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Found 378 results

  1. Hello, Is this a 1927 or 1928 buick? Master Six or what type? 95% sure that is a 1928 New Brunswick license plate. The bumper has 3 sections, which I think is a big key to what year or type it is? Thank you for any help! Photo below:
  2. (Hey, the new Forum! Looks good – thank you!) Well, I mentioned that I liked exterior paint color and interior color information. Allow me to bore you…. Buick records indicate that seven 1988 Reattas left Lansing with order code 14 Black Metallic paint (GM paint code WA8767).
  3. Currently working on restoring a 1928 Buick model 115 in my high school auto maintenance class. We recently realized we were missing our front inner wheel bearing cone. We are having lots of trouble finding this part locally, so any help would be greatly appreciated. On another thread, we have been told that a 1928 Oakland 6 & 212 used the same bearing. Luckily this widens the search a bit, and once again, any help would be greatly appreciated! Attached is an image of the one cone we currently have.
  4. ATTACH=CONFIG]306778[/ATTACH]Currently working on restoring a 1928 Buick in my high school auto maintenance class. We recently realized we were missing our front wheel bearing cone. We are having lots of trouble finding this part locally, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a 1926 Buick 2 door and I need all tires and probably tubes. I believe they are 31x5.25 but I haven't gotten the car yet so they may be different. These are the type where the rim comes off of the wooden wheel. Any help or sources would be appreciated. Thanks Bob
  6. 1st set contains Eight (8), AC spark plugs. (R46TSX) Will sell all for $25, plus shipping. 2nd set contains Eight (8), AC 44S spark plugs (5612386) Will sell all for $25, plus shipping. 3rd set contains three boxes with Eight (8) plugs each, AC 44 spark plugs (1559492). Will sell each box for $25, plus shipping. If you want all three boxes you can make an offer. Contact Info: - PayPal Only
  7. Im turning 14 in a few days and my dad is getting me a free 79 Buick I want to put a cool spoiler on it. Can anyone help?
  8. As the restoration project drags along, I just want to say that trying to bolt the flywheel and the bellhousing to the engine after the crankshaft is already in the block is nearly impossible. Although I prevailed with a thin long box wrench and a bit of acrobatics to tighten the bellhousing bolts behind the flywheel a 1/16 of a turn at a time, I hope no one has ever had to feel their patience wear thin like I did. End of rant.
  9. Anyone have any luck finding plugs for the drivers side power window master switch? Any models that are interchangeable? Any help would be appreciated. My plug is hot glued together and some of the wire connectors are broken. I'm not sure I can salvage it.
  10. Hello! I am needing a good quality right side gravel guard for a 1957 Buick Special. Im pretty sure it's called the gravel guard, but just incase im wrong, it's the chrome piece that goes directly in front of the rear bumper end. I mainly need the passanger side, but if you have both, please do not hesitate to let me know! thank you, Brandon.
  11. Hello, Im not in a huge hurry for these parts, but I wanted to put an ad out anyway. I am needing the wiper button and lever that goes into the wiper bezel for a 1957 Buick. Thank you for your time! -Brandon.
  12. Hello, I am in the process of rebuilding my Dynaflow transmission off my 1957 Buick Special. I have bought a complete rebuild kit, (with all clutches and plates, etc), but I have run into some other complications and am in need of some other parts that a rebuild kit does not come with. I know that a lot, (if not all), of these parts can be found on various websites, but I wanted to post an ad here just in case anybody has any spare parts laying around. Here is my list of needed parts: 1. Hi-low Brake Drum (part # 1388730) 2. Reverse Drum and Ring Gear (Part # 1354974 ???) 3. Front Band 4. Reverse Band 5. Parking Pawl (JUST the pawl if possible) (the actual piece the gear sits into) The bands I have are worn, so is my Hi-Low Brake Drum, and the reverse ring gear is worn with the teeth all messed up. The Parking Pawl must have been out of adjustment for so long, because the slot where the gear sits into is all rounded off. I may be able to fix it, but I thought I should ask anyway. Even if you have just one of these parts, please do not hesitate to let me know. I appreciate your time and I'm hoping someone has these parts! They do not necessarily need to be brand-new... but in good, working shape. Thank you, Brandon T. Missouri.
  13. I have recently got my 1923-4-39 running and on the road (see previous posts and video) and have come across an issue that i'd like the clubs advice on. my Buick has been running well for the past few months, I run her every weekend with many smiles and thumbs up as I drive down PCH. Yesterday, when I fired her up she ran well for about 2 minutes, then sputtered down to running on 3 cylindres. I let her sit for a few minutes, fired her up again, and the same thing happened. I continued this cycle all day- hoping that she would somehow "fix herself". Well she hasn't. It is my #2 cylinder each time- runs smooth, craps out after about 2 minutes, let her sit fires up smooth- craps out to 3 cylinders. I am by no means a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination, a tinkerer at best. Changed the #2 plug, changed the #2 wires. What do you think it is, and where should I start? I'll keep the forum updated.
  14. Hello. I know this is a common issue for these era of Buicks. I've haven't had the car very long, but since I've had it the speedometer hasn't worked right. When I first picked it up, it was all the way up (100+ mph). However, when I first got to test drive the car a couple weeks ago, the speedometer went all the way down, and as soon as I started driving forward it would shoot up to about 35mph, and then to 100+, than back down to 35. The other day, the car was out of transmission fluid (another project I got going on), but with the car set in "drive" if you would give it gas, even though the car did not move, the speedometer would jump up and down like crazy. back and forth from 0 to 100+. instantly. the whole time it would also kind of make like a "slurp" kind of sound. Not really sure how to explain it. I was wanting to ask if anyone here has had a similar problem: where the speedometer was broke but did move on its own at random times. I wanted to get a possible fix before I have to send it in somewhere. I'd like to try and figure these kind of things out and fix them myself besides just "send it in!" But am more than willing to if I have to. Thank you for your time! I appreciate it. I will include a picture of my speedometer and at what mph it is stuck at as of now. -Brandon T.
  15. Hello everyone, water in the interior of our LeSabre together with not working heating lead us to inspect the valve of the heating unit, which was then found as massively leaking. Is someone here able to offer me one in a better to mint condition? Greetings Jakub
  16. 1966 Buick Riviera Mileage Shows 60,724 (not sure if its 60k or 160k) Rusted: Needs to be restored Asking $3,500 Located in Hackensack, NJ - pick-up only - will not ship Call Carmen with any questions, after viewing photos: 201_233...0294 (better to call than email) Or email any questions to
  17. Has anyone used any of these headers for their 425 nailhead? Was their any clearance issues in your 1964 Buick Riviera? I wanted to know before I make an investment and what I would need to modify if any.
  18. Hey I new to the Buick Forum. I have a 1964 Buick Rivera with a 425 nailhead and want to upgrade my alternator, im almost done with my rebuild! My questions is what brand and amp settings do you recommend for an alternator? I plan on putting in a nice sound system with subs later. Would 120-140 amps be enough or go higher? Also any places you might recommend to order some upgraded battery cables thicker gauge? thank you, Gustavo 1964 Buick Riviera 425 Nailhead
  19. Hello, this is my first time posting to this website before and I was wondering if you guys could help me. Recently I acquired what I believe to be a Buick radiator from the 1920s, but I am not sure exactly what car it is from. If you know what car this radiator fits, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!
  20. Hello, i was wanting to get peoples input on where to buy the best/cheapest rebuild kit for a dynaflow on a 57 special. Ive looked online an found some for about $200, but i didnt know if anyone here has bought a rebuilt kit and can testify as to which is the best. thanks for you help. P.s. I am so looking for a dynaflow dipstick for a 57. Ive found a 56, but i do not believe they are the same??? thank you. Brandon
  21. I am needing a transmission dipstick. The person I bought the car from mustve took/lost it because all thats there is a mtn dew can in its place. Im not sure if all are universal for a 57, but mine is a Special 4dr HT with the dynaflow. Thank you Brandon.
  22. Hello, I am needing a set of rear bumper ends for a 57 Buick (model does not matter), but mine is a 4 Dr HT. They do not have to be perfect, but able to be rechromed. If you only have 1, that will help also. Thank you for your time, and please let me know if anyone has any! -Brandon T.
  23. I have some old pictures of cars that belong to my grandparents. One picture that I had turned out to be a 1910 model 19 Buick I was told. I was also told the image was reversed. That could have been my fault as I scanned the old pics from negatives. I scanned it so it appeared to be left hand drive. After being told the image was reversed I went to Google it and I found pictures of this model and some were right hand and some were left hand drive. Can anyone here shed some light on this issue? Was the car offered both ways? Any other general info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help. Dave
  24. I have been searching for the brass bowl to fit my 1925 Master Marvel Carburetor. a 1925 Standard Marvel carburetor was recently up for sale on e-bay, and after comparing photos, I could see the brass bowl casting number 65-10 was common to both Master and Standards. This is not obvious in the Buick parts book because it only lists the complete Bowl Assembly 65-524 Standard, & 65-525 Master. The only Master/Standard difference in the 65- bowl components listed is the High Speed Jet 49-, and the Air vent 111-. So I made the gamble and purchased the e-bay Standard carb, and after it arrived, disassembled the brass bowl. I measured the pin hole at the tip of the High Speed jet by finding a pin that would just fit into the hole, and that was a .040 dia drill bit. It stands to reason the High Speed Jet should be a larger diameter for the Master, and my guess is a simple math ratio of the Master/Standard area of the carb intake should equal the Master/Standard area of the high speed jet. Measure the Carb intake diameter of the Master & Standard, calculate ratio for area of the openings, and it should be pretty close to the actual. Then drill the pin hole out to the larger calculated diameter. The 111- Air valve appears to have been a small spring and a leather flexible seal, both are missing, but should be easy to make. There should be a needle valve that fits into the hole on the top surface of the bowl, but is missing. this is my theory for the ratios of air intake and high speed jets should be related: I just forgot to measure the intake openings, so didn't include them. this is the now near complete 1925 master carb-heat riser assembly the parts book page Kevin BCA # 47712
  25. I know it's a long-shot, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to put a request up for it. I am looking for a pair of rear bumper ends for a 57. They do not have to be perfect, but able to be rechromed. Even if you have just one, it still wouldnt hurt. The ones i have now are not in too good of shape. Also a whole bumper assembly would be nice. thank you, i really appreciate it. Brandon T. Hannibal MO 63401