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Found 39 results

  1. I need the aluminum trim piece that wraps the speedometer, clock, radio. Has to come out of 56 Century. I don't think it was on the Special dash, but if it were, that will work too.
  2. Hi guys i just purchaced a 56 buick special 2 door/ post . Its a base, post model(not century,roadmaster,etc) The cars in great shape but needs a windsheild. What year/model windsheilds are interchangeable for this car??? Thanks for the help !! Im sure im not the first one to ask ! Cheerrs!
  3. Selling a 1956 Chevy stakebed 12,000 price negotiable, email for more info
  4. I am restoring a 57 premiere coupe. If you have a 56 or 57 Lincoln that you are parting or could part, please let me know. Some of the parts I need: All headliner chrome trim, above doors, courtesy lights, rear sail panel and above rear window. Visor latches rear view mirror in good shape, mine is okay, but the glass is separated. Drivers door Remote Driver's side mirror Antenna base front windshield lower chrome trim pieces by wipers, the pieces with two screws in them. Inside door handle retaining spring and chrome ring that goes between handle and spring. Also clip to hold handle. That's what's missing, things I might replace instead of fix: Front bumper if okay driver condition. Mine probably wouldn't need replating, but has pulls and is really bent drivers side. Front parking light surround drivers side. Rear bumper, if okay driver condition. The floors and rockers are really rusty, not sure yet path to take, there are some replacement panels available from a company called classic2current, but the floor under the bench seat and under the rear seat is rusted too and they don't make panels for that area. Thanks.
  5. I have 2 pair of real nice rare 1956 Ford panel doors which are completely RUST FREE in near mint condition..The primered ones have all the inside guts but no outside or inside handles..The yellow doors have partial inside guts...I will provide many pix to those seriously interested...$1600 and $1800 each pair or will do a package price too..Jack ..760)751-2946..San Diego
  6. I thought those vintage 1956 Kiddie Corvette pedal cars were cool but this is on a whole other level. Wow.
  7. i am having a problem removing my steering column from my 56 buick special i tried everything i can think of its the only thing holding me up from taking my body off any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  8. FOR SALE: CADILLAC TRUNK MOUNTED REAR A/C UNIT - $400 OBO This trunk-mounted rear A/C unit comes out of a 1956 Cadillac Sedan. Compressor, rear intake vents and associated roof vents available upon request. Contact Brad at (832) 798-7778 M-F 8am-5pm CST
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum. This is my first thread. I am upgrading a 1956 Ford Vic to power steering using a Borgeson steering gear and saginaw pump. I have completed all of the dis-assembly. This is in conjunction with a power disc brake conversion and complete bushing replacement for the front suspension. Does any one know what the correct length the steering shaft needs to be with the new steering gear. I did find a tech article from 2004 that is very helpful but the company that made that kit is no longer in business. Here's the link to that article: That's the one piece of information that is not in the article. Would love to hear from someone that has already done one of these. Thanks much... tony
  10. 1956 Ford F100 custom with MustangIFS,Art Morrison IRS with1964 T Bird 9” with 3:00 gears.New Fairlane fiberglasstilt front,Ford tilt column,all glass,New upholstered seat with tracks,RustFree and straight body,custom wood side trim interior trim and tailgate ifdesired,custom headliner,nice outside mirrors,straight running boards,cleanfirewall,uncut dash,solid floor.New 12 station in the box wiring harness..351Wengine.Corvette dual master cylinder with 9" booster and proportioning valve..Current Ca. title in owner’s name. $5800 … Also available is a interchangeable Currie Pro Street narrowed 9" rear end housing with 35 spline axle,WELD 15x14 ProStar aluminum wheels with MT 15" wide tires for and additional $750.Will sell separetely or with truck..A rebuilt 460 is available.
  11. For sale from my personal collection: Original 1955 Buick Interior Sample & Paint Book ----- Original 1957 Buick Interior Sample and Combinations Book ----- Original 1958 Buick Showroom Book including Interior & Paint Samples ----- High Quality Reprint 1956 Buick Interior Sample and Combinations Book NO CHEAP photocopy - real book, printed on photographic paper with glue binding - made from an outstanding original ----- High Quality Reprint 1957 Buick Interior Sample and Combinations Book NO CHEAP photocopy - real book, printed on photographic paper with glue binding - made from an outstanding original More Pictures of indivual books upon request. If you're interested, give me a PM! Best regards, Jan
  12. <dt>PRICE REDUCTION - Re-list 1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible - #56WA27337L - Body code on the VIN plate reads BY76B 25-630-B23-311. This 1956 Lincoln Premier Convertible was the 311th car built in 1956. The car was undergoing a detailed renovation when the previous owner ran out of money and I bought the car. Location: Vienna, Virginia 22182</dt><dt>Mileage: 30,800</dt><dt>Condition: Good</dt><dt>Exterior: Turquoise</dt><dt>Interior: Turquoise/Green and White</dt><!-- Begin description --> Most of the hard work has been done already and it now needs the finishing touches. Some of the trim is missing and there are trim pieces in the trunk. Some of the chrome will need attention as well as it is dull in some areas. The convertible top hardware is in the trunk as well - not sure if it is compete or not. The roof frame will need a new canvas. I believe the engine has been rebuilt. The engine block was removed and painted as was the engine bay. The car has new paint and no rust that I can see. The car has a new battery, new tires and shocks and the underside is clean and rust free. Money ran out after the body work, paint and engine was reinstalled and the exhaust was not put back on. The hangers for the exhaust system are all good and in place. The car starts and runs smoothly. People will note that the lower rear quarters have been replaced with those of a 1957 - it is a professional job and unless you knew this in advance, it is hard to tell that this work was done. There are two fender skirts in the trunk from a 1956 if the next owner wants to go back to the 1956 look. The brake lines are new - the brakes will need an adjustment. The windshield has a couple of cracks and will need to be replaced at some point. On the interior of the car, some of the trim is missing as is the drivers window and rear windows - all available easily on line. The seats are new and are in great shape as is the matching carpet. A video of the car can be seen here: These cars at Auction, in excellent condition, bring in bids in the area of $100K to $140K. I believe I am asking a fair price based on the work already done and with the understanding of what needs to be done. Here is an opportunity to double your investment. With the continental kit, the car is 20 feet long and can be driven onto your trailer with ease. The car is located in Vienna VA, 22182 and comes with a clean and clear Vermont Title and registration in my name and a car cover. Feel free to call me with any questions @ 703-232-4600. Price: $29,500 negotiable 703-232-4600
  13. For Sale is car number #311. It is finished in aTurquoise blue has had a recent cosmetic restoration with new paint changingthe car from its original Desert Buff paint. The restoration was 90% completebefore funds dried up by the previous owner.<o:p></o> Based on the build plate in the door jam,the plate shows the following build code: BY76B 25-630-B23-311 <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]--><o:p></o> - BY76B signifies that it is a 1956 Lincoln Premiere convertible -25 isDesert Buff paint code -630 isthe trim code for Starmist White and Desert Buff Leather -B23 isthe month and day it was made – February 23 -311 isthe rotation number – this is the 311th Convertible of 2,447 made. <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]--><o:p></o> My car is equipped with factory-correctdual spotlights/mirrors, fog lamps, continental kit, pinched-seam leatherupholstery, a factory radio, clean trunk, and new tires. The car has undergonethe beginnings of a refurbishment which was stopped after body work was doneand the car was painted, the engine was detailed & painted and the interiorof the car was re-done - the previous owner ran out of funds and the workstopped. I do not have the history of the car or what other work has been doneto it over the years. <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]--><o:p></o> Looking at the car it is easy to see thatthe work done so far includes: ·New paint – includes all door jams, engine bay interiorand dash area. It was a professionally painted and looks good. ·New interior that matches the paint. ·Newly painted engine and engine bay - running in smoothcondition. I believe the engine was rebuilt and the valve covers are chrome.The engine bay is clean and there are no leaks. ·Clean chrome finish on air filter and housing. ·The car starts right up and idles smoothly (although loudas the exhaust has not been re-installed). ·The tires are new. <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]--><o:p></o> Items that need finishing: ·Exhaust – the car does not have an exhaust at this time -available from Kanter ( ·Trim – the interior trim around the dash and window andseveral pieces of the exterior trim around the windshield and lower sides ofthe vehicle are missing. ·Wind Shield will need to be replaced as it has crackswhich are too big to be filled. ·Brakes need bleeding and attention. The brakes will notstop the car at this time. ·Convertible top needs to be reassembled and installed.Most of the convertible top hardware is in the trunk disassembled – some of thehardware may be missing. A custom cover has been made to cover the space behindthe back seat and sides where the roof would normally fold down in to. ·Convertible canvas top can be purchased easily also fromKanter. ·There is a small blemish/cut on the rear quarter panelthat needs to be filled, it is about ½” long. There is no visible rust on orunder the car. ·The driver’s window and rear windows are missing – thepassenger window goes up and down. <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]--><o:p></o> A video of the car running can be seenhere: High-Def pictures of the vehicle can be found at this link: IMG_0586| Flickr - Photo Sharing!. The odometer reads about 30,700 miles however the car is 57 years old and theymay not be accurate. <o:p></o> <o:p> </o> At auction these models, fully finished,typically bring in bids between $75K to $140K – I am asking $40,000.<o:p></o> Several people have noted that the car doesnot have power windows or AC and that the side trim and rear fender skirts aremissing. I have a set of skirts from another Lincoln Premier which are includedand the missing “L” from the front hood. Some modifications and re-paint willhave to be done to make the other fender skirts fit and match. I do not haveany of the missing trim.<o:p></o>
  14. In the course of my business, I found someone who has 4 1957 Lincoln Premieres. They are all hardtops, appear to have been abandoned & would need restoration. They look OK for restoration to me, but I am no authority. Owners daughter suggeted that they could be taken for free. No idea on license status. They belonged to her late father. All are on the same lot, near San Jose, CA.
  15. Hello Fellow Buick enthusiast... I am looking for a chart or help to put my Trim back on the 56 Roadmaster... I have the trim and some of the clips but done know what goes where... Can someone help? Thank you Raz
  16. Last parts from a '56 DeSoto for sale by Gordon Williams in Tennessee. Price negotiable, suggested around $100 per line. power steering gear box. steering wheel. generator/power steering pump. brakes/booster.
  17. i do not know much about this bike except it has Ducati all over the motor, and my dad bought it many many years ago, he thinks it is a 1956 or close to it, i cant find VIN # or any writing on the frame or tank, or anywhere on the bike exept the motor. i would like to know how to have it aprasied if it is worth somthing or how to find out make and model and year. any help would be greatly apreiciated, thanks. great! I can't attach Pic, please email me if you think you can help, or post your email address and i will send Pics.
  18. Model # 1110861 6A12 Model # 1110849 5C19, I think these are 1956 Buick Cubic inch 322 V8 Used $ 75.00 for both. Call Ed 714-496-3430, or 714-591-5457
  19. hi are the interior sun visors the same for 1955 and 1956? this car is a 1955 FORD FAIRLANE TOWN SEDAN. Are they the same for all models (I assume so). suggestions on who might have them? thankyou Jerry whitfield reply here or 336-749-5922
  20. hi can someone please send me a picture of what it looks like? If you have this car, could you please send me the measurements? Is it the same on 55 and 56? Is it the same on all models of Ford in 55 and/or 56? any suggestions on where to look for it? thankyou. Jerry Whitfield winston salem, NC I am going to make a separate post inquiry about interior sun visors, need them also. reply here or phone: 336-749-5922 thankyou for your time
  21. 1955 Ford Thunderbird real clean new engine, 4000 miles since rebuild of 292" V-8 with 4 barrel carb, 3 speed manual transmission. Vin # P5FH155484, NEW: radiator, tires, interior , paint, top, and more. It needs very little to finish and it runs and drives great. $23,500. 336-936-9339, Mocksville, North Carolina. Delivery available world wide email:
  22. I’m trying to locate a few parts for the latest project, 1956 Dodge Sierra Wagon, if you have or know anyone that has one of these or any of these parts I’d really appreciate any help I can get. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> On the back of the upper tail gate I need the chrome strip that goes across the bottom edge <o:p> </o:p> On the rear quarter panels I need the 2 ”Sierra” logos <o:p> </o:p> On the rear quarter panel I need on of the screw on points from the end of the trim <o:p> </o:p> I think I need at least one of the rear bumperettes <o:p> </o:p> And, if anyone has one laying around I’d like to have a “Suburban” script from the 2-door wagon <o:p> </o:p> Please help me get this thing back in shape
  23. Hello I bought a 1956 Buick Super a few years ago and am stuck in the middle of what direction I should go with the car. Make it my own? or go stock original? I'd like to know what factory original looks like exactly. I've been reading several other threads and notice everyone asks for a website to help decode their body tags, and I am believing that i am blind or there isn't one?. Id like to assume its all original but that would be retarded. Any advise from someone who has such info or could offer me a little guidance would be much appreciated, This will be my first resto. and post. Thanks, Dan Body No. Bk 3134 Trim No. 533 Paint No. ccc Dover Dover Dover? Acc. S
  24. 1956 rambler grille , found in the rafters of a building that housed a nash dealer in the 50's in a box that has a shipping label dated 1957. appears to be in good shape however the box is not. 100.00 plus shipping.