idea of it's value (to me it's priceless due the sentiment, I helped him restore her). Beautiful car! great condition, 94,000 original miles. Can any direct me to a place I might get an estimated value. Thank you in advance for any help, Tammie
  21. Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums so please bear with me. I'm an archaeologist working in Northern Ontario and I've recently located an old Buick (or at least the engine is a Buick) in a swamp (photos below). Since I'm not knowledgeable with cars, I'm reaching out to this community in hope that I can draw on your knowledge of old Buick engines and cars in order to identify the make/model and year to help us better understand the archaeological heritage site where we're working. Any information (literally ANY information) about the car and the car's history would help us out greatly. A little back story before I get to the specifics about the car: Along a river in Northern Ontario (sorry I can't get more specific, but the nature of our work requires a degree of discretion for the time being), there used to be a large set of rapids spanning nearly 6 miles. As you may or may not know, First Nations people and other folks travelling along rivers could not canoe safely down rapids, thus necessitating portaging around them. The travellers would then pack up all their gear, grab their canoes, and walk down a side trail along the river until they bypassed the rapids. On this particular river, the Hudson's Bay Company had set up a trading post or storehouse where they could keep their goods temporarily and trade them with the native people up and down the river. However, hauling large amounts of gear such as barrels, furs, trade objects, foods, tools, bottles, and whatever else would have been traded would have been very difficult for a 6 mile distance. To make the portaging of the supplies faster and easier, horses would have been used to pull carts along the portage. We located the now-overgrown trail and followed it to the trading post, then down towards a swamp where the goods would have been unloaded from the carts, loaded into canoes, and subsequently paddled down the river towards Hudson's Bay. Here's an example of what I'm talking about (map is not exact): We thought we were dealing only with a horse cart path, but when we got down to the swamp, we found some metal sticking out of the water. We cleared away some vegetation and it turns out we had a car frame! The engine was still sticking out of the water along with some other car parts. There was a corduroy road leading to the spot where the goods would have been loaded into the canoes and brought up down river. This car had been used to haul goods up and down the portage and had gotten stuck in the swamp. Here are some photos: The car is submerged in at least a foot of water. Some rubber tire material still remains next to that metal loop (spare tire?) Notice the car jack that was presumably used to try to get the car out of the swamp. A few metal panels are still submerged or off to the side. Interestingly (to me, at least) there are still some well-preserved wooden parts. I had no idea wood was used in car manufacturing until now. The parts number on the side of the engine. The top part says " 8(?)-8 ", the part number is 37858-9 and it has the Buick logo beneath it. I'm not too certain what this says, but it was found to the front right of the engine. Right here. Perhaps it says "LYDITE"? I'm fairly certain the first three letters are LYD but the next three are difficult to make out. The spark plugs are made by a company called Champion. The plugs say "CHAMPION" and "MADE IN CANADA". And the underside says "6 S" and "MADE IN CANADA". So, what can you tell me about the car? I can tell you that it was used to haul supplies and trade goods along the portage in a time where the area had no roads (and still has nearly non-existent road access). I suspect that the Hudson's Bay Company or whoever was there brought in an old car they could use to transport goods some time in the early 1930s as this is when the nearest roads and nearby hydro dams were built. Either that or there's always the chance that this was brought in on a sled or driven in over the ice during the winter at an earlier date. However, I doubt that the HBC would ship in a new car to do limited grunt work (the car's only job would have been to haul stuff; everywhere else is thick forest for hundreds of kilometres) and they would instead bring an old beater to the site. Also, I can guarantee that there's more preserved stuff just under the water but the water would need to be pumped out. I have more photos and much higher resolution versions of these ones that I can attach if anyone requires them. Feel free to ask questions about the car or about the local history. I'll be checking back occasionally to see the replies. Thanks so much everyone! - ArchaeoDave
  22. I have Buick Dealer Service Bulletins for each year on CDs. Really good, high quality scans, saved as PDF files. Here is an example: Washer Solvent Bottle Relocation.pdf Cost is $10 each for the 1963 or 1964 CDs; $12 for the 1965 CDs (because they require 2 CDs for all of the bulletins). I also have the 1963 Buick Master Chassis Parts Book scanned to CD for $10. Shipping is $5 for as many CDs will fit in a USPS small flat rate Priority Mail box. E-mail me if any questions.
  23. I'm looking for a front left fender for a very close friend's immaculate 1992 Buick Century Custom Coupe. Unfortunately a deer did (thankfully) minor damage and I am having trouble locating a fender - NOS or aftermarket (not particular) that I can shoot for paint. It's a beautiful 40,000 mile car, treasured by its owner and very close friend. Any leads are most appreciated; many thanks in advanced. I can be reached at: 860-782-1554 or Private Messaged.
  24. My chrome lost my parking brake trigger, and its become a mess even for stopping when running the car ordinarily. I guess many circa 1930 GM parking levers may fit. Below is a picture of the car, pre restoration and you can see the handle trigger right there. Thanks! Victor Spring, TX
  25. Hi guys i just purchaced a 56 buick special 2 door/ post . Its a base, post model(not century,roadmaster,etc) The cars in great shape but needs a windsheild. What year/model windsheilds are interchangeable for this car??? Thanks for the help !! Im sure im not the first one to ask ! Cheerrs!