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  1. Chris, I replied to your note but thought I would post here as well. Yes, very interested in a Flathead West. Thanks Mark Stiles 1940 2511 2 Door Sedan
  2. Not sure if this will help but there is company in Georgia - Hunley Acuff Running Boards that do a fantastic job of recoating existing steel boards. Had mine done 4 years ago on my 40 2 door sedan 2511 and they are still perfect. Here is the web site: http://hunleyacuffrunningboards.com/ Mark
  3. Interesting that at least 3 of us are looking but no one seems to have a lead on where to find them. Hopefully someone will see this with a positive answer. Thanks Mark
  4. Will do, and likewise let me know as well. Thanks Mark
  5. Checked with Turner's Auto Wrecking, no dice. I think this may be another Holy Grail search.
  6. Thanks for the info. I will check with Jerry. Another possibility is if I can find the dimensions of an original spring I may be able to have them made.
  7. Does anyone have any idea where I can find the hood springs for a 1940 2 Door Sedan 2511. I have checked with California Pontiac Restoration, Kurt Kelsey, and Bob Graves. The Chevy springs do not work (they are to short). Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Mark Stiles
  8. You guys are awesome. Thanks very much for the info. I am really looking forward to getting my car back to as original as I can. It is/was far from perfect but I am making good progress. Thanks again Mark
  9. Pete, Thanks so much for this info. This is what I suspected. The car had been repainted so I was not sure about the 2-Tone. The wheels (under the current blue paint) do have 3 stripes - 2 thin and a thick in the middle. Now all I need to do is find a paint supplier that can mix this paint. Another question: Can you provide information on the steering column color? Thanks again. Mark
  10. I have a 1940 Pontiac model 2511 and am trying to get the correct paint for this car. The cowl tag denotes a paint code of 90 - D and a trim code of 91 - K. Can anyone help me to decode these numbers so I can get the correct paint color for this car. Thank you Mark
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