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Found 8,987 results

  1. *SOLD* As I've learned in this business, most guys aren't quite ready to step up to a pink car. That's really too bad, because my experience with a pink car (Melanie's '56 Chrysler) has been 100% positive and much of it is due to the color. People LOVE it. In fact, if not for the color on this pretty 'Bird, I probably would have turned it away. White? Bo-ring. Light blue? Meh. Red? Seen it too many times to count. So if you have the vision and the confidence to own a car whose original color is code V Palm Springs Rose, you're going to get a great one. It comes from the collection of an incredibly fussy guy who simply wanted everything to work properly, so it does--and I have an inch-thick stack of receipts (all neatly bound, labeled, and organized by date) showing that no stone was left unturned on this car. The paint job is probably 10 years old and I don't really think the car has ever been totally disassembled, but it sure feels right. The finish has a nice shine that's totally appropriate and you'll never feel shy about taking it to a show. Not perfect, but nice enough to be welcome anywhere. It says Golden Motors on the trunk lid and I tracked them down in South Carolina; the condition of the sheetmetal bears out a warm weather life for this car. No rust repairs, no rot, no bondo, just good factory sheetmetal that has probably never been apart. The chrome and stainless trim is probably original and in good condition with no signs of distress--only the little fender-top emblems are showing their age. It's quite nice throughout. Not perfect, but pretty darned good. My gut says the gray and black interior has been restored--it's just too nice to be 60 years old. The carpets have certainly been replaced and if the seat covers and door panels were restored they did it right because the materials and patters are correct. The interior plastics are excellent, including the steering wheel and knobs, and the bright dash panels are not pitted, which is very common. Everything works, and I mean everything: gauges, lights, clock, and the factory A/C blows cold. Actually, I misspoke (miswrote?)--the aftermarket ammeter under the dash doesn't seem to be hooked up because they changed to an alternator. But it does make good oil pressure and the factory AM radio pulls in stations loud and clear through the speaker mounted in the center console--THAT'S just plain cool. Seat belts were added at some point, the weather seals are supple, and it closes up tight with no squeaks or rattles inside. The trunk is finished correctly with a new mat set and a new full-sized spare. The engine is a Y-code 352 cubic inch V8, which was the base engine on the Thunderbird. There will surely be guys who scoff that it's not a 390 or even a 430, but the way these cars are driven you'll never know the difference anyway--what, you're going drag racing? The 352 was rebuilt in 2007 (about 13,000 miles ago) with .030 oversize pistons, and all the other new stuff inside. The radiator was re-cored, the transmission was rebuilt, a new torque converter was installed, and all the other stuff you need to make it run properly was done. It's impeccably smooth and beautifully tuned so it starts almost instantly and even when it's ice cold the idle is smooth enough that you almost think it has stalled. More recent work includes a new thermostat, A/C compressor rebuilt and converted to R134a, added an alternator and dual master cylinder with booster, rebuilt brakes, new harmonic balancer, Pertronix ignition, new gas tank, and regular maintenance stuff like bulbs, filters, new shocks, new exhaust system, rebuilt power steering gear, and a new antenna. I have detailed receipts dating back to the '80s and an extensive work summary showing EVERYTHING that has been done to this car since 1989. I mean, NOBODY documents a car like this. Each time he washed and waxed the car he made a note of the date. He installed a decal on the coil and made a note of the date. Nice, right? It runs great, tracks straight, rides smooth, and stops true. Shifts are smooth and crisp. It stays cool even with the A/C cranking on a hot day. The undercarriage is clean if not detailed for show and there is exactly zero evidence of patches, repairs, or rot--that's especially critical on these cars, which are uni-body construction. It sits on new 215/75/14 wide whitwall radials that look and handle great thanks to a recent alignment. That huge stack of receipts, detailed service history, plus a factory service manual and owner's manual, as well as several boxes full of spare parts (including the original generator) are all included. $24,900 may seem like a lot for a Square Bird hardtop, but this is a superior car owned by one of the most meticulous guys I've ever met in my life. He wanted it right and he spent way more than the asking price to make it right. I personally love the color combination and this 'Bird will stand out at any event because of it. It's an absolute pleasure to drive and there's nothing left for a new owner to do but get in and enjoy--someone else already did EVERYTHING for you. Given that well-sorted cars are so scarce and nasty surprises are common, this Thunderbird delivers all out of proportion to its sticker price. If you're man enough for a pink car this 'Bird will delight you, and just in case you can't tell, I REALLY like it. Thanks for looking!
  2. Matthews Auctions, LLC will be selling the mostly Automotive watch fob collection of John Childs from Wentzville, Missouri over the next few months in four or five online only auctions. You can click on the link below to view the listing. They will all be sold on in online only timed auctions, as of now we have Jan 29, Feb 5 and more to come. You can call 217-259-7059 if you have question. John Childs Watch Fob Collection Catalog
  3. I finally got it home. 1958 Buick Super 4dr. 300hp 364 4bbl. Original transmission all of the glass is in ok shape. Has aluminum drums on front, steel on rear. Most of the trim is here and in good shape (should clean up to driver quality pretty easily). The plastic is still on the seats. Lots of good useable parts and some repairable ones too. Let me know what you need and we'll figure out a price. Located in Bell Buckle Tn
  4. This is not mine and I have no info other than what is posted below: Facebook Marketplace has taken over Craigslist for where I look most often at car listings. This one popped up this morning. Interesting connection...interesting enough to justify price? Seller's Description This car was purchased brand new by Frank Sinatra himself . 1964 Buick Electra 225. 401 nailhead 3speed automatic  runs and drives. serious buyers only . 15.000 obo
  5. 1907 Indian Motorcycle for sale. Single cylinder, 2 1/2 hp. 1st year for mechanically operated valves. Fuel tank sits atop the rear fender. Beautiful graphics. Restored to very high quality. Engine number 6174. Would look great on display. Black paint with appropriate nickel plating. More photos available. Asking $59,5k. Call or e-mail with any questions. Thanks, Joe 860-868-7012
  6. Restored 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sports Coupe Original matching numbers chassis and engine - Recently rebuilt (50 miles) 330 cubic inch 4 barrel V8 with 320 horsepower – Period correct quadrajet carb Working factory a/c - Upgraded power front disc brakes - Power steering Period correct factory automatic jetaway 330/ST300 2-speed switch pitch transmission Metalic blue - Body exceptionally - New matching basketweave headliner, new cloth seats and new vinyl blue interior New interior with bucket seats and center console floor shifter New dual exhaust with flow thru mufflers to give it a nice throaty sound New battery still under warranty - New windshield - New aluminium radiator Rust free over and under (additional photos available on request) This car is a definite head turner while also very reliable daily driver $ 17,000 CASH or would consider trade plus cash preferably for a 1960s to early 1970s Chevy Nova / Chevelle / Camaro project
  7. I have a set of 1963 to 1965 Riv. left and right lower rear quarter stainless trim pieces for sale. Both of these are take-off's from a parts car some 30 years ago. The passenger side piece is in excellent condition. There are no issues with dents or obvious scratches. Just light surface scratches like we'd expect on an older, used piece of stainless trim. Very nice as-is for a driver. It would have to be buffed to have a show look. The driver's side piece is in very good condition, with the just the same (as the passenger side piece) light surface scratches from normal everyday use back in the day. However, the driver's side trim has one small prick or tiny dent toward the rear of the piece. It is not deep, and hardly noticeable. But, it keeps the piece from being excellent, as is. From experience, I know this super small, shallow dent is easily removeable by someone who does stainless work. The key is that the dent is not deep, and it's on the flat area of the trim, where it can be worked from behind. I've attached a photo of this blem. Again, the dent is like a little prick, about the size of the tip of a ball point pen. Might be hard to see on the photo. Not much of an issue, but it still needed to be mentioned. I've tried to do the best I can with the pictures. It's hard to photograph shiny stainless! The price for this left and right pair of rear stainless trim is $95, plus the shipping.
  8. Aluminum Powerglide transmissions (2) 1962-1973 - $600 (Germantown) hide this posti you may call me, and lv message if not there: 9 zero 1 7 five 3 one 1 three zero $ 250 for the standard, non Air-cooled Powerglide, and $ 350 for the Air-Cooled Powerglide, or best offer I have two Aluminum Powerglide transmissions (one is "air-cooled" style); each, I suspect, will need to be rebuilt, although I was told one is good, as-is, including torque convertor. I recommend each transmission to be rebuilt to insure full reliability. I know a transmission rebuilder who can rebuild them for you at his home, near Macon Road in Memphis, TN. I'll get some photos soon and post on here. ---------------------------------------------------------------history on Powerglides------------------------------------------------- The 1950, 1951, and 1952 Powerglide transmissions did not automatically shift between low and high (direct drive) which made for very sluggish take-offs and many drivers started in "Low" and shifted to "Drive" at about 30-40 mph (48-64 km/h), which was hard on the transmission. The 1953 and later units when in "Drive" started in low and automatically up shifted to high at a speed determined by the throttle opening. By the mid-1950s, more than half of all new Chevrolets were sold with Powerglide. In 1962, GM started building Air-Cooled Powerglides in aluminium, primarily for use in the new model Chevy II, which required a lightweight transmission for its compact body, and discontinued the cast iron Powerglides in 1963. A heavy duty version of Aluminium Powerglide was offered for passenger cars equipped with the 409 cubic inch V8 engine, and Chevrolet light trucks using a 1.76:1 reduction planetary gear set, instead of the usual 1.82:1. With a 3.31 axle, Car and Driver magazine noted a full-throttle up shift speed of 76 mph (122 km/h) to direct with the 409-4bbl 340 hp (250 kW) engine in a contemporary road test. Most of the V8/Powerglide transmissions came with the 1.76 gear set. One notable exception was the export version of the transmission, which offered only the 1.82 ratio and was used by Holden in Australia behind their Australian built 6-cylinder and V8 engines. Holden vehicles fitted with Chevrolet V8 engines used the 1.76 ratio gear-set. The Powerglide continued to serve as Chevrolet's main automatic transmission through the 1960s, when a new three-speed automatic transmission called Turbo-Hydramatic 400 (1965 introduction) began to be phased in. They were introduced in Buicks and Cadillacs the previous year. Usually, Powerglides were coupled behind the small block V8s and the third-generation inline six-cylinder engine and inline four-cylinder engines. By the late 1960s, demand for two-speed automatic transmissions was dwindling as buyers were demanding three-speed units (Ford, Chrysler and American Motors had already switched entirely to three-speed automatics by this time). In 1969, the three-speed Turbo Hydramatic 350 (THM350) was introduced as a light-duty companion to the Turbo-Hydramatic 400, and made available on virtually all Chevrolet cars and trucks with six-cylinder or small and medium-sized V8 engines, as well as intermediate sized cars of other GM divisions.[2] The Powerglide lingered on as a low-cost automatic transmission option primarily for the six-cylinder Chevrolet Nova and four-cylinder Chevrolet Vega until it was phased out after the 1973 model year, replaced by the Turbo Hydramatic 250. They were also used in the DJ-5 'Dispatcher' Jeeps sold for light commercial use, and best known for their service with the US Postal Service. Its simple and robust design has led drag racing enthusiasts to work with it, giving the Powerglide an effective service life of nearly five decades past its intended obsolescence. Types: There were two primary types or versions of the Powerglide: the Powerglide transmission introduced in 1950 had a cast iron case and is known as the "Cast Iron Powerglide", used until 1963, when it was revamped as "Aluminium Powerglide" where its case and several of its other parts were made of aluminium. Early models were air cooled, and later 60's versions used a fluid cooler in the radiator. The Aluminium Powerglide, and Tempestorque was used from 1962 until it was replaced with the Turbo-Hydramatic series of transmission in 1973. The Aluminium Powerglide is still used today as a racing transmission of choice by many racers mainly for the fact that it only shifts once, and for its extreme durability. It is also possible to purchase all the parts needed to build an Aluminium Powerglide from scratch from most racing parts vendors.
  9. I have an extra copy of the 1971 Folding Top Service Manual for the full-size GM cars. This is the "scissors" top that is used from 1971 through 1975 on the Centurion and LeSabre convertibles, plus Olds 88, Pontiac, Chevrolet and Cadillac Eldorado convertibles. Covers the servicing, installation, adjustment, operation, and hardware of these tops. 35 pages with hard paper covers. $20 postage paid to US address; $25 to a foreign address, post-paid. Offering it here before I put it on Ebay. Excellent condition. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  10. Keep her warm and classic looking in your touring car this fall. Mint condition woman's size 12, luxurious appearance, soft, shiny black, full length Beaver coat made exclusively in 1929 for L.S. Ayres department store, located Indianapolis, IN. Measurements are shoulder to shoulder 16", shoulder to hem 40" with sleeve length of 24". NO ISSUES. Been in same family since new. Out standing beautiful Beaver coat for $250. REASONABLE OBO. includes Fed Ex delivery to your door in lower 48 states USA. Other location, please contact for some additional shipping cost. More information, please telephone 317-846-4605. Thank you. John
  11. Here's a 101 year old car all together, not laying around in parts for under $2000 US dollars.
  12. Yes, Its mine. Might do some swapping but no junk. If any one is interested in the 13 K range look me up. I picked up this abandoned project about a year ago and spent that time getting it on the road. I got the never started rebuilt motor running. Its the "Go Devil" flathead four just like the Jeeps in those old war movies. I put on all 5 new brake cylinders and four sets of shoes. Four NEW tires. Cleaned and resealed the gas tank. Put the already made up interior together. Finished up the new wiring harness. (fixed the overdrive) Added aftermarket turn signals. New 6 volt battery. Got a new top installed including the side curtains. Got the title in my name and is insured. (permanent Oregon special interest registration. If it sells out of Oregon I am keeping the license plate. Made up a carpet set for it. (I did do some floor patching but other than that there is no rust). The car drives just like one would expect for a 1948 four cylinder car. Keeps up with traffic but no race car. There is what looks like some tarp scratches on the passenger side of the hood and the RF fender, but it may rub out, I didn't try. Comes with a very comprehensive shop manual. This car had been stored for over thirty years when I came along, so following some old guys sidelined project was fun for me. I will accept dead presidents on the spot. Checks of any kind will have ten days to clear. Wire transfer when my bank is satisfied. I may consider some swap for early Mopar among others (20s or 30s) finished or original, Maybe a Pierce Arrow? (don't really want any projects other than minor fix ups) So lets see whatcha got. PM me for any questions or phone info.
  13. In looking for another part for a fellow hobbyist, I came upon several NOS Carter Carburetor Gas Filters to sell. They are totally complete, with the glass bowl and stone filter element. Again, they have never been installed, and are in excellent condition. This is the low profile version of this popular Carter fuel filter, used in the 1950's and 1960's. It was usually installed in the gas line, just before the carburetor gas inlet. Lots of these used on MOPAR's, GM cars, and Studebakers back in the day. They have a nifty period look. The price per complete, NOS Carter Gas Filter is $45, plus the shipping. Again, I have a few of these to sell (all NOS). Thanks for looking. John
  14. In looking for another part for a fellow hobbyist, I came upon several NOS Carter Carburetor Gas Filters to sell. They are totally complete, with the glass bowl and stone filter element. Again, they have never been installed, and are in excellent condition. This is the low-profile version of this popular Carter fuel filter, used in the 1950's and 1960's. It was usually installed in the gas line, just before the carburetor gas inlet. The low-profile helps the filter clear the intake manifold and the air cleaner. Lots of these used on Studebakers, MOPAR and GM back in the day. They have a nifty period look. The price per complete, NOS Carter Gas Filter is $45, plus the shipping. Again, I have a few of these to sell (all NOS). Thanks for looking. John
  15. Complete rear end including torque tube from a 1952 Roadmaster. Make me an offer! Located in South Bend, IN
  16. Sadly, it's time to let the next custodian take over!!! I have owned this rust free Skylark for almost 25 years. I purchased it in 1995 from a fellow whose family owned it in Argentina!! It has been tediously restored over a 16 year period to exact authenticity, and was finished in 2011. Powder coated everything(except frame) to include the transmission, steering box, and steering pump cases, along with nuts and bolts!! Even the radio case and hardware have been powder coated. I wanted it to last forever. Wins wherever it goes. BCA gold Senior(399/400) in 2011. BCA Preservation(400/400) in 2012. AACA first JR.. in 2012. AACA Sr. in 2016. AACA Second Grand National in 2018. All documents, receipts and photographs, along with 2 different appraisals are included. Sure to please the most discriminating buyer. All interesting trades considered. Below is a link to about 90 photos. $189,999.00 Steve 412-638-2647
  17. One-year only taillight lenses for your second-series '49 Plymouth. Two are for business coupe ('tilted' style) and two are for fastback. No part numbers on them but all are marked PLYAD. I believe the fastback lenses are the same for left and right, but the business coupe may be different for each side; check for yourself to see that these are the ones you need. The lenses are in very nice condition with a little tape residue that should clean right off. 2/$40.00 or $75.00 for all 4, postpaid in the lower 48 States.
  18. THIS is exactly how I like my Corvettes. Fully sorted, nicely broken-in, already pre-scuffed, and 100% ready to rock. Watch too much TV and you'd think that the only Corvette you should own is a numbers-matching car with a fresh restoration and Bloomington Gold certification, but the truth is, driving a Corvette gently is like kissing your mother--technically it's the same, but it's really not. This particular 1966 Corvette convertible comes out of long-term ownership where it has been maintained and enjoyed, but not restored. It was repainted perhaps 25 years ago in its original code 976 Nassau Blue and while it looks good in photos and from five feet away, there are plenty of blemishes and signs of use, mostly some bubbles on the cowl at the base of the windshield that are probably the result of a prep issue. If a driver-grade car isn't your thing, you can stop right here. If you like to drive however, you'll be pleased to note that the fiberglass is in excellent condition with none of the usual cracks around the headlight openings and the doors fit beautifully--I don't think it's ever been fully disassembled. Chrome is decent to very good. You won't be ashamed to be seen in this car any more than you're ashamed to be seen in jeans and a T-shirt. I believe the code 418 dark blue vinyl interior is original. It's in good shape aside from two splits in the driver's seat back, but they could probably be repaired. Or you could just throw some repro seat covers in there, it wouldn't matter. Door panels and the dash are quite good and not cracked or sun-baked, and the steering wheel is in great shape. Gauges are a little faded but they all work, including the tach with a 6500 RPM redline, which helps corroborate that this is an original L72 car (more on that in a moment). I have to admit I hate the way the Hurst shifter looks and feels, but it does work quite well when you're racking it through the gears at speed. There's an aftermarket AM/FM/cassette radio with that unusual vertical orientation and it powers a pair of speakers behind the seats, but one of the knobs is missing. Meh. Clock doesn't work, but who cares? White convertible top is in excellent condition and seals up pretty well. The engine is a great-running 427 cubic inch V8, although it is definitely NOT matching-numbers. However, it is a 3963512 big block casting, which is a later 427 or 454 block used in cars like the COPO Camaro and LS6 Chevelles, as well as a few less glamorous applications. I don't know exactly where it was born because the stamping pad numbers don't add up to anything beyond a CE--some say it's a warranty replacement block, but who knows? Again, this is NOT a matching-numbers car, so let's not worry about that esoterica here. At least it's a genuine hi-po big block and not some kind of '70s truck block. Either way, it's a fantastic runner. It wears a few markings that suggest this car was originally an L72 427/425 but I have no real proof and my only evidence is circumstantial like the tach and the ancient decals that certainly appear to be original. I do not believe it has a solid lifter camshaft anymore and I didn't bother checking carburetor or distributor numbers--it shouldn't matter on a car like this. I do know that it was rebuilt maybe 10 years ago and was just recently tuned and serviced so it runs extremely well. It starts easily, idles nicely, and man is this thing STOUT! Like most big block Corvettes, it'll drive nicely enough if you're just puttering around, but what it really wants you to do is put your foot on the floor and abuse it. The harder you drive it, the better it works. There's a fantastic whack of torque at any speed and it rips through the gears so quickly you don't really have much time to think about it. Just grab the next gear as fast as you can and hope that one hand on the wheel is enough to keep it going straight. Gear ratios in the Muncie M21 are ideal--as you clutch in the engine RPM falls to exactly the right speed to engage the next gear. It's just joyous to run through the gears. VROOOOM--shift---VROOOOOM--shift--VROOOOOM--shift--VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM. I'm grinning just thinking about driving this car...maybe it'll be dry tomorrow... It does have manual steering and manual brakes, so man up before you call me because I'm not listening to how your wife needs it to have power steering before you can buy it. Newer Firestone radials with hubcaps, which is a look I like. Chassis is clean and not rusty, but there's a little surface scale on the frame and suspension parts and the dual exhaust system is older but without leaks. It sits right, handles well, and actually doesn't have any serious rattles, another indication of a car that hasn't been blown apart before. Pretty Corvettes with prizes are fine and that seems to be where most guys want the hobby to go. But I promise if you take this one out for a drive, you'll have more fun in 10 minutes than the guy with a trophy car has in a year. Big block 'Vettes were built for combat, not tea parties so treat this one right and make it dance. Price is a pretty reasonable $49,900 and you could drive this car home to California tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
  19. 1928 Packard Six 526 5 Passenger Sedan. Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) “Full Classic”. California History. Sold new by the Earl C. Anthony Agency in Los Angeles California. Powered by Packard’s proven 241 cubic inch 6-cylinder engine which was rated at 80 horsepower. Three speed manual transmission. Finished in two tone Blue with Black fenders and Light Blue pinstripe. Tan Cloth interior. Woodgrain dash and window trim. Wonderful Leather instrument surround. This Packard is equipped with lots of great features. Dual Sidemounts. Cowl Lamps. Wind Wings. Trunk Rack with Trunk. Moto-Meter. Sun Visors. Bud Vase. Rear passenger foot rest. Vacuum Windshield Wiper. Step Plates. Wide White Wall tires. This is a wonderful Packard for club events and tours. Excellent road manners. Ready to Drive, Show and Enjoy. $49,900 Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Located in Norwalk Ohio, 44857 Watch the video of this great Packard in action:
  20. 1931 Ford Model A Slant Windshield Town Sedan. Off frame restoration to very high standards. Highly detailed chassis. From the long term collection of a Model A enthusiast. ALL Steel. Finished in Ford Maroon with Vermillion wheels and pinstripe. LeBaron Bonney Tan Mohair interior. Woodgrain window trim. Powered by Ford’s 200 cubic inch flathead 4-cylinder engine which was rated at 40 horsepower. Electric Start. Three speed manual transmission. This Ford is equipped with lots of great features. Winged Moto-Meter. Dash Lamp. Dual outside mirrors. Shocks. Rear mounted spare tire with Ford script tire cover. Goodyear tires. A 6-volt Alternator and Electronic ignition have been added for modern touring. Excellent automobile for AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) as well as Model A Ford Club shows, tours, and club events. Ready to Drive, Show and Enjoy. $29,900 Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Located in Norwalk Ohio, 44857 "Home of the Fisher Brothers" Watch this great Ford in action:
  21. 1959 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Scenic Coupe with Air Conditioning. Model 59-3537. Outstanding. From California. Built in Southgate California. Restored to very high standards. Only 20,259 built. The longest Tail Fins ever produced! The Tail Fins are 208” long! Lee Petty Drove a 1959 Oldsmobile to Victory at the Daytona 500! Finished in Color code correct Russet with a Polaris White roof. Trim code correct Grey and Ivory interior. Powered by a 394 cubic inch Rocket V-8 which Oldsmobile rated at 315 horsepower. Dual exhaust. Automatic transmission. This Super 88 is loaded with lots of great features. Cold Air Conditioning! Power Steering. Power Brakes. “Safety Spectrum” Speedometer. Tinted Glass. 6-way Power Seat. Am Radio. Clock. Day-Nite Mirror. Driver side mirror. Reversing Lamps. Passenger Vanity Mirror. Oldsmobile Floor Mats. Wide White Wall tires. Front and Rear Seatbelts for Safety. Excellent Road Manners. Ready to Drive, Show and Enjoy. $49,900 Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Located in Norwalk Ohio, 44857 "Home of the Fisher Brothers" Watch this great Oldsmobile in action:
  22. I have a fully signed Craftsman log/owners manual, etc for FREE if you or anyone needs it. I found a good looking switch for lights, I believe it's 1990. Remember those NOS perfect center caps someone offered a few months back? I have a set of four of those. FREE or donation. See light switch FREE or donation.
  23. $20 for the pair domestic media mail shipping included Thanks John PM me if interested
  24. Not Mine, but I really like the looks of it.