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  1. This cover has been sold. I do have one set left for 57-62 if you are interested. None of the parts cars are 2 door. send me a pm if you want the cover and pump
  2. That is correct. I edited the original post to reflect the new price.
  3. 50 series parts are different than the 40 series. except the knob and wiper blades of course
  4. I have one. 20.00 and the ride
  5. honestly. at 218/ton. The car scraps out for around 500.00 so it would need to be a little more than that. Front fenders are gone from parts car for the convertible.
  6. Solid western high desert car but needs a full resto. Any interest in all or part of this model. Would hate to see it scrapped. Owner has original window sticker!
  7. It is not on the car but I do have the hitch and will include it if the buyer wants it.
  8. 1991 Buick Roadmaster custom woody estate wagon. This car is a cherised and well maintained example with 130K accident free miles. Title is clear. This car has power everything as a Roadmaster would. JVC CD player, custom wheels and new tires. Since 6/10 The following has been done: new exhaust, new brakes, new tires, new belts and hoses, new egr, new thermostat and temp sensor. new o2 sensors, new battery, ne flex a lite electric fan, fuel filter, plugs, wires, cap and rotor. KYB shocks. custom window tint and more. Fluid changes always on schedule. Leather interior and rear facing third row
  9. the super fender would be the same as the roadmaster. I believe special and century interchange. I do still have the fender.
  10. I have sold this guy at least 4 converter drums. I think it has become a business for him.
  11. I should clarify that it is a project car and needs a full restoration but it is a rare car and I want to know the condition of the metal and trim more than anything
  12. I am looking for a qualified person to personally inspect a vehicle I am looking to purchase in Atlanta,Ga. area. Forest Park to be exact. I need it to happen this week. Thank you
  13. radiator is in good condition and holds pressure. 125.00
  14. I do have the pulley. 10.00 will buy the pulley plus applicable shipping
  15. The clutch in the ebay listing is for a chevy and interchanges with a buick. Can be had at any local auto parts store.
  16. I have the wheel. It is excellent and is a spare in the trunk of a 59 electra. 50.00 Also have the 60 pedal assembly for manual brakes with backing plate 75.00 plus shipping
  17. ebay link trippe speedlight senior for cord duesenberg cadillac | eBay
  18. I have identified it as a 1934 652Y cabriolet. I understand there where only 6 produced? here is the link to my thread with a few bad pics http://forums.aaca.org/f169/can-you-identify-roadster-309648.html#post920632 I will be working hard to find the current property owner and rescue this car. It is not complete; metal appears solid but i did not see any front fenders. Hood is warped and dash appears as if there was a fire in that area. No windshield frame. Any ideas as to it's value in case I need to pay someone for it? (I know this question is subjective)
  19. based on the info you guys provided and a pic of the grille shell. It is a 652. I am trying to find a pic of a whole rumble seat roadster.
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