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  1. same price with or without bumper since it is a core that needs straightening
  2. 100.00 for the fender and 450.00 for the tail. I have a bumper but no tailights.
  3. you will still need the correct pass. exhaust manifold.
  4. I have a straight rust free example
  5. I have door skins, fenders, quarters, hoods, trunk lids for 63-65 Riviera's Need to make some room. Fair prices and reasonable shipping via greyhound.
  6. Interested in the 4bbl intake and carburetor. How much?
  7. Here are some pics. Manifold is unpainted. Just clean cast iron!!
  8. Nick, The 2x4 was available as a dealer add on but did not come from the factory equipped as such. This was a 425 option only. The block would have then been an LX designation. I will value your induction at somewhere from 1000.00 to 1500.00 depending on condition and providing the carburetors have the correct numbers.
  9. I am adding sidemount fenders to my car and I need pics of the door jamb and the firewall to be sure I have the hardware correct on the cowl brace.
  10. There is nothing that is a straight interchange. The closest is Oldsmobile as far as size of the doors; but the body line is different. The garnish mouldings might work!
  11. I have several 4bbl options including the quadrajet unit that Ed has referred to. I would also be interested in you 2x4 setup as well.
  12. I sold those emblems on Ebay. Don't have the other parts
  13. Works properly and the gears show no signs of damge or excessive wear as common to these. 63K on the odometer. Not 163! 50.00
  14. No engine or trans. Solid body. bad interior 600.00
  15. Original 1966 Spreadbore manifold and Restored/rebuilt correct quadrajet carburetor.SOld
  16. Ue a stock 65 shifter with amodified rod and go with a stage1 200 4R transmission. I have done the conversion twice now and it is a nice fit as well as function. Use the EELCO adapter for a cleaner install. (shameless plug )
  17. you have to buy them from a dealer. Original Parts Group carries them
  18. This is correct for 57-63 models. Can be used on 64-66 with a register adapter that I have.
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