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Found 8,993 results

  1. I debated as to whether I should list this 1964 Ford Custom here. Yes, technically it's a clone, but the story is so much more interesting than that. The gentleman who restored/built it actually owned an original 1964 R-code (that's a 427 8-barrel race motor to us mortals) Custom, which he bought at the legendary Tasca Ford and raced in-period and beyond. Eventually, as often happens to old race cars, it was just plain used up. The quarter panels had been cut and welded and hammered to clear varying sizes of slicks, the body was tweaked, the frame was modified time and time again, and the interior was gutted, replaced, gutted again, fitted with a cage, etc. In short, the original car was just plain beat to the point where even restoring it would be a monumental challenge. Somehow, somewhere, he found an identical body shell: this Los Angeles-built V-code (that's a lowly six-cylinder) Custom 2-door sedan. If you're not familiar with the "Custom" line at Ford, it was pretty much the bottom-of-the-line, bargain-basement model that was typically used for fleet orders. Need a batch of Ford squad cars? Customs were what the city bought. At any rate, he found this ultra-clean Custom 2-door sedan, complete with an exquisitely preserved original interior, and proceeded to swap all the hardware from his genuine R-code car onto this shell. The result is a car that's in exactly the condition it might have been right before its first race in 1964. Oh, yeah, he spent about $100,000 to make it happen. So yes, it's technically a clone, but it was built by the original owner of a real-deal R-code Custom who used his real R-code parts from that real car to build this one, and it's pretty darned spectacular. Wimbledon White is even this car's original color, just like the R-code factory cars, and the body was stripped bare and refinished to show standards. There's not a ripple or wave anywhere on the car, and while it may seem familiar up front (the Custom used a Galaxie nose), the rear may look a little strange because it's unique to the Custom line. Not quite a Galaxie and not quite a Fairlane, and as a result of this, replacement panels are unobtainium. Fortunately, this car lived its entire life in southern California where it was built, and the sheetmetal was exquisite. In fact, it was so nice that the body didn't even need to come off the frame because it's super clean underneath. All the chrome was restored, an NOS grille was sourced at a cost of more than $1300, and even the 'Custom' emblems were restored, because nobody repops them. Experts will note that this car even uses red taillights without the integral back-up light, a signature component of the R-code cars and again, practically impossible to obtain today. The blue interior is astoundingly original and ultra-clean. The carpets are new, the gauges were rebuilt, and the dash was refinished, but the seats, door panels, and headliner are vintage 1964. There's some discoloration on the arm rests, as you'd expect, but the seats are still firm and comfortable, particularly in back, which is almost unused. You'll note the gauges are beautifully restored with crisp silver faces and they all work properly. The odometer was reset to 0 when it was restored, and shows about 4600 miles today. I especially dig the radio and clock delete plates and at night, when you hit the headlights, the dash lights up blue, even the little letters on the bezels surrounding the secondary switches. The 1960s Stewart Warner auxiliary gauges were also rebuilt, with a warning light for low oil pressure, and yes, that 1967-ish Mallory rev control is fully functional. That's the original (and not reproduced) 4-speed shifter, but it has been invisibly adapted to a Hurst linkage, so it racks through the gears like a bolt-action rifle. All the weather-stripping is new so there are no squeaks or rattles and the doors close precisely (remember this was originally a six cylinder car, so it wasn't abused). There are some stains on the front seat backs, as the car was stored for many years with a tire leaning against them, but otherwise, it's very well preserved. Heck, there's even just one sun visor, just like the original R-code cars! The trunk is obviously rust-free and carries a correct mat, a relocated battery with built-in voltage indicator, plus the original spare tire and jack. OK, the big deal lives under the hood. That's $15,000 worth of R-code 427 cubic inch thunder, rebuilt by the pros at CAMS, who specialize in Ford FE motors, particularly the "side oiler" 427s. It's got correct Holley 4-barrels up top, correct linkages, and even a correct oversized pulley on the generator, a little item I saw recently on eBay for $550. The Mickey Thompson valve covers and air cleaner are the same ones that were on the race car for most of its racing career, so they were reinstalled on the motor when it was rebuilt, but I think I'd prefer the stock "Powered By Ford" chrome valve covers and air cleaner, which are easy enough to find. For a big bruiser, it starts easily, although there is no choke, so it's a bit cranky when it's cold. There's a big honkin' cam inside, so the idle is lumpy, but get it over 2000 RPM and it's as smooth as butter. At 3000 RPM, things start to happen in a terrifying hurry, so you'd better make sure it's aimed where you want it to go. I don't think I've ever driven anything this big that's also this fast. The Top Loader 4-speed was rebuilt by an expert out west and uses a special gearset just for R-code cars, so it's pretty snappy off the line, and there are 3.50 gears out back, which are tame enough for use on the street--there's enough torque on tap that you won't miss the original 4.56s. For safety, they added a set of beefy disc brakes and a dual reservoir master cylinder, but that appears to be the lone non-period modification to the entire car. It sits on steel wheels, with 8.15-15 BFGoodrich Silvertown bias-plys up front and rather well-sized 275/60/15 radials out back that hook up pretty well and look like vintage street slicks. If you were watching the Mecum auction two weeks ago, you saw a real-deal R-code Galaxie (much more common) sell for $130,000. While I suppose this is "merely" a clone, it's accurate and all the parts came from a real R-code Custom and it was built by the original owner. Hard to argue with a pedigree like that. And at only $49,900, it represents not only a screaming bargain compared to a real one, but also in comparison to the cost of building your own clone, because the receipts on this one add up to six figures. If you were there, you know what a brute this is, and if you've only heard stories, believe me, this sucker more than lives up to the legend. Thanks for reading!
  2. Not mine but looks worthy of sharing.
  3. Not mine. The owner is a member of my local AACA Chapter. If anybody is interested and needs more information I can easily contact the seller.
  4. SOLD This is an NOS Hood Latch Release Handle and Cable Assembly. Part number is 9851093 which I believe may have changed to 9611970 Should fit 1971 Buick Riviera, LeSabre, Electra & Centurion Most of my books are long gone, so this information was found through internet searches, please confirm for your application. I believe this is 1/2 of a 2 part system. Asking $48 with shipping and insurance included in the continental US. Payment by check or money order. Thanks for looking, Jeff
  5. Would like to sell my classic reatta. has the 3.8 v-6 all power and sunroof this car runs and drives great. car does need a little tlc. the sway arm bushings need replacing air needs charging. this car has new fuel pump and filter new ignition module and cool pack. new oil and filter. will make a good daily driver. call if interested, 903-330-1191
  6. Well, I've had some complaints recently that my posts are too verbose, so here are the basics on this nice, clean '78 Corvette: 39,000 original miles One high-quality repaint last year in original Anniversary colors New seat covers, "Oyster" leather interior otherwise original and excellent Fully rebuilt A/C system, ice cold Power windows, power locks, tilt, AM/FM stereo radio Everything works except the clock and power antenna (which is the same as the early Riviera AKA Unobtainium) New weather seals on windows and T-tops (T-top bags included in the "trunk") Long-tube headers, Weiand intake manifold, and an Edelbrock carb are the lone modifications on an engine that has never been opened Runs and drives very, very well Great entry-level hobby 'Vette that's welcome anywhere and drives well enough to go from here to California without a second thought. $22,900. Thanks for reading!
  8. Price lowered to $16,500 OBO Contact me at VIN: U5DT137458 TRIM CODE = 70C RE J 21A DP1234B It has a 272 Y-Block V8. It looks pristine underneath. Approximately 90K Miles Compression was high when I first took delivery of the car, and I've must have put less than 500-700 miles on since then. No clutch slippage either. No bondo that I'm aware of....did the magnet test when I bought the car and have been underneath myself countless times over the last 5 years. The one spot that had it was replaced with metal. I'm not aware of any issues with the car, except the clock doesn't work, the wiper motor may need to be rebuilt (which I did 5 years ago, but it's just a leather diaphragm in there and they dry out I've been told) but it still works, there's still the occasional drip of oil on my garage floor, and the odometer broke trying to flip to 90K miles (see below). Over the July 4th weekend I drove it from my house in Syracuse to where I work in Rome, NY, about a 2 hour roundtrip, with zero problems, and I'd happily make that trip today. I honestly never intended to sell this car, and what I've spent on it illustrates that all too well. I have saved receipts of over $11K spent on this car plus another $1,600 for Headers (Red's), Bilstein Shocks and Coil and Leaf springs, and dual Porter Mufflers for which I can't find the receipts, for a total of $12,798 (at least!). A quick listing of what's been done on the car includes: •New Shocks, Springs, Tie Rods, Control Arm and Suspension Bushings •Change from Exhaust Manifold with crossover to Dual Exhaust with Red's Headers with Ceramic Metallic Coating and Porter Muflers •Frame power washing and Por coating •Firestone Wide White Tires?Blasted and painted rims •Carb Rebuild •Plugs and Wires •Vacuum Advance •New Gas Tank and Line Flush •Radiator Fan Shroud •Passenger Door window rebuild (new channels, whiskers and rollers) •Drivers Side partial rebuild (new glass, rollers) •Door star assembly •Wiper Motor Rebuild (giving a little trouble now again, 4 years later, but it works) Just an FYI, but the car was delivered to me with just shy of 89,700 miles I believe, 5 or 6 years ago. Odometer broke trying to spin past 90K, but I believe that I have a copy of the last title issued given to me when I purchased the car and it should show miles when sold to me. It's obvious that the car doesn't have 190K miles. But NYS doesn't title cars this old. Again, just mentioning it. That's the larger stuff. I can e-mail an itemized listing along with the pictures at your request.
  9. 1906 Cadillac Double Tulip touring car: This 109-year old car is easy to start and is a very enjoyable vehicle to drive. It was given an early partial restoration (paint) and retains its original wooden body, upholstery, top and Cadillac script front floor mat. This Cadillac will be a wonderful car for the collector that appreciates and values originality, correctness and patina. It is quite rare to be able to obtain a high quality 1oo-plus-year-old single-cylinder car in this condition today that retains its original wooden body and trim. It has received an AACA HPOF plaque that attests to its condition. 1930 Lincoln Sport Phaeton: The rare barn find offered here is a car from a family that has summered here in Vermont for over 80 years. This unrestored Lincoln with aluminum sport phaeton coachwork featuring dual windshields was purchased in New York City in 1938 by John B. Butler Jr. from James Gregory's Used Car Exchange on Broadway in New York City. The second and third generation continued to use it until the grandfather died in the early 1970s. It was last registered in 1971 and then put away in storage in 1972. At that time the engine was oiled, the car was carefully covered and stored up on jack stands. Both of these vehicles have been sold.
  10. Have you seen these 1962 DKW juniors vehicles All (3) for $800, bring a trailer
  11. Used on 1 / 2 / and 4 cyl cars , on/off button on top , bottom lever is for switching dry cell batteries. Condition as shown in photos. $25 plus $6 shipping in CONUS SOLD US postal money order, or PayPal , buyer pays fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  12. I have a 1919 Essex Touring car for sale 4 cylinder 1st year for Essex, this car came from Cal and was Restored some 20 years ago, car runs and drives well needs a refresh but still looks good for sitting I have got her running and have it registered, missing a couple of items I noticed while cleaning her up needs a pair of rear door latches and inside door handles, otherwise car seems complete I have added a wiper and a brake light to the car apparently not offered as standard equipment in 1919 car is located in Brockton Mass contact Ken at price is 15000.00 obo many thanks . I will try to post some current pic asap but I have an old link of the car before it left cal if your interested please send me an email for it thanks Ken
  13. I have a 67 gs400 matching numbers 90700 oringinal miles asking 12,000 860 985 5692 steve i do not know why pic r upside down
  14. Came out of a 68GS, and according to Hollander will interchange from 68 thru 70 as a complete unit. The gear set and posi case are same as used in 67. The ring and pinion gears are 41/12, which equates to 3.42. Most of these came with a 3.07 rear---you won't believe the difference in performance with a 3.42! SOLD
  15. I have a matching numbers 67 gs 400 with 90700 original miles asking 12,000 call steve 860 985 5692
  16. This issue of Car Collector features : 1936 Mercedes-Benz 290 Special Cabriolet A 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe 1969 Camaro SS396 Indy Pace Car Replica plus many other informative and entertaining articles I got the magazine by subscription (wrapper still on it) and it's in very nice, nearly new condition. $8.75 postpaid anywhere in USA. Also have some other issues of Car Collector from the 1980's-90's if you're interested. Write for details. Harold
  17. 4- speed Aqua Lagoon beauty with 71,000 miles. Inside and out redone with new seats, panels, bumpers, top/boot, mounts and much more. A pleasure to drive! Mike 309 831 8143 $9,500 OBO
  18. For Sale. My neighbor has a left fender skirt and a driveshaft for a 1965 Cadillac Convertible. They found them when cleaning out the garage. I was told on the "What is it" forum the skirt would fit a 65 or 66 and the drive shaft would fit the same and may also fit an Oldsmobile of the same vintage. The father had a 1965 Cadillac Convertible years ago. The Father has passed on. They would like to sell the parts. I have included pictures and measurements they supplied. If you can use the parts make a fair offer. We have no idea what they are worth. I can bring the fender skirt to Hershey. I am not sure if I can fit the drive shaft in the car. Thank you 31 HUPMOBILE
  19. Up for sale are three International Harvester promotional postcards, in "as-is" condition. It appears that they have been in a scrapbook, since they have marks from the corner retainers. These postcards promote the A-120, A-150 and A-160 trucks. I scanned the postcards, so you should be able to see any issues or problems with them. Click on any of the images below to view a larger image of the postcard. These are not perfect, but still in good condition for their age. My price is $15.00 for all three, which includes USPS First-Class Mail shipping in the 50 United States. Please email me at herbslegacy(AT)sbcglobal(DOT)net if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing them. Thanks, Olmanwinter
  20. For Sale - 1922-1923 Dodge Brothers Transmission. Used in 1922-23, will fit 1917-1923. Comes with cross member. The top of the shift lever, where I would expect a knob to screw on, appears to be cut off (see photos) Free delivery to Hershey, or pick up near Allentown, PA. $50 610-Three-Seven-Nine-4065
  21. I have for sale a pair of 1925 Maxwell headlamps in above average condition. (Flatlite Standard). The rim or "door" diameter is 10". The buckets are steel and neck down to 7" diameter in the back and are 6 & 1/2" in depth. $150. for the pair, shipping included. Located in Arizona. Bob Sold! 12-29-15
  22. I have for sale a pair of 1925 Maxwell headlamps in above average condition. (Flatlite Standard). The rim or "door" diameter is 10". The buckets are steel and neck down to 7" diameter in the back and are 6 & 1/2" in depth. $150. for the pair, shipping included. Located in Arizona. Bob Sold! 12-29-15
  23. Getting it to run and brakes. Someone (probably Al Smith put a 7 1/4 3.21 rear end. Looks factory. This should go down the road at 70 with no problem. This car is for sale.
  24. With Factory A/C that looks to be all present.