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  1. I’ll add another car I know of. Here locally in Kamloops. The Fuoco family have deep roots in Kamloops. In 1913 three Fuoco brothers arrived in Kamloops. Immigrants from Italy. This 1928 Dodge Bros Standard Six was owned by one of the Fuoco family members. They started up the “Modern Bakery” here. We suspect the car was possibly used for deliveries. There is a brass bell on the front that rings with the push of a button on the dash. By the year 2017 the Dodge was well under its way to returning to nature. Rotting away in an old Fuoco family member’s garage. There was n
  2. I also like late-30s coupes and have owned both Ford and Plymouth. I generally like Ford styling better but the 37 Plymouth is a good-looking car. Ford did get hydraulic brakes in 39 and of course it was powered by the legendary flathead V-8. That said, I think the Plymouth is a better-built car. The six is about the same HP as the flathead and Chrysler used variations of it for about 50 years. I'm not sure but I think the P4 Deluxe had dual wipers standard while the P3 had only one with the second optional. You should be able to find original gauges, or the aftermarket companies make si
  3. I believe that DODGE put out 4 different models of 6 cylinder cars around 1928-29 . A Standard 6 , a Senior 6, a DA [ I don't know what the initials stood for] and the VICTORY SIX. I am in Australia and always wondered whay they called it the VICTORY SIX. It was because it came out in 1928 , 10 years after Victory in WW1. The one I had was built in 1929 .. It was a RH drive Tourer, had a chain driven generator and the exhaust manifold outlet [ I am almost certain was at the rear of the engine on the RH side ]. The steel pedals soon became too hot to drive bare-foote
  4. 1948 Dodge Shell oil Tanker - $6950 - Anoka, MN https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ctd/d/forest-lake-1948-dodge-shell-oil-tanker/7158789629.html 1948 Shell oil gas tanker 6 cyl standard 4 speed,, Shell oil # 41761, Title was lost long ago selling on a bill of sale, The engine Turns Over but has No Spark. Came for the factory Color Red Shell oil painted It Yellow now it is Blue. 06808 miles. Contact: Dennis (651) 4-six-4-8-5-four-3 Copy and paste in your email: f202ba755a4c33b9bf60ee1fcb484457@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the
  5. This is cool. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1934-Dodge-DR-Convertible-Coupe-/143633086561 1934 Dodge DR Convertible Coupe Former "Best of Show" -AACA Nationals- "First Place Winner" Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance Impressive, rare, and incredibly well preserved since the complete and accurate restoration prior to winning two of the most coveted Show awards in the country. At the time S. Ray Miller of Indiana was presenting his '34 Dodge DR at prestigious shows, he also owned and managed "One of the Ten Best Small Automobile Museums In
  6. Just a quick question are any parts interchangeable between a 1929 DA Dodge and a 1928 Standard Six mainly steering box and pitman arm) I’m guessing probably not but you don’t know if you don’t ask. Thanks for any help. Cheers Ben
  7. You might just scroll down to the "Dodge and Dodge Brothers" section of this forum and post the question there. There will be some 1928 Standard Six owners there who can answer. I know the rim you are talking about. I have never dealt with that type.
  8. I’ve been on the Dodge pilot house website for many many years with a small collection of pilot house trucks. Recently my wife inherited a 1928 Dodge brothers standard six in incredible condition. Appears to be mostly original few items missing with very minimal rust and it looks to be original interior with a few small mice holes. I’m trying to get hub off the rear so I can get the tire changed and at the same time paint the wheels. I read through a different post with options on how to get it off while putting the weight from one side and hitting the other but nothing seems to help. I found
  9. I picked up a binder of wiring diagrams. They were originally published in Automobile Digest so that repairmen could remove them and build up a collection in these binders. These ones span the years 1920 - 1925 and it seems like most American makes are included. See the (long) list below. If you need any of these, let me know and I'll scan it for you. Send me a PM with your email address. Peter Make Models Date Allen 41 1920
  10. C22 is a 1939 Chrysler Royal six cylinder. 241 cu in, 3 3/8 bore X 4 1/2 stroke, 100HP. Part of a series of engines made from 1937 or 38 up to the early seventies, used in Chrysler and DeSoto cars until 1954, in Dodge trucks until 1968 and in Dodge Power Wagon military vehicles until 1972 also Chrysler industrial and marine engines possibly as late as 1972. A version of this engine was used in Canadian made Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars and Dodge trucks 1938 - 1959 (Cars) and possibly later in trucks. They made millions of these engines and there are still p
  11. I am not 100% what the differences were between 1928 and 1929 Dodge Brothers Standard Six Cars where. Below here is a 1928 that I work on. It looks very similar to the one in the first photo above.
  12. I think it is a 1928 Dodge Brothers Standard Six sedan....
  13. Looks like a 1927 or 1928 Dodge Brothers Standard Six to me.
  14. G'day from Australia. Have a Standard Six tourer, was getting engine rebuilt, block failed crack testing (source of over-heating problem). Second block looked better, but also cracked. (Crack too large for any welding attempt.) Mate has a later Dodge/Plymouth engine (50's?) he is donating, just to check possibilities of a swap. Haven't seen the motor yet, but would be guessing a 25" block, and maybe 218cu.in. Whatever it maybe, (picking up Friday), I realise fitting to car needs mods, but only looking at options at the moment. My main question is it- a/. possible
  15. I have just discovered one of the lifter screws has broken ,fortunately there is no damage to my Senior. The part number is 200418, the same as the Standard Six. Is there anyone who has this part for sale?
  16. Yes it is a Victory Six touring in standard trim with wire wheel option. There were touring cars sold in the U.S., and yours appears to be a Budd bodied export. The color may be Dauphine Red and Manitoba brown. These colors were offered on roadsters, and since it is most likely that roadsters and touring cars came down the same assembly line, it is possible that a touring car snuck by with roadster colors. However, this color scheme on your car was not announced by the factory. Of course this does not matter; you just need to enjoy this car. It is beautiful! The brass work on your
  17. Yep....it's the 1929 "Standard Six" Dodge Brothers sedan. You can tell it's a 1929 because of the cowl reveal that goes from the belt molding and loops down to the cowl trim....
  18. This thread is not about the Dodge ON the trailer, I want to PULL the trailer with it. My four year old daughter does car shows with me in our 28 Dodge. Last season she entered her power wheels along side the real car and had a blast. I want to be able to tow her power wheels to the show with the old Dodge, a 28 standard six. I'm looking at an early 1900s wood wagon with wood spoked wheels. Two axles and I think the front turns. Weight won't be an issue. As it will be pretty much empty all the time. I'm curious what would have passed for a trailer hitch ba
  19. That was in the old cars weekly link you posted: When equipped with standard size tires, the Senior Six was designated Series 2251; with oversize tires, Series 2252." I guess that the larger tires may also explain why the truck model chart above only had the 2249 and the 2252 listed. Makes sense I guess.... still wish we had some factory or brochure photos of the Senior Six engines so I can compare them to truck info... I just don't understand why a select few trucks in the D series had a completely different numbering system for the serial numbers for this shor
  20. Does the Senior 6 have a Lycoming engine? I doubt it and would not believe it without some documentation. In Chiltons Interchange 1927-33, the Auburns were shown as Lycoming engine with the engine model given. The Senior 6 had no such annotation. On https://www.allpar.com/mopar/list.html the engine is shown thus The Dodge Brothers six cylinder engines : Size Bore Stroke CID Use 208 3.375 3.875 208.0 1928-1930 Dodge Brothers Victory Six/Standard
  21. Robert B has it right. 1928 Standard Six Dodge Brothers. Note dash instruments. Engine both sides. Cardan shaft handbrake.
  22. In 1928 the series 128 four cylinder and the Standard Six and the Victory Six all had all steel bodies , the only wood that was used was to hold the trim and the insert for the roof . The Senior for this year was a wood and steel coach body built by Murphy for Dodge Brothers . So it is correct to say that Dodge Brothers had all steel bodies in this year and the years before these . bob
  23. With this past weekend weather not good enough to enjoy a ride, took the evening off today to get that open air feeling again! Went to the Wednesday night Cruise-In and when pulling in noticed this green Dodge with a spot open beside it. Just had to park beside her as it looked along the condition of mine, not restored to show, appearing original and sure enough, it was a 1958! We drew a bit of a crowd after a bit and when he opened his hood, sure enough it has it's original flathead six with standard steering and standard brakes. I thought it was interesting to see
  24. Had the carpenter out today. He came and fit the wood on the spot since we don't have any of the bottom wood. Only a few more pieces he'll need to do this for. I've been a little busy getting a model A running that sat for 20 years and a '29 dodge brothers (DA Deluxe? Standard Six? Not sure) made it to my place on Wednesday. Oh well!
  25. 1928 To 29 Dodge Brothers 128, fast four and Standard Six And Victory Six and some Senior Six cars,. I have about 25 of them in all conduitions and have used them in Dodge Brothers cars for the past 40 years
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