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  1. The third Neville fatman wheel came my way last month. I bought it because I could see several differences between the first two I had. The cross over piece on the bottom is located behind the wood rather than in front, like every other Neville I've seen. The straight shaft is 3/4" diameter, with two key ways at the 9 and 3 position. Only one of these key ways was used, so it may have been installed on a "T" Model Ford. The key used on this wheel was made from square "key stock" which is still available from Napa Auto parts (#770-1782). For us DB guys, if we need replacement keys for our ste
  2. Hi again Rodger: A belated “thanks” for helping Dad and me get the Neville questions posted. Did any of the DB factory wheels have the oil holes? If not, I wonder about the need for such; as an open hole just invites water and grit into the steering system. When installed properly, a little grease on the spline and keyways should suffice for many years. Also, to respond to David D’s question on fatman reproduction steering wheels, here are a few ideas and opinions on that subject. I talked to a very knowledgeable Texas collector some years back. He had researched getting the Ne
  3. Thanks for the info. Jan. I had a T model, after market, tilt wheel, w/horn button, for the early ‘20s Ts. I would walk around the swap meets with it...every Ford guy would try to buy it, but I said it was for trade, only, against the cost of a Neville wheel for my ‘24 DB. After getting the two Nevilles I sold the T fatman for approx. $350, much less than the Nevilles bring on eBay now. Jan, you and one other DB member have expressed a wish to buy my “extra” Neville wheel; the one with the 4 key ways and the best of the two data plates. I paid top dollar for this one because I didn’t want
  4. Fellow DB Owners: After almost six years of looking for a Neville (Fatman) steering wheel for my '24 Fisher Body Coupe; I finally lucked out and bought two of them on e-bay. This past winter I installed each of them (one at a time) just to see which one fit the best. Both wheels are in great shape and fit equally well. My question to you Neville owners is: -one wheel has four keyways, at the 12&6 and the 9&3 positions, and is marked 3B-5. The second wheel has two keyways only, at the 12&6 positions, plus a hole drilled through the hub marked with "Oil Here". The second wheel
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