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Found 9,700 results

  1. I will have a 18 and 20 tooth gear with me in Allentown . Dick Sweeney
  2. Used set of B50 back up lights with mount pads. Need new wires , clean , see photos. $35 plus shipping SOLD USPMO , paypal , buyer handles fees Send a PM Thanks Roy
  3. 1953 OLDSMOBILE 88 "rocket 88" 4 dr / FOR SALE pics of 1953 Olds bring a trailer and cash $650 have a clean title sheet metal is good front clip is good / a few dings front glass is good rear glass is good untouched interior untouched motor and trans has most moulding and garnish missing front wheel hubs and mechanical bring a trailer and cash $650 NO trades I am not parting listed in Spokane Craigslist as well located in MEAD, WA (spokane wa) call jeff 509-389-9400
  4. 1953 Buick Roadmaster / Super Rear Bumper $40. Some dings but repairable. Going to the scrapyard in August...
  5. Gardners are rare enough that I felt I should mention this C/L find in Montana:
  6. GREAT MARQUES 1980 MERCEDES-BENZ Book, by Roger Bell. 96 pages, 9 1/2" x 13", fully indexed with lots of photographs b & w and colour. In nice condition with dust jacket. Price: $25.00 includes shipping within U.S.A.
  7. "THE CLASSIC ROLLS-ROYCE" by G. N. Georgano Exeter Books, New York, 1987. 96 pages 9" x 12", hardbound,In nice condition, fully indexed. Lots of photographs both B & W and Colour. Price $25.00 includes shipping within U. S. A. Quote Edit
  8. SOLD Lots of photos and details in the Buy/Sell section. I'd duplicate the ad here, but doing the pictures takes more time than on the old forum. $39,900 is the asking price. Here's a link with all the details:
  9. *SOLD* Full description and details in Buy/Sell section. I'd duplicate the ad here, but doing the photos is a lot of work with the new forum software. Anyway, the asking price is $39,900, which is your first question. Here's a link with answers to the rest:
  10. *SOLD* I acquired this lovely 1934 Packard sedan in a trade a few weeks ago and I'm having a hard time letting go. A 1934 Packard is my end game, the only car I've truly wanted since I was a kid. When the trade offer came in, he told me it was an 1100 sedan, the base model with a 129-inch wheelbase. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when this 1101 showed up, complete with a luxuriously long 137-inch wheelbase. I was only too happy to take it in from the previous owner, who was in his late 80s and decided that the big Packard was just too much to manage anymore. In the weeks since, we've spent a considerable amount of time and money cleaning it up and fine-tuning it, and now it's a fantastic tour car that drives and handles great. Some of the new stuff includes a rebuilt carburetor and a new fuel pump, fresh tires, and a thorough flush and clean-out of the fuel system. The previous owner had a lot of work done in the last year, including a valve job and brakes, so it really is a fantastic driver now. The paint is probably 40 years old, maybe more, but after a full clean up and some touching-up of the details, it looks pretty darned good. It's got a good gloss and there's obviously no bad bodywork hiding underneath. But yes, it's old paint and there are nicks and scratches here and there, some fading in spot, and one area on the hood where someone sprayed in a touch up with a color that's maybe one shade too dark. But for touring and casual use, it looks great. The same is true of the chrome, with some of it being fresh and some being original. The grille shell and shutters are in good shape but they're 1934 chrome, so there's a light dusting of pitting on the outer shell--I was strongly considering painting it to match the bodywork because I prefer that look, and that's what I'd do if I were keeping it. The bumpers are excellent and were obviously refinished more recently. The "donut pusher" hood ornament is exquisitely detailed and I strongly believe it's an NOS piece that has never been chromed--it looks like a raw casting and should chrome beautifully with extra crisp details. There's also a plain hood ornament that's in the same shape as the radiator shell. Headlight buckets are nice, door handles are good, and the taillight housings are in good order. All exterior lights are working except the Trippe lights up front and I'm wondering if they're even hooked up because I can't find a switch. As far as I can tell, the interior is 100% original, save for one strip of the back seat lower cushion. I'll admit that the front seat is a bit tattered and we were going to reupholster just the driver's seat, but we couldn't find a suitable fabric that matched everything else. Believe me, we tried, including calling companies in England and Sweden. Yes, we tried that guy. And that guy you're thinking of. And that company you used. We really tried. Failing that, we decided not to go any farther for two reasons: one, whoever buys this car might want something different than what I picked (especially since a color change might be in this car's future), and two, when faced with originality that you can use and replacement to keep some whiners from complaining, I'll choose originality every time. So we gave it a deep cleaning instead. It's presentable and clean, doesn't smell funky, and yes, while there are some threadbare spots and areas where the moths got to it, it's still totally functional as-is. The headliner is beautiful, the door panels are quite good, and except for the passenger's front door garnish molding, all the woodgraining is excellent. Gauges are just lovely and they all work except the gas gauge. Dome light works, steering wheel controls work, the horns honk nice and loud, and there are brand new windshield wiper motors in a box ready to be installed (probably best to do that when you do the interior so you don't disturb the headliner). I have fellow forum member BillP to thank for that cool shift knob--come get your free lunch, Bill! The engine is Packard's friendly and robust 320 cubic inch straight-8. This one has been rebuilt with an .030 overbore, and as I mentioned, it has also just had a valve job. At that time, the bearings were checked and they're good and it makes about 15 pounds of oil pressure at hot idle and about 50 PSI at cruising speed, so no issues inside. We rebuilt the carburetor, cleaned out the fuel system, and installed a new fuel pump, and this sucker fires up the first time every time. Pull out the choke about 3/4 of an inch and press the button and it's running. The generator makes good electricity and regulates down to 0 as you drive and it seems to hover around 160 degrees under normal driving. I've been driving it quite a bit and it's been 85-90 here lately, and it never threatens to get out of hand. We cleaned the engine and debated about painting it and cleaning it up, but it's really not bad. The head was painted when it was off a few months ago, and they painted the exhaust manifold at the same time. The aluminum crank case is bright and clean and the big air cleaner assembly looks good, too. There's the usual crustiness around the water jacket, but it's not actively leaking at this time. Wiring is a combination of original and new stuff that isn't pretending to be correct, but at least everything works like it should. New belts and hoses, fresh coolant in the radiator, and fresh fluids in the engine and transmission round out the list of recent service. The Bijur system is there but I don't think it's connected, but I haven't tried pushing the plunger, either--my floors are white. It's original and unrestored underneath, but also solid and in good order with no rust or glaring needs. The exhaust system is older and I'd replace it because it's a little more aggressive-sounding than I'd like for a Packard. Nice 8-cylinder grumble, but a Packard should whisper. Yes, it leaks--doesn't your old car leak? It's not a major leaker, but you're going to get drops under the engine and rear end. Welcome to the world of old cars. The wheels were cleaned and fitted with fresh Lester wide whites, which I think look great. So here it is, ready to tour right now, today. Looks great and nobody will argue that a '34 Packard isn't on everybody's A-list. Totally restored, this is probably an $80,000 car, maybe more at this point, but I think that's a mistake. Get in, turn the key, and drive the doors off it. It cruises at 50 MPH very easily and will do more if you want. Ride is superlative, and a lot of expensive, difficult work is already done. If you want a new interior in it, let's talk, because my guy says he can do it fairly reasonably--door panels, seats, side and back panels, and carpets. But please promise me you'll drive it, because it does that extremely well. We're asking $39,900. Go find more Packard for less money. Or come take this one for a spin and be impressed by just how well it works. Thanks for reading!
  11. 1915 Pierce-Arrow Model 38 - 5 Passenger Touring * 3rd owner from new * Owned for almost 60 years by Dave Harris, past president of Pierce-Arrow Society * Extremely original car in very good touring condition * 2 tone grey with maroon leather * Excellant Johnson patent rims * Original tools still in door pockets * All original under seats * Original carburetor and 2 spark ignition If you want a real Pierce-Arrow with history from new and is tour ready, please consider this car. Asking: $179,500 Contact: Stewart Laidlaw (203) 664-1322 - Office Number (209) 743-6622 - Mobile Number - email
  12. This a new resonator muffler and the picture of the application tag came out nice and clear. It fits what the tag reads.The price is $40 US and includes shipping to the continental United States. I take cash, personal checks, Paypal. Shipped from the wolds of western New York. Bernie
  13. 1947 Buick radio $100.00. 1947 Buick radio grille $100. Both in good condition.
  14. 1956 Ford Thunderbird 2dr black convertible. Showroom condition collectible. $70,200. 301-777-3900, ask for Randy
  15. 1930 Ford Model A brown 2dr coupe. Showroom condition collectible. $57,750. 301-777-3900, ask for Randy
  16. 1957 Ford Thunderbird 2dr yellow convertible. Showroom condition collectible. $77,400. 301-777-3900, ask for Randy
  17. For Sale: 1955 Ford Thunderbird 2dr white convertible. Showroom condition collectible. $61,000. 301-777-3900, ask for Randy
  18. Matched set of four original 17" drop-center wire wheels from a 1932 Cadillac model 370B V-12 car. They have the desirable rolled edge outer rims and optional stainless steel trim rings and were designed for a 750-17 size tire. I think these will fit 1932 to 1935 and possibly later Cadillac V-8 and V-12 cars but not the V-16 cars. These were taken from a running car, have been dry stored and are in good to very good used condition for their age. The exterior surfaces are rust free with no pitting or cracks. They have been painted a maroon color which unfortunately covers the trim rings, the paint is in good condition with some chips and scratches. The trim rings have some small dings and scratches but appear restorable. There is one small dent in one outer rim which is shown in the photos. The bead areas are clean and the interior spoke attachment areas are covered with rubber flap material, there is some surface rust on the interior areas. Wheels like these are very hard to find in this condition, use them as is or they would be easy to restore. These are currently for sale on Ebay at a price of $749 or best offer, here is a link to the auction: NOTE: These are used parts and are being sold AS IS with no guarantee, look at all photos and ask any questions prior to bidding PLEASE SEE MY SIMILAR POST IN THE MAIN FOR SALE / WANTED FORUM FOR PHOTOS.
  19. Ready to go 1969 383 CI ,4 speed Transmission. Show or go! Original sales paperwork included. Located in Eugene, Oregon. $38K or offer. PM for more info
  20. Will upload pics soon. Custom paint and some custom interior work done. Momo italian racing steering wheel, M3 wheels, and mirrors to make the 325i look sportier and more streamlined. Sedan. 5 speed manual Trans. $2600 need the space. 2 people in the house and 5 cars between us. Want to sell and buy a classic Cadillac project 1930-1933 or a Packard project 1931-1934. Will bundle the 92 bmw, an extra transmission, and a 66 VW Baja in a trade for one of those. Phoenix, AZ.
  21. Not mine Ad text: The Last Picture is what it can look like. I have TOO many Projects. Very Solid Coupe. WITH CLEAN TITLE. Hate to sell, but will never get to it.(One of my very favorite front ends) All Front End Parts are in the car & trunk. Does not have the engine or trans. Comes with a complete 1939 4door parts car. Has original running gear, if you want to go back to original. Parts car does not have a title. I was planning on building a street Rod. As far as I know, All parts are there to put back together. Everything, including bolts & screws are in zip lock bags & labeled. Very little rust. Frame, Floors, Trunk Floor, Door Bottoms are Solid. Call or Text with any questions. Make a Fair Offer. Only Interesting Trades.(Only Old Cars/Trucks or Old Motorcycles) (Studebakers a Plus). Any trade offers must have pictures. Thanks for looking. Again...Only Calls or Texts. Don't need Any Help Selling. Any Scams will be reported. Jim call or text: ☎ (336) 529-3628
  22. NOT MINE: Jerry Gould Auction Company, 6200 Price Way, Bakersfield, CA at 9:00 AM PDT on Saturday July 23, 2016, telephone bids accepted. Preview is Friday July 22 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at same address. For details on the AUCTION including bidding and payment requirements, call Gould Auction at (559) 587-3123 during business hours. For information on the VEHICLES, call Al Engel at (559) 688-8844. The auction company has NOT been responsive to questions and requests for more information I submitted via their website, two weeks apart, so I recommend telephone as the only means of getting more information. I am told that TELEPHONE BIDS will be accepted, but anyone interested should search their website and ask questions by phone about bidder qualification and payment requirements. Note when going to website that this company is (singular of 'auction'), and that a completely different company is (plural of 'auction'). I was allowed to drive this 1919 Pierce-Arrow Series 51 on the 2008 Modoc Tour and found it to be an excellent performer. Other vehicles being auctioned include 1911 Kissel 40 hp model D-11, 1968 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi 4-speed restored, enclosed car trailer, 2006 Dodge Cummins diesel dually pickup tow vehicle, 1979 Mercedes 450SL, vintage motorcycles.
  23. Cylinder jugs for 1911 Maxwell for sale. Excellent condition. $6000. Includes other engine parts. Selling for brother, will answer any questions. 845-876-7309. Ask for John
  24. Hello, I am parting a 48 Custom eight touring sedan.(2252) Mostly complete but not a restoration candidate. Let me know if you need anything. Can ship or deliver to Hershey, if your not in a rush. Thanks, Dennis
  25. I have some surplus exact style windshield setting material available for the Model A cars. The rubber repo garbage the suppliers sell is unacceptable, not correct and hard to work with. This stock is a cork and rubber compound with a material backing. It takes 12 ft to do the average windshield with a little left over. Please measure the amount you need before ordering I am selling this for 2.00 a foot plus shipping.The smallest USPS flat rate box is 6.80...if you want it shipped a different way please let me know.... instructions::: Starting with a clean frame channel cut each side to length. Install the setting with the material side facing the frame form it into a V into the glass channel. Feed the glass into the cork keeping both sides of the setting material even. Using silicone spray may help when installing the glass.