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Found 8,820 results

  1. Up for sale are 1 set of new starter brushes for a North East 26-30 Dodge and 1 set of new generator brushes for a 27-29 Dodge. All for $25. plus $10. shipping. I bought these many years ago and have since sold my Dodge. Thanks, Don on central Ohio 740-816-4284
  2. To start with none of these cars are mine. I constantly find what seem like deals around the web on usually entry level type cars and have always thought I should start a thread to expose them to others that might not see them. Especially the newer guys and gals that only see overpriced wrecks for sale. I've occasionally posted various deals on here but I'll contain them to one thread now. Anyone else feel free to post additional ads and critique anything I post. Not everything will be entry level as I find what seems like deals on all level cars but I'll focus mainly on that. I'm also not much of a 70's and newer type car guy so most of the stuff will be 50's and older. Today's entry is a 46 Dodge 2 door Sedan for $2000 OBO Not sure what it needs but at 2 grand, they don't get much cheaper with paint and an interior you won't be afraid to sit it in. I see the sunvisor but the tire I can see doesn't look like a white wall. If the engine is good and the tranny works , even if you have to do brakes, you could be driving this for possibly under 3 grand. That's about as entry level as you can get on a budget when talking 50's and older cars. 1946 Dodge Custom Sedan . . . white wall tires . . . mahogany in color . . . all original parts . . . flathead six cylinder engine . . . split hood . . . shade visor . . . fluid drive--drive via three speed manual transmission on the column or shift into third gear and drive as if the car had an automatic transmission. Red naugahyde-covered seats--the rest of the interior is original. Needs work . . . car cover, some tools . . . $2,000 or best offer.
  3. *SOLD* I have long believed that if I could have just one hobby car, I would choose a pre-war Cadillac 60 Special. They are the utility infielder of the old car world: reliable, comfortable, fast, stylish, and welcome at virtually every event. This particular 1939 60S is one of only 280 built with the "Sunshine Turret Top" option, which is basically a sliding metal sunroof. It also has dual sidemounts, which I find attractive on the '39-40 models, giving them a sense of gravitas. If you look at the cowl tag on this one, you'll note it was a special-order (denoted by the "SO" on the trim and a blank paint code). Documentation with the car hints that it was originally two-tone green with a green leather interior and given the unusual combination and the CCCA Senior Premier badge it wears, it's probably pretty close. That same documentation states that parts of it were repainted by the previous owner to make it all one color--if you look closely at the photos, you'll note that the top color is just slightly off, so my conclusion is that it was two-tone and that the top was merely a different shade of green. I should also note that greens and turquoise colors are extremely hard for digital cameras to process for some reason--I honestly did not notice that the top was a different color until I saw the photos. It is not at all apparent in person, even outdoors in the sunlight. It's pretty, but if you have concerns that you may not like it, come and see it in person--we tried to get the color as correct as possible, but as I said, greens like this just don't cooperate with digital imagery. Anyway, it's a nice car. The restoration is probably approaching 20 years old at this point and I believe the 13,217 miles on the odometer are since the restoration was completed. It has spent the entirety of its life in Texas and Oklahoma, so rust is a non-issue and the heavy wooden body sills that define the 60S are rock solid. The doors close with that wonderful solid ker-CHUNK sound and the chrome is in very good to excellent condition, with minimal pitting and no cracks in the very crack-prone grille. It is fitted with an accessory grille guard and fog lights, which are currently configured as the front turn signal indicators. There are matching spare tires and wheels in each of the sidemount compartments. If I had to guess, I would say the green leather interior is original. It's not nice enough to be just 13,000 miles of wear, particularly in the back seat, but it's also not worn out or tired. The seats are firm and comfortable, the leather has a bit of creasing but no splits, tears, or other defects, and aside from a little scuffing on the piping where the driver slides in, it's really, really nice. The carpets are surely newer and I suspect the headliner has been replaced in order to service the sunroof, which slides easily once you figure out what it likes and how it works. The steering wheel, woodgrained dashboard, and all the instruments have been restored and all the gauges work properly, although there's a modern temperature gauge under the dash that supplants the factory unit. The heater and defroster are dealer-installed under-dash units (typical for cars delivered to warm climates) and they, too, are fully operational. The radio powers up and hums and pulls in static, but I have not been able to tune a station, but that might just be an antenna issue, I don't know. Clock is not working. The trunk is neatly finished with correct materials and the tool tray in the back is original and completely rust-free. There is no spare because, of course, it has sidemounts (my first thought when I opened the trunk was, "Dang, no spare." Duh!). This car has obviously been a favorite tour car for some years, and the way it runs proves it. The 346 cubic inch V8 starts quickly without any special procedures and idles nearly silently--just a little wooshing from the fan and belt. It's neatly detailed with correct Cadillac Green paint on the flathead, a proper oil bath air cleaner feeding the original carburetor, and factory manifolds with some porcelain still clinging to their surface. Tidy, but not quite ready for show. Nice details include original-style hose clamps and plug wires, and decals. Pulls well through all the gears and cruises easily at 60 MPH. Newer exhaust with two mufflers, auxiliary electric fuel pump (I've never had to use it), and no notable deviations from stock on the nicely detailed undercarriage. Rides and handles like it should, tight and quiet, ideal for touring. Tires are 6.00-16 whitewalls, but I bet they're as old as the restoration and a set of radials would make this car sublime. Extras include an owner's manual, shop manual, and a magazine where this was the cover car, plus a full jack assembly. I've owned a half-dozen 60 Specials, including another '39 that I liked quite a bit. This one is considerably nicer than that one, and the sunroof really does make things pleasant out on the road. Asking price is $37,900 and you get a turn-key tour car that's ready to enjoy immediately and which should give you many years of happy motoring. I know every time I get one of these I'm tempted to keep it. That's how good these cars can be. Thanks for looking! Here's the car outside in the sunlight and you can see that the colors are much better than when under the harsh lights in the studio and viewed through the digital camera.
  4. I am wanting photo of 1914 auxiliary seats so I can verify that the pair I have found are indeed these. I contacted National Studebaker Museum and they could not help me. thanks db
  5. I have acquired some unsold, automotive grade, high quality mohair upholstery fabric manufactured for LeBaron-Bonny. I have approx 30 yards of a Medium Brown (chocolate brown) color for sale by yardage. Material has a short nap with a latex backing and has very little "grin"; the showing of the backer when bent. Nap is very tight, does not pull out easily and does not seem to rake when rubbed like some mohair type fabrics do. I have an old LB sample, No.30-15, which is close to this color but just a tad lighter. The material is sold by the linear yard and is 54 in.wide. Samples are available upon request. This is the last of this color, and very limited amounts of the other colors so when they're gone, they're gone! There are several other colors available: Brown(darker), Green Brown, Dark Green and Burgundy Red, but only in bulk rolls of 50 yards. I also have samples for these colors. Price is $55.00 per yard plus shipping.This was a private purchase between myself and the manufacturer and has nothing to do with the Lebaron-Bonny company. For more info please PM me for details.
  6. Showing 84,000 miles. Beautiful Condition!! Older frame off restoration!! Always Garaged!! Excellent stainless and moldings. Beautiful chrome!! Paint!!! very nicely done! no cancer, no cracking, no blisters, straight body. Beautiful interior!! Car drives very nicely (turn key ready to cruise) All lights and turn signals work! Even the clock works! Speedometer lights work! Horn works! Wipers work! New retro radio that works. Top works excellent. Bows look great! All glass & framing looks great (great chrome around the windows) No disappointments here!! Price - $54k and no trades. 708-893-0212
  7. "BLACK" 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible, Beautiful Paint, Interior, Top, Chrome, Complete overhaul on engine - $52,000.00 Location - Indiana 708-893-0212
  8. A few days ago in a thread about "what kind of car guy are you?" I was talking about keeping an open mind and being ready to find a car that you love without expecting it. For me, this gorgeous 1955 Ford Crown Victoria might be such a thing--'50s Fords are certainly not my thing, but this car is so good it won me over almost instantly. First, there's that laser-straight bodywork in basic black. It's just beautifully done and clearly cost a pretty big chunk of change. It was originally Raven Black with a Colonial White top, so it's not too far off what it was when it was new. All that beautiful Crown Vic trim really pops against the black paint and it has all been restored to a very high level. I'm not a fan of continental kits, but it kind of works here, giving the car a bit of balance and keeping it from looking stubby, as often happens with these Fords. There are a few other little details like little LEDs built into the bumper bolts, which is kind of cool, as well as lights in the ornaments at the base of the rear antennas. Inside, the brilliant red and white interior is pretty correct, with a few modifications directed towards making it a comfortable cruiser. There are some aftermarket gauges under the dash and an upgraded stereo in the glove box, but the rest is pretty much the way Ford made it. Everything works, too, which is nice. Even the trunk is finished properly. I believe the engine is a 292 cubic inch version of Ford's Y-block, and it runs superbly. There's an aftermarket Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor under that chrome air cleaner, but I have the original oil bath unit and maybe you could get clever and install it on the bigger carb. It starts easily and idles well, and thanks to a dual exhaust system, it's got a wonderful period rumble. Power brakes and power steering combined with a Ford-O-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission makes it very easy to drive and 3.00 gears make it a great highway cruiser. There are two floor patches in the usual spots in the rear footwells, and it appears they were patched with sheetmetal cut from another car so it fits well. The suspension is rebuilt, the brakes are rebuilt, there are new shocks (including air shocks in back), and fresh wide whitewall radials on the original wheels give it a great ride. I honestly didn't expect this car to appeal to me as much as it does. It starts so easily and doesn't have any bad habits at all, which will always endear a car to me. Awesome colors certainly help and this car has one heck of a quality-to-price ratio. It's available for $29,900 and it's 100% ready to go! Thanks for looking.
  9. Not mine. It's on Washington, DC Facebook marketplace. $7,500 About This Vehicle Driven 123,456 miles Manual transmission Exterior color: Black Fair condition Seller's Description Now is your chance to have one of the most beautiful and rare trucks ever made. This is a 1946 Hudson pickup (Series 58 Commercial). It is one of only 3,374 produced in 1946! The frame, body, and engine numbers all match the title. The truck is nearly complete. The original 212 motor and transmission come with the truck, but the engine is dismantled (not sure if all the parts are there). Easy to find another running 212 if needed. I also have a couple Hudson 308 inline-6 flatheads engines that I am willing to part with. I completely restored the suspension including brand new shocks, springs, grease boots, rubber bumpers, etc. The springs are heavier for a 308 (what I planned to put in the truck before I decided to sell). Known issues: - no engine installed (so it doesn’t run) - brakes don’t work currently - there is a hole in the frame on one of the crossmembers - the fenders have some minor dents and holes - Some of the stainless on the grill has dents
  10. 1940 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe. Model 6227. Outstanding automobile. Restored to exacting standards with documentation. Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) “Full Classic”. CCCA First Place award winner scored 99.75 points. Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Senior winner. Rare only 1,322 produced. Finished in striking Oxblood Maroon Iridescent. Trim code correct Tan Herringbone Cloth interior. Powered by the famous Cadillac 346 cubic inch flathead V-8 which was rated at 135 horsepower. Three Speed Manual Transmission. Equipped with lots of great features. Turn Signals. Heater. Defroster. AM Radio. Clock. Day-Nite rearview mirror. Driver Side Mirror. Wide White Wall tires. Excellent road manners. Great automobile for CCCA club events and Caravan touring as well as AACA tours and club events. Ready to Drive, Show and Enjoy. $65,900 Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Located in Norwalk Ohio, 44857 "Home of the Fisher Brothers" Watch this great Cadillac in action:
  11. 1951 Ford Custom Convertible. Excellent. Off Frame Restoration to Exacting Standards. Detailed Chassis. Black with Brown and Tan Leather interior. 239 Cubic Inch 8BA Flathead V-8. Dual Exhaust. Fordomatic Automatic Transmission. Tan Cloth Power Top. Spot Light. Deluxe hood mascot. Fender Skirts. Back Up Lamps. Locking Gas Door. Door handle guards. Wide White Wall Tires. Outstanding Automobile. Ready to Drive, Show, and Enjoy. $49,900 Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Located in Norwalk Ohio, 44857 "Home of the Fisher Brothers" Watch this great Ford in action:
  12. 1948 Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon Woodie Woody with Overdrive. Model 79B. Equip with Columbia Overdrive two speed rear axle which allows this Woodie to cruise effortlessly at modern highway speeds. Outstanding! Rare only 8,912 examples built. Driven 5,500 careful miles since a documented restoration. Finished in Black with Maple Rails and Mahogany Panels. All three seats are finished in Brown Leather. Beautiful wood grained dashboard. Powered by the famous 59-AB 239 Cubic Inch Flathead V-8 which Ford rated at 100 horsepower. Oil Filter. Dual Exhaust. Three speed transmission. The Columbia Overdrive two speed rear axle allows this Woodie to cruise effortlessly at modern highway speeds. Equip with lots of great options and accessories. AM preset seeking radio. Clock. Heater / Defroster. Driver side mirror. Accessory under the seat heaters have been installed for comfortable touring on chilly days. Dual tail lamps. Rear mounted spare tire with metal cover. Firestone tires. Turn Signals and Seat belts have been added for safety. Wonderful automobile for club events and tours. Ready to Drive, Show and Enjoy. $89,900 Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Located in Norwalk Ohio, 44857 "Home of the Fisher Brothers" Watch this outstanding Ford in action:
  13. I think this is a 1932 tail light bezel although it is much shorter than the one on my 32 Coupe. $50 plus shipping thanks, JimmyS
  14. Large (8 cylinder) 31/32 Chrysler hood ornament. $215 shipped in the lower 48.
  15. Runs good .org engine and Tranny v6 automatic 678-763-3511 (1978 Buick LeSabre Sport coupe first year for turbo nice car $2500 with factory wheels (thanks 678-763-3511 thanks
  16. 1942 Ford Super DeLuxe Station Wagon Chassis no. 18-6840075 Engine no. 18-6840075 96 bhp, 221 cu. in. flathead V-8 engine, three-speed manual transmission, solid front axle and live rear axle with transverse semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 114” Ford updated its successful 1941 design for 1942 with a new front end, featuring modern one-piece fenders, a stamped grille, and redesigned turn signals. The dashboard was also reconfigured, with conventional round gauges inspired by General Motors designs. Ford would produce 160,432 of the 1942 models before February 2, 1942, when the building of civilian vehicles came to a halt for the duration of World War II. This production run included a mere 5,483 of the Super DeLuxe station wagons – making this season’s model the rarest Ford “woodie” produced between 1936 and 1948. Rarity was further ensured by the fact that most of the 1942 models were driven into the ground during the war years, when the materials and care required to maintain a wooden body were in short supply. The example offered here was acquired in 1973 by John R. Anderson of Westford, Massachusetts, from whom the current owner and his father acquired it in August 1985. Together father and son embarked upon a most carefully researched restoration, with authenticity and correctness their foremost concern. Fortuitously, all of the original wood remained with the wagon, and all could be restored and preserved with the exception of a single piece above the rear window. The original engine, numbered to match the chassis, remains in place, with later 59AB heads. LeBaron Bonney supplied correct upholstery, while the vinyl roof was replaced by a skilled local upholsterer. Such was the attention to detail that while the headliner-mounted straps, for storage of lap robes, were carefully replaced, the new straps were fitted to the restored original mounting clips. The body moldings, door handles, and hubcaps are all the original components for this wagon, fully restored. Following completion of the restoration the wagon was shown only once, at a 2001 Early Ford V-8 Club of America National Meet, and there received its first Dearborn Award. It has not been shown again since, only conscientiously maintained; the owner reports that he has run the Ford every month and replaced all fluids annually. When not on the road for brief exercise runs, it has been maintained in a heated garage. The owner notes that the heater, lights, and radio still work. Accompanying are the original headliner straps; a pair of stone guards, never fitted to avoid damaging the wood; a radio blanking plate; and an original rear dustbin, configured so it can be mounted to the rear bumper without the necessity of drilling holes. Without a doubt, this is one of the most superlative 1942 Ford “woodies” extant. Many pictures available at the link. Located in Smithfield, RI and priced at $89,500. About half of the restoration cost and the car is free. 🙂
  17. The Cadillac Series 60 easily became the company’s best selling model which included more than half of all Cadillac’s sold in its introductory year. Cadillac improved the engine for the following year, enlarging its capacity to 346 cubic-inches and increasing its horsepower to 135. The Series 60 was an important model for Cadillac, because it continued its proud tradition of stylish bodies with exceptional performance. This 1938 Cadillac Series 38-60 with style number 38-6119 has been owned by the same caring owner for the last 54 years and is unrestored and original. It starts easily, runs smooth, cools properly, charges wonderfully and brakes as its should. It cruises nicely along with its 3.92:1 rear axle ratio and its 124″ wheelbase. This car can be used and enjoyed immediately upon receipt. Tons of pictures and more detail available at the link. Asking $14,500 and its located in my building in Smithfield, RI
  18. I have a set of 1941 1942 Buick Super-Sonomatic Radio Knobs listed on eBay. The right SELECTOR-BAND knob is the rare one as it is specific to the Super-Sonomatic radio. Starting bid for the set is $100 with free shipping.
  19. I have a set of NOS 1941 Buick passenger assist straps listed on eBay. BEAUTIFUL. May fit other GM brands or years. Staring bid is $130 with free shipping.
  20. Parting out a 1955 Cadillac Limo. PM me if interested. Bringing the following to Hershey: -Front Bumper and Grille =$550.00 -Hood =$250.00 -Deck Lid +$150.00 -Hubcaps (condition varies) =$15-$25 each -Fender Skirts =$75 pr. -Taillights =$75/left, $45/right -Various trims, hood ornament, hood button, etc. -other stuff available, just not removed yet.
  21. This cars runs and drives but needs love or is a good donor vehicle. Located in Kewadin Michigan. 108,000 miles, driven from Oregon. No inside storage available and nature is taking her toll on it. Taking offers and hoping for $2500. 455-4 barrel, stock as far as I know. Thanks for looking, Rob.
  22. 1960 Cadillac Sedan Deville Flat Top very Desirable color combo!! 63 Series Sedan Deville. Paint code # 46 Fawn. Trim # 45 Fawn. Base coat clear coat paint. Car is 99% rust free. Original number matching engine. Original Interior. Nice driver quality Caddy!! $25,000.00 Indiana
  23. 1935-50 series shocks. Rebuilt, never used.
  24. Ignition cylinder with matching key. $25 plus shipping.
  25. I bought this for a project I no longer have. Says 56 buick/old's. No bellhousing, no u joint. $250. Can ship via fastenal. Can't get the photo to load right now...