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  1. Most transmission shops will send your core out for rebuild since there are none to speak of in the core system that they use to buy from. I have several convertors that I can have rebuilt locally since one of the national suppliers is local to me or I have some that where good (meaning I personally drove the car) or I can sell just a core for rebuilding.

  2. Looking for a set of White Deluxe interior lower armrest pieces, not cracked. Possibly floors/inner rockers and a crossmember but shipping may be a killer there.


    sheetmetal is not a problem. I would recommend greyhound for inexpensive shipping of large items. You dod have to travel to a terminal to claim your goods but it is well worth it.

    All 4 pans and the rockers 270.00

  3. Hi,

    I'm looking for parts for Riv 65:

    • complete gas tank (including all internal parts like sucking tube & gas level unit)
    • engine radiator HD
    • deluxe interior trim
    • rear quarters (good condition only)
    • horn trumpets ;-) - just asking, I know they are rare :-(

    No horns of course but I do have everything else.

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