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  1. enough parts to fill a semi trailer. Let me know what you may need.
  2. 7 cars in total. 2 65's 3 64's 2 63's
  3. Solid and rust free. Lots left of this car and several othr 59's I have parted.
  4. Two door hardtop loaded with options. A/C. power windows and more. Good chrome. glass stainless, etc.
  5. Complete car. All power and A/C. First come first serve. It all goes.
  6. No frame work necessary. I got change!; just not for the better!!
  7. engine and trans are a bolt in provided you have the 64 crossmember. The harness for the transmission will need to be installed and the driveshaft forward of the support bearing is different. The big difference is the shifter in the console and the linkage to the transmission. Also a bolt in albeit time consuming.
  8. Dick is referring to the cathedral moulding just to clarify.
  9. Don't worry though; Obama will lead us to salvation:rolleyes:
  10. I can probably scare up the rear deck moulding but I need apic to know I have the right part. The tray would need to be a reproduction.
  11. nice car. I think it is worth the price. unfortunately it seems with the gloom of the current economics; Our collector values are crumbling dramatically.
  12. This post is 6 years ago but I can help with the jack, bumper and clamshell
  13. I am out of them at the moment. Is your missing altogether or just damaged? It is often cheaper to fix than find a good one that can run 200-400.00
  14. I need an address for a shipping total. My direct email is buick2part@yahoo.com
  15. I have one that is still in the car. I don't think it has ever been removed. Email me at buick2part@yahoo.com for pics
  16. I assume you are talking about the cathedral moulding??
  17. I have spoke witht he owner and have real photos of it. It is a solid car. Model 47
  18. Car is sold. Sorry I didn't follow up on the ad.
  19. v860 midget motor on Ebay now! 1937-39 Ford flathead v8-60 eddie meyer stromberg 81 32: eBay Motors (item 230539552415 end time Oct-24-10 10:04:41 PDT)
  20. I can do a good windshield for 75.00 (no wiper burn or chips) plus shipping. I us a sound deadener material made by a company called Dynamat.
  21. Personal preference in my opinion. I spread a very thin film of high temp RTV on mine just as added insurance.
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