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Found 8,547 results

  1. I have for sale a pair of 1925 Maxwell headlamps in above average condition. (Flatlite Standard). The rim or "door" diameter is 10". The buckets are steel and neck down to 7" diameter in the back and are 6 & 1/2" in depth. $150. for the pair, shipping included. Located in Arizona. Bob Sold! 12-29-15
  2. Getting it to run and brakes. Someone (probably Al Smith put a 7 1/4 3.21 rear end. Looks factory. This should go down the road at 70 with no problem. This car is for sale.
  3. With Factory A/C that looks to be all present.
  4. Removed from a 1933 Ply coupe. Might fit 34? Drivers side spare tire compartment. May fit Dodge? 250.00 OBO Location-Jamestown Ca. (USA) 95327 World Wide Shipping Call- 209-613-1199 Email-
  5. 650.00 OBO World Wide Shipping Location-Jamestown CA 95327 (USA) Phone-209-613-1199 Thank you Dave
  6. Glove box lock out of 55 century works perfectly. Very nice.Two keys dedicated, don't fit anything else. $25 shipped in US.
  7. As much as I love the big Classics, my next purchase for my personal collection will likely be a flathead Ford and if I'm lucky, it'll be something along the lines of this 1935 phaeton. Now if you're looking for a perfect car for V8 club judging, this isn't it. But if you want a proven tour car that's as reliable as a New York City taxi cab, a car full of smart but appropriate upgrades, and which has been owned by the same couple for decades, well, look no further. With the friendly nickname of "Sonny," this '35 Ford is exactly what you need to have fun on the road. The color is called Slate Green, and it's pretty familiar if you're a V8 Ford guy. This phaeton wears it well and even though the paint is probably 30 years old and has seen tens of thousands of miles of touring, it looks pretty darned good. All four doors fit well, the hood closes evenly, and everywhere you look there's evidence that this was A) a high-quality car all its life, and the guy who restored it took his time. It shines up quite well with that soft gloss that only single-stage paint can show and with an Apple Green pinstripe and matching wire wheels, it's got a sporting yet elegant look that's ideal for a phaeton. The chrome is good to great, depending on the part, with very nice bumpers, a straight grille that shines up neatly, and an accessory greyhound hood ornament that should have been standard equipment. The only other modifications are the sealed-beam headlights and the blue-dot taillights, but a set of original taillight lenses are included with the car. The brown leatherette interior is familiar to Ford fans and it, too, is probably old enough to have a college degree. However, that doesn't mean worn out and the seating surfaces are remarkably devoid of blemishes and marks. The springs underneath, even in front, are firm and supportive and the back seat looks quite fresh. The woodgrained dash is very nice and all the gauges are functional save for the temperature gauge, which in 1935 still used a liquid-style thermometer. There's also an accessory Ford AM radio in the dash with all the hardware in two housings underneath, including a Ford script speaker. It isn't currently working, but the car includes a treasure trove of spare parts including a set of replacement radio tubes. There's a small toggle switch to the left of the steering column which controls the Columbia 2-speed rear end, turn signals were added for safety (using the taillights and the fog lamps up front), and there's a cool accessory E-brake handle that matches the marbled shift knob. The car has a brand new canvas top and a set of fresh side curtains which use the original plastic "windows" that are in good shape with only light discoloration; preserving those was important to the owner. There's also a matching tan canvas boot for the top so it has a neat stack (phaetons sometimes look sloppy without a boot). Mechanically, this is a proven tour car with a 1937-vintage flathead V8. The '37 was specifically chosen because it has insert bearings, so it's durable and it will be easy to service should it ever be required. The engine was rebuilt several years ago and runs superbly, pegging the oil pressure gauge at speed when it's cold and idling at about 20 PSI when it's hot. It still uses a correct generator and Holley 97 carburetor up top and it starts quickly and easily without any choke. I've driven it a bit and got it nice and hot and it demonstrates exactly zero "flathead fever" and never once hiccuped (it was about 91 degrees today when I drove it). There's an electric fuel pump underneath, but it seems unnecessary and I never used it. The clutch is light and has no chatter, shift action is clean and smooth, and the 2-speed Columbia axle works properly, although the speedometer doesn't work in high range for some reason. The brakes have been switched to a set of 1939 hydraulic drums, and everything between the pedal and the drums is brand new. It currently rolls on a set of correct 16-inch wire wheels and BFGoodrich Silvertown wide whites, but I also have an interesting set of 14-inch General Jumbo "balloon" wheels that are painted to match the car and come with modern 14-inch blackwall radials that are available for extra cost. The car includes a rather extensive cache of spare parts: generators, starters, distributors, radio parts, wiring, carburetors, a period 6V electric fuel pump, and a lot of other stuff that I just didn't inventory. The trunk is filled with tour-ready gear, including spare belts, hoses, clamps, distributor parts, generator, starter, etc, so it's ready to go immediately. There's also an original owner's manual and a '35 Ford sales brochure. This is not a show car, even though it looks pretty darned good. It is the kind of car that you can drive anywhere with confidence, a proven machine that never hesitates. Yes, the engine's a little scruffy and the chassis is dirty--if you want perfection, you can probably find it somewhere else for more money. But I like this car much better because you'll never hesitate to get behind the wheel and driving a flathead Ford really is the best way to enjoy them. We're asking a very reasonable $49,900 and I'm always open to reasonable offers. Thanks for reading!
  8. Year 1988 Coupe: x Conv:____ Mileage:__161xxx___ Considered Correct? (Y) Location:___Calvert Co., MD___ VIN:________________________________ Title: Clear Any Accident History? N Asking Price: $500 Willing to take trade no Exterior Color: red original, fair Interior Color: Saddle? Paint Original? (Y) Paint Condition? (Poor) Belt & Bumper Molding Color: (Black) Body Dents: no If Y where__________________ Body Rust: sliight If Y where____rear wells___ Windshield Chipped or Cracked? (N) Vent Glass Intact? (Yes) Rubber surround molding for windshield condition? (/Fair/Poor) (Coupe only) Rubber surround molding for rear window condition? (/Fair/Poor) Out Side Mirrors Intact? yes Headlight Motors Function Correctly? (N) Tail Light Lens: (Clear) Interior Original? (Yes) 16 Way Seats? (Yes) Works (no lumbar) Suede bolsters? no Seat Condition? (/Good/Fair/) Drivers interior door panel condition? (/Fair/) Passengers interior door panel condition? (/Fair/Poor) Center console top armrest condition? (Fair/Poor) Door weather stripping condition? (/Good/ Headliner Condition? (/Poor) Carpet Condition? (Fair/Poor) Original Floor Mats: (Y, drivers) Floor Mat Condition: (Fair/) Condition of Steering Wheel Leather: (/Poor) Sun Roof? (N) Functional Keyless Entry? (N) Problems with Electronic Dash items? (Y) If Y describe problems: no dimmer Power Windows Work Correctly? (Y) Power Seats Work Correctly? (Y) Power Door Locks Work Correctly? (Y) Power Antenna Work Correctly? no) Original Sound System? (Y) Sound System Fully Functional? (Y/N) If N what are the problems ( tape player dead, speakers replaced, cracling noise): Aftermarket Sound System Equipment? (noN) If Y describe: A/C Functional? (Yes) Has the A/C been converted from R12 to R134A? (N) Does the suspension require any attention? (N) Tire Brand: Bridgeston A009 Remaining Tread: 75% Are All Tires Matched? (Yes) Factory Wheels? (Yes) Factory Wheel Center Caps Condition: (/Fair/) Any Brake Components Replaced? (Yes) If Y describe the part(s) replaced and when? pads, rotors 10k mi ago, bled. rear xover line rusted thru, leaking Last Time Brake System Was Flushed? sept 14 Original Engine? (Yes) Original Engine Rebuilt? (no Does Engine require attention? (no) If Y what needs to be done. When was last tune up? sep 2014, Delco mod Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? YES If Y describe in detail what is leaking, to what extent. rear line, badly, undrivable How often do you change the oil? 3000 mi Original Transmission? (Yes) Does Transmission require attention? (no) When was last Transmission Service? sept 14 Any Transmission Leaks? (no) Have CV joints been replaced? (no) I have (some) receipts for this vehicle's service history. (or, for example I have (all/most/) receipts for service for the last 1 years and 12000 miles) Does the car have the owners manual portfolio? manual only In General, What items need attention? rr brake lines, stereo, panel switches My Reatta Drives: (/Good) I am the 4th? owner of this Reatta. I have owned this Reatta for 10 Months.
  9. I have for sale a 1958 Buick Owners Guide in very good condition the one that goes in the glove box. I have for sale a 1958 Buick Flight Pitch Dynaflow Service Manual good condition all pages good. I have for sale a 1958 Chilton Auto Repair Manual good to fair condition with all pages. will send pictures on request. Buy all three for $90 plus postage Individually: Owners Guide $25 Dynaflow Service Manual $40 Chilton Auto Repair Manual $35 John BCA#46431 e-mail
  10. Parting out 1936 Dodge D2 sedan Front fenders sold Artillery wheels, doors, body parts, chassis, suspension ETC 5.00 to 2000.00 Call with needs Phone-209-613-1199 Location-Jamestown Ca 95326 (USA) World Wide Shipping Thanks Dave
  11. Up for sale is one New Old Stock 3482798 Rambler stop lamp lens, in "as-is" condition. I removed the lens from the original Rambler part packaging for the first time to inspect the lens and take photos. I do not have any Rambler parts literature, but found information in a Google search that this lens fits 1963 Rambler models. It is distinct enough in its appearance that it should be obvious if it fits your car or not. The "63" molded into the lens surface, along with other information, indicates that it does fit the 1963 models. Overall, the lens is in very good condition, with no chips, cracks or breakage. The lens material is free of any cloudiness or discoloration. The lower bright molding is free of any damage or issues. However, the upper molding has an issue in the area of the bend. The chrome finish has peeled away from the metal backing. This issue is detailed in the last photo. Please click on the small images below to see larger images with more detail. My price on the lens is $20.00, which includes USPS First-Class Mail shipping to all 50 United States. Please email me at herbslegacy(AT)sbcglobal(DOT)net if you have any questions or would like to purchase the lens. Thanks, Olmanwinter
  12. Fewer than 30K miles on a grocery-getter 1971 Buick Skylark Custom since its last rebuild. Never raced or used for off-roading. Many replacement parts: TA stage 1 intake manifold; very new Edelbrock 650 cfm 4-barrel w/electric choke; K+N filter and breathers; new MSD 6A module, MSD distributor and wires; Jacobs coil; iron heads pocket ported and gasket matched; ARP bolts throughout; 9.5 compression pistons bored .030 over for 355 displacement; double roller timing chain; high-quality Hi-Rev lifters, rocker arms, cam bearings, etc., from companies such as Poston and TA Performance; Crane cam - strong torque, smooth idle, and decent gas mileage; almost new polished chrome 100 amp alternator; very new fuel pump; replaced water pump; includes Jet-hot coated headers. The headers are somewhat flattened from speed bumps, but still flow great without leaks. I am not including the external fan - you could install a replacement fan to the front - and I am not including the radiator. I assume you will want to purchase new hoses and belts. Other than those and a battery, it is nearly turn-key. I used Royal Purple 10/40 or 20/50 oil most of the time since the last rebuild. While it runs great with plenty life remaining, there is a slight oil leak of undetermined origin; some nights a few drips, other nights zero drips. That and my preference for fuel injection and larger displacement are my reasons for sale. The block could also use repainting. I'm asking $1000 which is a very good deal considering that you would pay much more for the individual components in combination. I don't negotiate or barter, so if you must argue and negotiate to a lower price, please look elsewhere. I am also asking that you pay the shipping or deliver from Santa Clara to your preferred location. I can supply a short video (<20 MB mp4) of the engine running 9/13/15 to your email. 408-691-0397
  13. Reproduction-18 Guage steel-1595.00 World Wide Shipping Phone-209-613-1199 Location-Jamestown Ca. 95327 (USA)
  14. All Original even the paint no rust have all the parts to complete plus a complete and running flat head engine with trans and custom 4 row flat head radiator for this application..Price $7800...Jack...760-751-2946..San Diego,Ca.
  15. Same old story, bought a 1939 parts car and among other things included was a bunch of new window glass. Curiously, it would be a complete set but the front wing window glass is not there. Must have missed a box of stuff when I picked the car up. I'll take $275 for what I have, you pay the freight. Note: I live off US Hwy 30 in northwestern Oregon state. Hwy 30 ends in Astoria, Oregon or roughly the Pacific Ocean. As a retired cartographer curiosity led me to the Eastern terminus of Highway 30 in Atlantic City, or roughly the Atlantic Ocean. Neither I nor my bride have ever seen the Atlantic Ocean so around the 24th of this month we are going down our driveway to US 30, turn East and go look at the Atlantic Ocean. This glass wouldn't take up much room and we could arrange for someone to pick it up along our track, US 30. We also intend to take in the October swap meet at Hershey, PA which becomes another possible pick-up site. 1939 Buick 4 door sedan glass for sale: Windshields, a pair Front door glass, two Rear door glass, both Rear quarter windows, left & right Back Glass The glass is in new never installed condition. Want to sell all at once, insist on it in fact.
  16. Selling a very solid 56 with a 4 door parts car, only one engine between the two, both cars have factory air. 2 door had minor rust in the quarters but it was professionally repaired. Floors and trunk are excellent! Tinted glass, all good, PS PB PW power seat, dual rear antennas, lots of extra parts besides the parts car. Doors, grille, front clip, hood, heads, carb and the list goes on. I'm asking $3500 for everything. Can email lots of picture, will add some here later, might consider trades, gas pumps, signs etc etc
  17. Super rare Airflow COUPE deck lid. This deck lid fits all Chrysler and Desoto coupes built from 1934-37 but this one is off a 36 or 37 as it used the outside hinges while the 34 and 35 used internal hinges. Not sure if this is correct, but at one time there was a sedan style license lamp assembly mounted in the center. The decklid is in excellent original condition, very solid and straight, with no rust thru. Asking $1000. Will be attending the National Airflow Meet in Bend Oregon next week and can deliver it there. Also have a matched pair of complete NOS 36-37 coupe only tail light assemblies.
  18. In a 1939 parts 4 door sedan I bought last year there was a box of brand new rubber seals, gaskets, etc, of course none of it fits my 1939 convertible. It is all new in original unopened Steele Rubber packages. They are clearly marked and have current Steele parts numbers, over $900 worth at current prices. I'll take $650 for the lot and include shipping in the USA. This probably isn't a complete set but it wouldn't leave you wanting much more. I also have most of the glass, new for the same car, same story, which I intend to list in another ad later, if this one works. There is a list of the items with their Steele part numbers and a few really exciting photos of bagged rubber parts. First off this site won't let me load the list so I'll try the old-fashioned way. New 1939 Buick 4 door sedan rubber: Windshield Channel Back Glass Channel Windshield Center Divider, 2 pcs Rear Door Weatherstrip, 2 Front Door Weatherstrip, 2 Front V/W/R, pair Cowl Vent Seal Oval Firewall Grommet Wiper Transmission Mount Gaskets, pair Firewall Wiring Harness Grommet Door Lock Cylinder Mount Pads, 2 Trunk Handle Grommet Turn Signal Pad Deck Hinge Pad Set Glove Box Check Link Grommet Vent Window Seal, pair Sliding Quarter Window Vent Door Handle Ferrules x4 Deck Channel Seal Emergency Brake Firewall Grommet Vent Window Weather Seal
  19. We have decided to sell my father-in-law's 1916 Franklin touring car. He purchased this car approximately 10 years ago. The paint on the car is very nice, there are a few chips and small scratches and there are a couple minor little flaws on the right side down low on the body. The upholstery is absolutely beautiful but there are one or two spots that are showing some age. The top is very nice and functions as it should.there are side curtains for the car and I have had them on, I guess I would describe the fit as OK but not perfect, on one extremely cold day they were very helpful. Any brightwork that's on the car is in excellent condition, there is not much of it. The car starts and runs well, the Stewart vacuum fuel tank works unbelievably well, if the car has been sitting in the tank is empty you can just crank the engine for a few seconds and then listen as a gasoline runs into the tank. When my father-in-law bought the car there were a few mechanical issues, they basically just needed to be sorted out. Once we got the car working properly, he and I both have toured car on Franklin Trek's and gone on several local one day tours without issues. While the Engine is no Powerhouse (Franklin actually lowered the horsepower of their engine in 1916 for improved fuel economy) The car does go down the road comfortably at 35 to 40 miles an hour as long as there's no big up hills. And it will climb the hill just a little slower. Steering and brakes are very good and the car quite nimble, it really is very light and steers easily and is very comfortable to drive. The car is located in North Western Connecticut. Feel free to call me or email with questions or to arrange an inspection. 860-248-1102 The asking price is $36,000. We will certainly entertain any reasonable offer. This was the last car that my father-in-law purchased and it has not been an easy decision to sell. We would love to see it go to a good home Thank you Chris Attached Thumbnails image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  20. Carter Kit # 109 1934 Hudson (299S) Terraplane 1934 (295S), 1935 (331S), 1936 (348S), 1937 Carter Kit # 107 1933 Dodge truck (CTA, CTA4, CTB, CTB4) 1933 Plymouth (C6A, C6A3, C6A4) Carter Kit 106 1933 De Soto (E6A, E6A3, E6A4) 1933 Dodge 8 (EBA) 1933 Dodge truck (ETB, ETB4) Stromberg Kit J4609 (I have 2) Packard carb EE25 $3 each or all 5 for $10 + shipping
  21. For Sale Kit # 5450597 1937 Buick 40, 50, 60, 70 1941 - 47 Cadillac 1939 - 47 Oldsmobile 6"s & 8"s 1936 - 47 Pontiac 6"s & 8"s 1936 - 47 Chevrolet & 1/2 ton truck $5 + shipping
  22. Their part number XRE38-32, fits 53-56 Buick V8, plus 55-56 Chevy V8. Made in the USA! 5 for $30, or 10 for $50, includes shipped to a US48 address.
  23. I have for sale a set of 4 very nice 1963 4-hole spinner wire wheel covers. The spinner, wheel center and wheel disc are not interchangeable with the 1963 3-hole spinner wire wheel covers. I purchased these from a fellow ROA member soon after I purchased my car. These covers are not perfect and have some dings and scratches that you would expect from 50+ year old wheel covers. That being said they are nice and have a lot going for them. The spinners are very nice and have little or no pitting. They have been disassembled, cleaned and waxed. (more than once) The screws were wire wheeled and clear coated. The flat black portion of the wheel disc on all four covers has been repainted. One of the best things these covers have going for them is that that back side of each cover has no rust or corrosion. This is something that many people selling these covers will try to disguise by painting the backside. These covers are clean. These covers were on my car at the last 2 ROA Conventions. These covers are being sold without the center emblems as I kept them to use on my new set of covers making them usable on several years and models. I am asking $450.00 for the set of 4. This price is $100+ dollars lower than what I paid due to them having no center spinners. Please PM me if interested. Thanks. Bill
  24. 32 pages plus cover, issued by Buick when the last 200 1999 Riviera "Silver Arrows" were produced. Tracks the Riviera from the first Silver Arrow concept car thru the final 200. Last page is annual production numbers. Mint condition. $30 mailed to US address.
  25. This 1936 Plymouth is in really good shape for being almost 80 years old. We have stripped it down for rebuilding, and we have quite a few original parts. We have also purchased some new ones. Comes with a 318 engine, auto trans, newly rebuilt rack and pinion, new stainless steering column etc, and new $800.00 wiring kit still in the box. We are located in Richmond, TX. Have about $7K tied up in the car, and looking for $3K to sell. The attached pictures show the seats and glass in the car. They have been taken out, but we have them.