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  1. I have a local guy who repairs them if you are interested. I have two 60's and several 59's to part out.
  2. I have two 65 parts cars with this trim if you decide you want to add it. Expect to pay about 300.00 for the set.
  3. good original door panels will be a tall order. I have this wheel if you are interested
  4. I can help with these. PM me 1960 lesabre/invicta ext door+fender stainless+upper windshield ext stainless+fender fake vents+clips for long fin trim on rear qtrs
  5. I have another hood, grille and bumper that will go with the ccar.
  6. Solid California car. Sat in the desert for 30 years. Needs resto. Black with red interior and white top originally. 2500.00 OBO Do not want to part it but I will make a list i needs if it doesn't sell.
  7. I am going to list it on Greedbay(ebay) for a much higher price but I am offering here at a discount. Pulled from a 64 model, tested and working. Undr dash switch and accelerator pedal included. 100.00 shipping not included.
  8. now it's an auction!!! 130.00
  9. Most transmission shops will send your core out for rebuild since there are none to speak of in the core system that they use to buy from. I have several convertors that I can have rebuilt locally since one of the national suppliers is local to me or I have some that where good (meaning I personally drove the car) or I can sell just a core for rebuilding.
  10. I am cleaning up and sending a few dead soldiers to the scrap heap in the sky. If you see anything you need ot have a request let me know, Pictured is the contents of a single car and I have dozens like this! my direct email buick2part@yahoo.com Thanks
  11. sheetmetal is not a problem. I would recommend greyhound for inexpensive shipping of large items. You dod have to travel to a terminal to claim your goods but it is well worth it. All 4 pans and the rockers 270.00
  12. edited response for clarity. I did notsee your question on the armrests. I will see what I have.
  13. What year and engine? How many groooves on the pulleys? With or without A/C?
  14. I am definitely interested. My grandfather had a set made for his Model 41 and decided to do the hard work of installing a Studebakerr overdrive that worked off the brake lever. The gears have never been used but my uncle will not part with them!
  15. I suspect 107K based on the inconsistency of the paint.
  16. No horns of course but I do have everything else.
  17. columns are 75.00 you can take the whole column or just the parts you need.
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