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  1. just wanted to let everyone know my 60 buick is for sale on ebay. I want it to have a good home so please look. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2405356134 follow this link, Thanks
  2. I need a shell for a hot rod project. rough or incomplete o.k. I am interested in any nailhead performance parts as well.
  3. What you are doing is robbery. Buick owners have always been stand up guys. Maybe you should sell all your buicks and buy a Chevelle. But this is proof that there is an a$$ for every seat.
  4. I've tried Carmen several times. He's too busy to answer the phone or return calls so I will find my parts elsewhere. Thanks.
  5. did you get your brake problem fixed? if so what did you do with your old ones?
  6. I am desperately trying to resurrect a vintage nailhead powered dragster. I am in need of a manual trans. flywheel and magneto. I am interested in injection and zoomies as well as anything else you may have. Please include contact info. and prices. Thanks for your help
  7. I'll get some pics tomorrow. Thanks
  8. thanks but that is a little steep for me.
  9. No motor, trans. or rear grille and taillights gone. good front bumper. 1 nice hubcap and decent sheetmetal.
  10. I have one but it needs restored. The decal isn't so good.
  11. I need a manual trans. flywheel for a 364 or 401 to replace mine? please help.
  12. I have a 59 364 with a bad flywheel and I need ha replacement to put my car back together. I can use a 401 and have it rebalanced. Please help.
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