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Found 8,539 results

  1. For sale, the cost is that I know it goes to a good home plus shipping. I'm cleaning the garage, have no use for this nor any idea what jack it may belong to. It surely isn't anything produced in 2019. The handle has a lug nut wrench on one end and a pin on the other that seems to fit inside the jacking mechanism. If you want it, I'll have it packed up and sent to you.
  2. THIS IS A LIST OF GRILLES THIS YEAR BEING BROUGHT TO HERSHEY FOR SALE BETWEEN MY BROTHER AND I , SEND A PM FOR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS, OR COME BY AND LOOK AT THE GRILLES SPACES AT HERSHEY: CH74-83 CHOCOLATE FIELD SOUTH CLOSE TO LIGHT POLE 56 1. Ford Model T Lower radiator shells 1917-1923 2. 1926 1927 1928 Oldsmobile Grille Radiator & Emblem - Nice! 3. 1928 1929 Ford Model A Steel Shell- Nice! SOLD! 4. 1930 1931 Ford Model AA Steel Shell-Nice! SOLD! 5. 1928 1929 Dodge Victory Six Shell-rust out on lower cross member 6. 1929 1930 Oakland Pontiac big Six-Solid 7. 1930 Buick Shell, louvers (rust), Radiator and Thermostatic Bellows -complete/needs work 8. 1934 1935 Chevrolet grille Shell-Good 9. 1936 Chevrolet Grille Shell-Nice SOLD! 10. 1935 Ford Pass grille Shell trim louver Emblem-Nice! 11. 1935 Ford Truck Grille Shell,Trim-Needs work 12. 1936 Ford Truck grille shell trim-Nice 13. 1936 Ford Truck Lower Inside Grille Apron-Nice 14. 1941 Cadillac grille Also: 15. 1929 Buick Grille Shell -Good 16. 1930 Buick Grille Shell with lower insert-Nice 17. 1930 Dodge Senior or DD with emblem-Very good 18. 1931 Plymouth PA complete grille shell with emblem,(super emblem)Good shell and louvers Holding till wednesday noon after that For Sale 19. 1933 1934 Dodge Grille louvers Very Nice! SOLD! 20. 1934 Plymouth Grille Louvers and crank hole-Super mint 21. 1937 Plymouth-good 22. 1938 Plymouth-good 23. 1937 Dodge both halves with center trim-solid 24. 1938 Dodge-good 25. 1954 Buick-Pretty solid and good finish See below pictures of some of the Grilles bringing to Hershey
  3. I'm going to scrap what is left of my wagon parts car. The frame is rusty and badly bent at the front, but the following suspension & steering parts are usable: Steering column $20 plus shipping Steering gear (power) $50 plus shipping Sway bar and mounting brackets $25 plus shipping Torque tube/axle assembly - drum to drum, without front e-brake cable (I believe it is a 3.23 ratio) $150 pickup only (zip 48098: Troy, Michigan) The body has been cut up for patches on other cars. If you can use any of these parts, please send me a PM. Thanks Joe Tonietto
  4. This display still lights up and from what I can gather is the first year Buick released these displays (1956). Excellent condition.
  5. I have a NOS set of spark plug wires for sale. The Delco number is 488-E. I believe this is a universal set. Wires marked 3Q79 Price is $40 shipped or best offer. Thanks
  6. There are two cars on Everthing but the house that look like excellent candidates for restoration or drive them as they sit. I will post the other one separately.
  7. I have been doing some fall cleaning and am thinning out my stockpile of stuff. I have 4 sets of R44S spark plugs that I am selling. I have 2 complete sets of 8 matching plugs and 2 sets of 7 matching plugs. I am asking $50.00 per set for the set of 8 plus $8.00 shipping via USPS padded Priority Mail envelope. These are shown in pictures 1 & 2. I am asking $30.00 for the set of 7 "Acniter" plugs plus $8.00 shipping. Picture number 3. One plug has some rust but is usable. The set in picture number 4-SOLD. I have these listed on e-bay for more money. PM me if interested in any of these plugs. Thanks. Bill
  8. Since I have just purchased a 1934 Chevy, I have decided to sell my 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire which I have owned almost 9 years. It is a very nice driver quality car loaded with the 345 hp. 394, Roto Hydramatic, 3.42 Anti-Spin, dual exhaust, cold factory A/C, power steering, brakes, windows, antenna, seat, rear defogger, Wonderbar radio with foot tuner, Guidematic. Rebuilt engine, transmission, suspension and brakes. 89,000 miles. Repainted, detailed underhood, very nice trim and interior, alloy wheels with wide tires plus originals included. Also includes window sticker, owners manual and shop manual. If interested PM me with your e-mail for a Dropbox link to over 100 photos and a detailed fact sheet. Asking $16,900.
  9. I have some misc. Locomobile parts for sale, contact me if you are in need, If you have spare Locomobile parts, please post them here. Al
  10. Below is a list of vintage Autolite spark plugs the first column is the spark plug number the second column is the approximate number I have of that type. the list is in alphabetical order or rising number. 14 mm plugs are $5.00 each 10 & 18 mm plugs are $8.00 each 7/8 inch spark plugs are $10.00 each all in US funds freight is extra purchases over 100 plugs will get a discount to be discussed. AUTOLITE 104 16 106 8 605 5 724 9 725 8 726 3 727 6 744 48 784 23 2543 4 2932 18 3246 120 3264 30 3265 12 3267 34 3286 12 3325 15 3364 14 3383 22 3384 18 3464 6 3465 33 3485 76 3545 28 3547 48 3627 80 3647 41 3885 20 3895 19 3924 24 3986 21 4025 36 45 5 46 17 5125 4 66 8 745 15 746 9 747 27 764 3 765 5 766 2 85 4 4GS150 3 4GS175 6 4GS200 17 4S140 22 4S165 22 4S250 29 A11 40 A11X 35 A23 18 A3 20 A32 25 A32B 20 A3X 9 A42 38 A5 76 A5/AN5 16 A52 82 A52B 10 A5X 8 A7X 15 A82B 15 A9 20 A9X 15 AE10 17 AE3 23 AE42 10 AE4B 19 AE6 47 AF32 50 AF4 14 AF42 10 AF52 81 AG12 5 AG2 41 AG22 27 AG3 45 AG32A 21 AG3B 12 AG4 27 AG42 66 AG5 18 AG52 16 AG7 21 AGR21 38 AGR31 25 AGR32 4 AGR41 62 AGR42 29 AGR51 46 AGR52 13 AGR82 22 AGRF32B 10 AGRF52 19 AGRF52 28 MOTORCRAFT AGRF52B 10 AH4 18 AH8 10 AL5 32 AL7 40 AL7X 2 AR32 20 AR41 6 AR42 10 AR52 60 AR80 95 AR82 170 AR826 30 AR82B 9 ARF22 3 ARF22B 7 ARF32 14 ARF42 26 ARF52 33 ARF526B 10 ARF62B 6 ARF8 39 ARF86 10 ARF88 52 ARF8B 10 ARL52 15 ARL8 22 ARL82 11 ASF34 10 MOTORCRAFT ASF42 14 AWRF325 10 B11 56 B3 11 B3W 4 B5 10 B7 38 B9 20 BF09 7 BF32 5 BF42 37 BF42B 50 BF7 10 BF82 72 BF92B 20 BR31 20 BR314B 20 BR8 9 BRF31 5 BRF32 11 BRF42 25 BRF6 8 BRF8 4 BRF82 146 BRF82B 18 BSF42 5 BSF44C 4 BSF82 12 BSF92 15 BT4 11 BT6 16 BTF3 33 BTF31 42 BTF31B 22 BTF42 30 BTF42B 35 BTF6 9 BTRF42 17 BYSF314 8 J12 35 L4G 4 MISC 226 MISC 28 MOTORCRAFT N4 5 N4G 10 P4 20 P6 87 PR4 10 PR6 25 T5 24 TH4 24 TH8 7 TT10 6 TT15 9 TT4 66 UJ4J 5 4643
  11. 1938 Packard 1600 Touring Sedan Body Style – 1184 245 CI 100 HP 6 Cyl Fantastic Survivor Great Tour Car Words from the person I bought it from. I am the 3rd owner of this Genuine Survivor Packard and acquired it in 1995. This 1938 Packard 1600 has 44,000 original miles and we believe that this car has been garaged throughout its life. The exterior, motor and drivetrain are all in original condition. The interior was professionally re-done in grey wool to match the original interior back in 1996 and the electrical system was professionally converted to 12-volt in 2008, a very nice feature. The original parts from the electrical conversion have been saved and accompany the car. Seat belts were added in 1996 as well. The bumpers were also re-chromed in 2008. All gauges, lights and controls are in working order with the exception of the clock on the face of the glove box and the ammeter. The Test Drive: This car starts easily, runs very smooth, shifts perfectly, stops as it should and is simply a joy to drive. All gauges, with the exception of the ammeter, are working correctly. All lights including added directionals work perfectly. It has a working heater and defroster which is a very nice option for the cooler weather. It is ready for use upon receipt. A list of service items since 1995 is included. Cosmetically, it wears its original paint, all glass is original 1938 and all rubber is original 1938. All chrome, with the exception of the bumpers, is original. Interior was refreshed and is a pleasant place to reside. I used this car during the fall, winter and spring months…with a working heater, is a pleasure! History: The car was originally purchased by the Pastor at St. Anne’s Parish in Fall River, MA. We originally thought this was the late Father James F. Lyons, but Father Lyons was not ordained until 1943, so the car must have been ordered by Father Lyons’ predecessor. Directional lights were added at some time before the mid-sixties and work perfectly. In the mid-sixties, the Church wanted to renovate the Rectory and asked Dick Welshman to plumb the bathrooms with high-end fixtures. When the Parish got the invoice for the bathroom fixtures, they asked Dick if he would take the Packard in barter exchange. Dick and his wife Lenora drove the car infrequently and maintained it as required. You can still see an original Texaco maintenance sticker in the door frame dating to May 26, 1972 when the car had 30,000 miles. Dick had a fancy for restoring cars, and became most fond of Corvettes. He started to accumulate Corvettes and would do frame-up restorations of them. He decided in 1995 that he did not have the time nor space for the Packard and offered it for sale. When I heard about the opportunity to own a piece of pre-war American history, I decided to purchase it. Our kids were pretty young at the time, and we would take the car out on Sundays for ice cream and scenic rides. With the demands of work and keeping up with family and projects around the house, I have been able to drive it mostly on weekends. Each winter, the car is put into storage, as I have never driven the car in the winter since owning it. In the twenty-three years that I have owned the car, we have only driven the car about 12,500 miles. Now that our kids are off to college, and our professional careers are increasing in demands of our time, we’ve decided that it would be best to pass the car on to a new owner who can appreciate this magnificent piece of Americana. Asking $19,500 and its located in Smithfield, RI More pictures and details at the link. Please take note of the seldom seen 1938 Packard Firewall decal intact.
  12. The Cadillac Series 60 easily became the company’s best selling model which included more than half of all Cadillac’s sold in its introductory year. Cadillac improved the engine for the following year, enlarging its capacity to 346 cubic-inches and increasing its horsepower to 135. The Series 60 was an important model for Cadillac, because it continued its proud tradition of stylish bodies with exceptional performance. This 1938 Cadillac Series 38-60 with style number 38-6119 has been owned by the same caring owner for the last 54 years and is unrestored and original. It starts easily, runs smooth, cools properly, charges wonderfully and brakes as its should. It cruises nicely along with its 3.92:1 rear axle ratio and its 124″ wheelbase. This car can be used and enjoyed immediately upon receipt. Tons of pictures and more detail available at the link. Asking $14,500 and its located in my building in Smithfield, RI
  13. 1958 Chevrolet Other Pickups 3100 On Ebay
  14. Original New Old Stock Atwater-Kent Unisparker K-2 6 cylinder distributor cap. This is a very rare item. This would suit a few American cars from 1914-1917. This will suit: Chalmers 1914-15-16 E.... 1915-16 Frankiln 1916-17-18 Grant 1915-16 Howard 1915 (late) Majestic 1917 Meteor 1916 Monarch 1914-15-16 Norwalk 1916-17 Peerless 1916 Pratt 1915 Ross 1915-16-17 Saxon Six 1915-16 Thomas Six 1915 I can send more photos on request. PayPal accepted. $150AUD.
  15. To start with none of these cars are mine. I constantly find what seem like deals around the web on usually entry level type cars and have always thought I should start a thread to expose them to others that might not see them. Especially the newer guys and gals that only see overpriced wrecks for sale. I've occasionally posted various deals on here but I'll contain them to one thread now. Anyone else feel free to post additional ads and critique anything I post. Not everything will be entry level as I find what seems like deals on all level cars but I'll focus mainly on that. I'm also not much of a 70's and newer type car guy so most of the stuff will be 50's and older. Today's entry is a 46 Dodge 2 door Sedan for $2000 OBO Not sure what it needs but at 2 grand, they don't get much cheaper with paint and an interior you won't be afraid to sit it in. I see the sunvisor but the tire I can see doesn't look like a white wall. If the engine is good and the tranny works , even if you have to do brakes, you could be driving this for possibly under 3 grand. That's about as entry level as you can get on a budget when talking 50's and older cars. 1946 Dodge Custom Sedan . . . white wall tires . . . mahogany in color . . . all original parts . . . flathead six cylinder engine . . . split hood . . . shade visor . . . fluid drive--drive via three speed manual transmission on the column or shift into third gear and drive as if the car had an automatic transmission. Red naugahyde-covered seats--the rest of the interior is original. Needs work . . . car cover, some tools . . . $2,000 or best offer.
  16. Not mine, but looks pretty nice for a heavy series truck
  17. Numbers-matching LX engine rebuilt to stock configuration with consultation from Russ Martin, original BS trans also professionally rebuilt. Neither installed yet. Body is straight and very solid. Minor rust in trunk bed and under battery tray. Well optioned silver ext/black deluxe interior. Needs restoration which I no longer have time or ability to complete. Clear title in my name. $18K to a good home.
  18. Keep her warm and classic looking in your touring car this fall. Mint condition woman's size 10, luxurious appearance, soft, shiny black, full length Beaver coat made exclusively in 1929 for L.S. Ayres department store, located Indianapolis, IN. Measurements are shoulder to shoulder 16", shoulder to hem 40" with sleeve length of 24". NO ISSUES. Out standing beautiful Beaver coat for $250. includes Fed Ex delivery to your door in lower 48 states USA. Other location, please contact for some additional shipping cost. More information, please telephone 317-846-4605. Thank you. John
  19. Good afternoon, I have a 1958 Chevy Apache. It was suggested that I get in contact with vintage or classic car or truck clubs to see if there is a market for an antique Chevy Apache. This '58 Chevrolet Apache patina pick-up truck is a project lover's dream! Great restoration project for any vintage truck enthusiast. Perfect for making a real 'ratlook' out of it! Minor rust and dings, has a clean title, does not run. Have the time of your life and glow with pride upon completion and restoration of one of the most sought after classics in years! $10,000.00 OBO (or best offer) -- Anyone interested?
  20. Long hood ?
  21. In addition to NOS car parts and barn find parts gathered over the past year, I bring some signs etc. Come look at my new temporary space in the Tramway TTA 28.
  22. Come see at Tramway space TTA 28.
  23. Rebuilt generator that was never installed for 1937 Chevrolet and perhaps later years as well. Cover band is missing. $55
  24. LETS TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT as I want to get rid of many of my parts !!! MAKE A {{{{REASONABLE OFFER $$}}}} on a car part you want, Don't say you want to "buy it all in a lot" as some of you have and then after a lot of figuring and wasting my time you do not buy anything. I will say "yes or no" on your reasonable offer per part. Look over the pictures and contact me with the picture number and description of what part or parts you want . I do not have an itemized list of these parts, just pictures, ((( if you don't see the part your looking for in these please don't ask if I have a part, as I don't ))) Contact: PAGE 1