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  1. Just an update... after a little more research, it appears the AC Model B pumps (although there are different main casings and top housings) all share the same bottom cover. At least, I was able to find a Model B donor fuel pump from a Plymouth that has a bottom cover with the same AC casting number. Whoo hoo! This is a relief as the alternative involved sand casting my own replacement, which would be an adventure in and of itself. Anyway, thanks gents!
  2. Last night, while wearing very slippery petrol-soaked nitrile gloves, the fuel pump from my '31 Model 67-8 slipped from my hands and fell about a foot onto my work table. I didn't think it hit hard enough to break anything but upon further examination, I realized the bottom cover/spring perch housing had cracked in several places around the screw holes. DRAT! That material must be exceptionally brittle. So, now I'm in a desperate search to find a replacement. Initially, I was hoping it was a fairly standard 30s-era fuel pump and that sourcing a replacement would be easy. After a couple hours of Googling, I no longer think that's the case. I do see some other AC model fuel pumps that appear to have a similar shaped bottom cover and am hoping some of you more experienced gents might know of some cross-compatibility or leads on where I might go to find a replacement part? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Chuck. I ended up buying an open trailer and am glad I did. The main reason for the direction change was the realization that my other toy car (a Toyota FJ40) stands 7' tall and wouldn't fit in an enclosed trailer. I ended up buying a Sundowner Sunlite 19' trailer which was more than enough length for my air compressor and Buick. We made the trip from Tennessee to Nevada last week and it towed really well. I am in love with torsion axles now! Anyway, as soon as I get settled, I will take aim on the '31 and start the process of deciding what to do with the car.
  4. Thanks, gents. I was able to find one source that had the vehicle length listed as 175" or 14.58 feet. I was just really hesitant to make such a significant decision off of one uncorroborated data point so your input is very reassuring. This 8-67 also has a luggage rack and steamer trunk, but I recall it can fold up with the trunk removed so I'm hoping it doesn't stick out past the rear bumper. I'm really looking for a 24' trailer, but may have to pounce on a 20' which will only leave a few feet, front and rear. Thanks for the input, fellas!
  5. Gents, I'm trying to finalize the purchase of an enclosed car trailer to bring my father's '31 sedan home. I've searched in vain but can't come up with an honest overall length measurement for this car online. I see wheelbase measurements, but I really need bumper to bumper length to select a trailer that will work well for my needs. I'll be driving the car across country from Tennessee to Nevada and, due to timing and logistics, can't easily take measurements until I've already bought a trailer. If anyone can point me to a reliable cube data for the model 67 sedan, it would greatly reduce my stress and frustration as I plan the recovery of my father's car. Many thanks!