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  1. I was fitting the toeboard in my car today and for the first time noticed 8 1/4in. holes in the pan that are not mounting holes. Does anyone know if there was an insulator mat pined to the top of the toeboard, and did it go over the entire piece or just the foot areas. I'm suspecting that 's what they were for. None of my 3 cars had anything left for reference, except one or two small rivets. I also assume that there is an insulator mat under the front floor mat area on the floorboard too. I'm also curious as to how thick a pad would be. All help greatly appreciated.
  2. Standard GM 6 cylinder distributor from 1962 to the end of points, 1974. Vacuum and mechanical advance. I do not know why sticking weights would cause the car to cut off. Run poor, sure. And cut through the aluminum housing like a lathe, YEP! Seen that! Now, that DID cause a Corvair to stop on I-95 in Richmond. I took a spare distributor to get it running..... At least it was easy to troubleshoot, as the distributor was in two pieces..... Ahh, there's your problem!😄 The vacuum advance pulls on the points plate, which does wear a hole at the pivot and can loo
  3. Set of five (5) wheels and tires for a 1933 or 1934 Chevrolet Standard. They may fit other models or years as well. Tire Size:.........................5.25/5.50 x 17 Tire Manufacturer:..........Firestone Whitewall:.......................3” Wheel Diameter:.............17” Bolt Holes:.......................5 Bolt Circle Diameter:.......4 1/4” Bolt Hole Diameter:............1/2" Hub Hole Diameter:.........2 3/4” Hubcap Mounting Hole:..5” A must have for anyone restoring a 1933 or 1934 Chevrolet Standard or use them on your hot rod, rat rod, truck, trailer or custom project!
  4. For Sale: 1961 Dodge Lancer - $2,000 - Romeo, MI - Project https://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/cto/d/romeo-1961-dodge-lancer/7199629397.html 1961 Dodge Lancer 4 door, 170 cu in six cylinder, runs great, 3 speed on the floor one year only, has front disc brake conversion, nice little car to restore or for parts: $2000 Contact: If interested please call (586) four-one-nine-six-2-3-0, thanks. Copy and paste in your email: 79adceb600c535b39896195b0c980a0f@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this For Sale: 1961 Dodge La
  5. believe Wix still makes that...standard 1/2 qt filter canister used on everything back to Ford 9N tractors. I used to buy them at Tractor Supply....
  6. Hello all. I have a 1922 Buick 45. My questions are concerning the radiator cap. Is this year specific? Could I modify a new one to work? Was the “dog bone” style standard equipment or was that after-market? Thank you all in advance for your time.
  7. Hi there, just dropped in as I have a friend who has a Dodge Brothers spare tire cover. He is a motorcycle guy and is not computer savvy so I told him I would ask about this, as I am a motorcycle guy but computer savvy! Is this a 1932 Dodge Brothers spare tire cover? Is it worth something? Is there anyone who might need something like this? Mark
  8. Hi All, It has been a long while since my last update. But I have just finished the sand blasting job on the truck chassis and have released a video to show just how much fun I didn't have during the long process! Click Here to see the video on YouTube Click like and subscribe on YouTube if you enjoy the video to support my channel! Check out the other videos on the channel too! Thanks all and take care! Henry
  9. Hello. I own a 1950 Buick super with dyna flow drive and Im replacing the torque tube seals front and back. Removed the tube from torque ball and there is six bolts holding the tube to ball but the gasket that goes around the front only has five holes why is this. That's the only gasket I have seen for it. On the rear I'm also replacing the rear pinion seal. From what I see there is supposed to be a gasket around the flange bolt holes an inner cork gasket and a seal around the dented nut that holds the shaft in place. Not sure where to find the cork gasket but have the pinion seal and most oth
  10. Update: Interesting observation, Having bought, sold, and traded countless, and I do mean countless vehicles over the years.........I have never purchased a car that while so old, and neglected, except good storage, and have it come together so quickly. Normally this would have been a six to eight month project to get going down the road with my lifestyle and commitments. So, COVID may have one positive redeeming value........garage time. The light is no longer at the end of the tunnel. We are out of the tunnel. Gas tank is in, electric boost fuel pump is installed but NOT w
  11. You are correct......I checked and the standard tires were Bias plies. In 1974 was when the radial tires became standard. I believe the radials were an option if you had a 73 GS Riviera......somebody who is a guru on 73's can chime in on that perhaps.
  13. The short story is, we're trying to determine the make and model of the vehicle in the attached photo so we can determine the size of some of the parts, like the headlight and the bumper. The long story is partially contained in this link: https://www.mininggazette.com/news/2020/08/search-remains-ongoing-for-long-lost-stone-airplane/ But since there's a sometimes-functioning paywall I'll try to resummarize. The photo was taken somewhere on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan during the copper mining era. As you can see, there's an airplane behind the gentleme
  14. G'day from Australia. Have a Standard Six tourer, was getting engine rebuilt, block failed crack testing (source of over-heating problem). Second block looked better, but also cracked. (Crack too large for any welding attempt.) Mate has a later Dodge/Plymouth engine (50's?) he is donating, just to check possibilities of a swap. Haven't seen the motor yet, but would be guessing a 25" block, and maybe 218cu.in. Whatever it maybe, (picking up Friday), I realise fitting to car needs mods, but only looking at options at the moment. My main question is it- a/. possible
  15. I’m definitely no expert but I don’t think it’s a dodge. The guards and radiator surround are quite a bit different to a dodge brothers. Someone here will know what car it is for sure. Maybe about a 1924-25 chev. The top of the guards are raise from the inner sides and the top of the radiator surround looks to be pressed out a little. Good luck with your search.
  16. 1912 Garford Six-Fifty G-14 Six Cylinder with. 4.25 X 5.25 bore and stroke 139 inch wheelbase and two-wheel mechanical brakes
  18. I'm sure there is some interesting history behind the Detroit Zoo Railroad. The zoo web site notes The Tauber Family Railroad has been a perennial favorite at the Zoo, serving nearly half a million passengers each year since it was presented by The Detroit News in 1931. The miniature railroad consists of two complete trains of six coaches each and one standby. All three locomotives were donated by the Chrysler Corp. in the 1950s. In 1982-83, the locomotives were renovated and new coaches were fabricated through a fund-raising campaign by the Detroit Zoological Society and The Detr
  19. Wtb 1912 model t hubs front and back. Also wire wheels and hud 26/27 model t. Factor preferred. Call Grayl at 316 832 0994. Please call between 8:00 am to 9:00pm central standard time.
  20. The accelerator shaft grommet is installed in the toeboard hole, but mine are all missing and I don't have any reference as to which way it goes. The grommet has the grooved portion at one end and the body extends about an 1 1/4 . My question is, does the extended part face toward the interior portion of the car or does it face the engine side?
  21. My friend who is not computer literate has this spare tire cover which might be 1932?. He is interested in selling, not sure what it is worth. We would ship it from Ottawa Canada. any offers?
  22. For Sale - This came out of a 1933 Plymouth, might work in Dodge, Chrysler, or DeSoto, one of the moumts is loose, still spring loaded, no holes, no cracks, $25 plus shipping. 319-848-4484.
  23. Do you have the width of the shade handy? I need one for my ‘26 Dodge. I’m at work, but in my notes I wrote I need one that is about 26 and 1/2 inches wide.
  24. Ed, 1/4 mile at a time would be pretty impressive. The most 1/4 mile runs I did in one year was 97 passes, IF I remember correctly, was around 2003 when I was R & D'ing my rocker arms. Was shooting for 100 BUT didn't quite make it. The 1st. year I owned the car I put close to 40K miles on it. It was a daily driver back then & put about another 30K on it. Then I got drafted & other than Dad putting it in the garage for me (keeping his '57 Plymouth outside) & taking it on a weekly drive to show off to his buddies it had probably about an additional 10K on it
  25. Has anybody ever seen this car? 1909 Peerless Model 25 _ _ _ _ _ _ Photo from Christie's Pebble Beach Auction Catalog in August, 2000 I had forgotten about this beautiful brass car & thought it might be Don & Sue Eller's 1909 Model 25 that's been in Michigan for years. Perhaps it is and it has been restored...the Rushmore headlamps and Gray & Davis searchlight are the same. By some miracle -- the Christie's listing is still on the infobahn. That said it had been fitted with an Oldsmobile T-head six, was in the Richard Paine Collection until 1985, then was in the Browning C
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